\begin{HEAD}\tagged{TITLE}{}\end{HEAD} \begin{BODY}\centerline{{\bf\Large }} Log of (some) data collected in B/mk \centerline{{\bf version: 2013 Apr 19}}

\begin{itemize} \item MK standards O-G0 standards: 1978 Morgan, Abt, & Tapscott atlas stars and 1973 ARA&A 'dagger' standards, with types preferentially from MAT atlas; MKA F stars above the main sequence (1972AJ.....77...35M) 1989 Keenan standards and updates, S stars, carbon stars: 1989ApJS...71..245K, 1999ApJ...518..859K, 1980ApJS...43..379K, 1996ApJS..105..419B, and revisions from: http://www-astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu/MKCool accessed autumn 2003 primary late M-dwarf standards by Kirkpatrick given in 1991ApJS...77..417K \item 'first' MK types: 1937ApJ....85..380M, 1938ApJ....87..460M, 1938ApJ....87..589M, 1940ApJ....91..113K, 1940ApJ....91..506K \item HD notes spectral types specified in notes (~1000 stars) \item HD variables revised types by Cannon for red variables from 1928AnHar..79..161T (570 stars) \item HDE revisions revised types by Cannon & Mayall for HD stars appearing on HDE charts (1949AnHar.112....1C, 3100 stars) \item Houk vol 1, Michigan Spectral Catalogue \end{itemize}

some journal series \begin{itemize} \item Acta Astron v37-49 (1987 onward) \item Ap&SpSci v1-73 (1968-1980) \item Ark Astron v4 complete (1966-1968) \item AJ v35-50 complete (1923-1944) \item Astron Nach v310-320 (1990 onward) \item Astrophys Lett v1-25 complete \item A&A main v1-444 (1969 through 2005) \item A&A Suppl v1-4 \item Bull AICz v1-42 (1947-1991) complete \item Bull SAO v9-32, v35-44 \item Harv Ann Cards no 1-1676 (complete 1926-1964) \item Harv Bulletins no 501-921 (complete 1912-1952) \item Harv Circulars no 151-450 (complete 1909-1943) \item IAU Circulars no 1066 (Nov 1946) - 5800, and 8681-9050 \item IBVS nos 1-5448 \item JApAstron v1- present except 1983JApA....4..235B,1987JApA....8..351L, and 1989JApA...10..295B \item Lick Obs Bull no 1-358 (v1-11) \item PASJ v1-43 except open clusters \item Pubs DDO v2 (1952-1968) complete \item MNASSA v1-58 (1940-1999) \item MNRAS v86-105 complete (1927-1945) \item MitVS v1, nos 114-755; v2,3,4 (1968) complete \item RevMxAA v1-39 \item SAAO Circ no 1-15 (complete) \end{itemize}

\begin{PRE} journals by year 1913: PASP v25 complete

1914: ApJ v39,40 complete PASP v26 complete

1915: ApJ v41,42 complete PASP v27 complete

1916: ApJ v43,44 complete PASP v28 complete

1917: PASP v29 complete

1918: PASP v30 complete

1919: PASP v31 complete

1920: ApJ v51,52 complete PASP v32 complete

1921: ApJ v53,54 complete PASP v33 complete

1922: ApJ v55,56 complete PASP v34 complete

1923: ApJ v57,58 complete PASP v35 complete

1924: ApJ v59,60 complete PASP v36 complete

1925: ApJ v61,62 complete PASP v37 complete

1926: ApJ v63,64 complete PASP v38 complete

1927: ApJ v65,66 complete PASP v39 complete

1928: ApJ v67,68 complete PASP v40 complete

1929: ApJ v69,70 complete PASP v41 complete

1930: ApJ v71,72 complete PASP v42 complete

1931: ApJ v73,74 complete PASP v43 complete

1932: ApJ v75,76 complete PASP v44 complete

1933: ApJ v77,78 complete PASP v45 complete

1934: ApJ v79,80 complete PASP v46 complete

1935: ApJ v81,82 complete PASP v47 complete JRASC v29 complete

1936: ApJ v83,84 complete PASP v48 complete JRASC v30 complete

1937: ApJ v85,86 complete PASP v49 complete JRASC v31 complete

1938: ApJ v87,88 complete PASP v50 complete AN v265-267 complete JRASC v32 complete

