VizieR catalogue upload (HELP)

The VizieR upload service is dedicated to astronomers to upload and prepare the ingestion of a new catalogue.

A VizieR catalogue input consists of tabular data (one or more tables) and associated data like spectra, time series or images. These files are described in a ReadMe file.

This web application enables the upload of the data and invites you to fill a ReadMe file generated by the application.

The VizieR upload application will create a temporary repository containing your tables, associated files (spectra, images, cubes) if any, and the ReadMe file.
However, even after completing all steps, your catalogue will not be readily available in VizieR. Additional work by the VizieR team is needed, including checks and homogenization to our standards, before the catalogue is fully ingested.

Note: The application enables to navigate the different steps of the uploads. When a step is executed, the link "next step" becomes available as well as the "previous step" link.

See also the publication note to have an overview of the expected data.

Start a session

Upload tables

Fill the ReadMe

Upload FITS Spectra/Time series

Upload FITS Images


Alternative uploads and tools

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