1939: ApJ v89,90 complete PASP v51 complete AN v268 JRASC v33 complete

1940: ApJ v91,92 complete PASP v52 complete JRASC v34 complete

1941: ApJ v93,94 complete PASP v53 complete JRASC v35 complete

1942: ApJ v95,96 complete PASP v54 complete JRASC v36 complete

1943: ApJ v97,98 complete PASP v55 complete JRASC v37 complete

1944: ApJ v99,100 complete PASP v56 complete Obser v65 complete JRASC v38 complete

1945: ApJ v101,102 complete PASP v57 complete JRASC v39 complete JO v28 complete

1946: ApJ v103,104 complete AJ v51 complete MNRAS v106 complete PASP v58 complete JO v29 complete Obser v66 complete JRASC v40 complete

1947: ApJ v105,106 complete AJ v52 complete MNRAS v107 complete PASP v59 complete AN v275 complete JO v30 complete Obser v67 complete JRASC v41 complete

1948: ApJ v107,108 complete AJ v53 complete PASP v60 complete MNRAS v108 complete AN v276 complete JO v31 complete Obser v68 complete JRASC v42 complete

1949: ApJ v109,110 complete AJ v54 complete PASP v61 complete MNRAS v109 complete AN v277 complete Obser v69 complete JO v32 complete BAN v10 complete JRASC v43 complete

1950: ApJ v111,112 complete AJ v55 complete PASP v62 complete MNRAS v110 complete AN v278 complete JO v33 complete Obser v70 complete AnAp v13 complete JRASC v44 complete

1951: ApJ v113,114 complete AJ v56 complete PASP v63 complete MNRAS v111 complete AN v279 complete JO v34 complete Obser v71 complete AnAp v14 complete JO v34 complete JRASC v45 complete

1952: ApJ v115,116 complete AJ v57 complete PASP v64 complete MNRAS v112 complete AN v280 complete JO v35 complete Obser v72 complete AnAp v15 complete BAN v11 complete JO v35 complete JRASC v46 complete

1953: ApJ v117,118 complete AJ v58 complete except 1953AJ.....58...54L, 1953AJ.....58...89R PASP v65 complete MNRAS v113 complete AN v281 complete JO v36 complete Obser v73 complete AnAp v16 complete JO v36 complete JRASC v47 complete

1954: ApJ v119,120 complete ApJS v1 complete AJ v59 complete MNRAS v114 complete PASP v66 complete JO v37 complete Obser v74 complete AnAp v17 complete JRASC v48 complete

1955: ApJ v121,v122 complete ApJS v2 complete AJ v60 complete PASP v67 complete MNRAS v115 complete AN v282 complete JO v38 complete MmRAS v67 complete AnAp v18 complete Obser v75 complete JRASC v49 complete

1956: ApJ v123,124 complete ApJS v2 complete AJ v61 complete PASP v68 complete MNRAS v116 complete AN v283 complete BAN v12 complete AnAp v19 complete JO v39 complete Obser v76 complete ZfAp v39,40,41 complete JRASC v50 complete

1957: ApJ v125,126 complete ApJS v3 complete AJ v62 complete PASP v69 complete MNRAS v117 complete MmRAS v68,no1 AnAp v20 complete JO v40 complete Obser v77 complete ZfAp v42,43 complete JRASC v51 complete

1958: ApJ v127,128 complete (except 1958ApJ...128...46N) ApJS v3 complete AJ v63 complete PASP v70 complete MNRAS v118 complete AN v284 complete AnAp v21 complete JO v41 complete Obser v78 complete ZfAp v45,46 complete JRASC v52 complete

1959: ApJ v129,130 complete ApJS v4 complete (except 1959ApJS....4...73W) AJ v64 complete PASP v71 complete MNRAS v119 complete AnAp v22 complete AN v285 complete JO v42 complete AnTou v27 complete Obser v79 complete ZfAp v47,48 complete JRASC v53 complete

1960: ApJ v131,132 complete ApJS v5 complete AJ v65 complete PASP v72 complete MNRAS v120,121 complete AN v285-286 complete AnAp v23 complete JO v43 complete Obser v80 complete ZfAp v49,50,51/1 complete JRASC v54 complete

1961: ApJ v133,134 complete ApJS v5,6 complete AJ v66 complete PASP v73 complete MNRAS v122,123 complete Obser v81 complete AnAp v24 complete AN v286 complete JO v44 complete ZfAp v51,v52 complete JRASC v55 complete

1962: ApJ v135,136 complete ApJS v6,7 complete AJ v67 complete, except Albers Sct and Upgren NGP surveys PASP v74 complete MNRAS v123,124 AN v286 complete ActaA v12 complete ArkAs v3 complete (through 1966 dates) BAIC v13 complete BAN v16 complete JO v45 complete JRASC v56 complete MNSSA v21 complete Obser v82 complete PASJ v14 complete PDAO v11,12 (1962 dates only) ZfAp v54-56 (1962 dates only)

1963: ApJ v137,138 complete (except 1963ApJ...137..513B Cep OB4 outliers) ApJS v8 complete AJ v68 complete except Upgren NGP and McCuskey SA 158 IR surveys PASP v75 complete MNRAS v125,126 complete AN v287 complete Obser v83 complete MmRAS v68 complete JRASC v57 complete

1964: ApJ v139,140 complete ApJS v8,9 complete AJ v69 complete except McCuskey SA 158 blue survey PASP v76 complete MNRAS v127,128 complete AN v288 complete Obser v84 complete JRASC v58 complete

1965: ApJ v141,142 complete ApJS v10,11 AJ v70 complete PASP v77 complete MNRAS v129-131 complete AN v288 complete ZfAp v61,62 Obser v85 complete JRASC v59 complete

1966: ApJ v143-146 complete ApJS v13 (but not v12) AJ v71 complete PASP v78 complete MNRAS v132-134 complete AN v289 complete Obser v86 complete JRASC v60 complete

1967: ApJ v147-150 complete ApJS v14,15 complete AJ v72 complete PASP v79 complete MNRAS v135-137 complete AN v289-290 complete MmRAS v72 complete Obser v87 JRASC v61 complete

1968: ApJ v151-154 ApJS v15,17 (but not v16) AJ v73 complete PASP v80 complete MNRAS v138-140 complete AN v290-291 complete MmRAS v72 complete Obser v88 complete JRASC v62 complete

1969: ApJ v155-158 complete ApJS v18 AJ v74 complete PASP v81 complete MNRAS v141-146 complete A&A v1-3 complete AN v291 complete MmRAS v72 complete Obser v89 complete JRASC v63 complete

1970: ApJ v159-162 complete ApJS v20,21,22 (v19 still to do) AJ v75 complete PASP v82 complete MNRAS v147-151 complete A&A v4-9 complete A&AS v1-3 complete AN v292 complete MmRAS v72 complete Obser v90 complete JRASC v64 complete

1971: ApJ v163-170 complete ApJS v22-23 complete AJ v76 complete PASP v83 complete MNRAS v151-154 complete AN v292-293 complete Obs v91 complete MmRAS v75 complete SovAJ v48 complete JRASC v65 complete

1972: ApJ v171-178 complete except 1972ApJ...174..401H (HH catalogue) ApJS v24 complete AJ v77 complete PASP v84 complete except 1972PASP...84..673R (need ID chart) MNRAS v154-160 complete AN v293, MmRAS v75-77 complete Obser v92 complete JRASC v66 complete

1973: ApJ v179-186 complete ApJS v25-26 complete AJ v78 complete PASP v85 complete MNRAS v161-165 MmRAS v77 complete Obser v93 complete JRASC v67 complete

1974: ApJ v187-194 complete ApJS v27-28 complete AJ v79 complete PASP v86 complete MNRAS v166-169 complete MmRAS v78 complete Obser v94 complete JRASC v68 complete

1975: ApJ v195-202 complete AJ v80 complete PASP v87 complete A&AS v21 MNRAS v170-173 complete Obser v95 complete MmRAS v79-80 complete JRASC v69 complete

1976: ApJ v203-210 complete AJ v81 complete PASP v88 complete MNRAS v174-177 complete Obser v96 complete MmRAS v81-82 complete JRASC v70 complete

1977: ApJ v211-218 complete AJ v82 complete PASP v89 complete MNRAS v178-181 complete Obser v97 complete MmRAS v83 complete JRASC v71 complete

1978: ApJ v219-226 complete AJ v83 complete (except 1978AJ...83.1090P, SGP M dwarfs) PASP v90 complete MNRAS v182-185 complete Obser v98 complete JRASC v72 complete

1979: ApJ v227-234 complete (except 1979ApJ...232..421M) AJ v84 complete PASP v91 complete MNRAS v186-189 complete Obser v99 complete JRASC v73 complete

1980: ApJ v235-242 complete (except 1980ApJ...240..464M 1980ApJ...241..587/598H [M33 etc] and BMB MC carbon/M stars) AJ v85 complete PASP v92 complete MNRAS v190, 192 (except 1980MNRAS.193...87L/97L, etc ....) Obser v100 complete JRASC v74 complete

1981: ApJ v243-251 complete AJ v86 complete PASP v93 complete MNRAS v194-197 complete Obser v101 complete JRASC v75 coplete

1982: ApJ v252-263 complete except 1982ApJ..253..580F, 1982ApJ..257..592B AJ v87 complete PASP v94 complete MNRAS v198-201 complete Obser v102 complete JRASC v76 complete

1983: ApJ v264-275, complete except 1983ApJ...273..576M (M33 WR stars) AJ v88 complete PASP v95 complete MNRAS v202-205 (complete except a few cluster/Clouds stars not recoverable in v204, and 1983MNRAS.205..241R, need charts) Obser v103 complete JRASC v77 complete

1984: ApJ v276-287, except 1984ApJ...286..552C ApJS v55, AJ v89 complete PASP v96 complete MNRAS v206-211 complete except 1984MNRAS.208..447L (some unrecoverable stars), 1984MNRAS.209..825L (NGC 6723 vars), v211 Reed & FitzG papers on l=245 region Obser v104 complete JRASC v78 complete

1985: ApJ v288-299 complete AJ v90 except 1985AJ.....90..600B (M33 em obj), 1985AJ.....90.1060S (need charts) PASP v97 complete MNRAS v212-217, except 1985MNRAS.212..955L (unidentified vars) Obser v105 complete JRASC v79 complete

1986: ApJ v300-311 complete (except 1986ApJ...304..334G, Greenstein) ApJS v61, AJ v91-92 complete except 91,808 (IDs of M101 stars) and 91,1303 (IDs, coords) PASP v98 complete except 98,453 (NGC 6638 vars) MNRAS v218-223 complete Obser v106 complete

1987: ApJ v312-323 complete (except 318,L69 incomplete) AJ v93-94 complete (except 94,1156 and 94,1538 [Local Group stars]) PASP v99 complete except 99,816 (M33 WR stars) MNRAS v224-229 complete (except v229,p227 non-LS stars) Obser v107 complete

1988: ApJ v324-335 complete AJ v95-96 complete PASP v100 complete MNRAS v230-235 complete Obser v108 complete

1989: ApJ v336-347 complete (except v341,L51 M31 red stars) ApJS v71, AJ v97-98 complete PASP v101 complete MNRAS v237-241 complete Obser v109 complete

1990: ApJ v348,349,350,351,352 (except v352,96 needs charts/IDs),353,354, 355,356,357 (except v357,453 needs charts/IDs),358,359,360 361,362 (except Strom Lynds 1641 region),363,364,365 (except 365,168 LMC M stars) AJ v99,100 complete (except 1990AJ.....99...84H, no IDs) PASP v102 complete MNRAS v242-247 complete Obser v110 complete

1991: ApJ v366-383 complete (except 367,528 no charts) ApJS v75 AJ v101,102 complete (except v102,927 Local Group WR stars) PASP v103 complete MNRAS v248-253 complete

1992: ApJ v384-401, except 400,L35 (IDs, coords) AJ v103,104 complete PASP v104 complete MNRAS v254-259 complete

1992AJ....104..590O: besides 'lost' stars, probably a few with incorrect coords due to source errors and inadequate charts

1993: ApJ v402-419 complete AJ v105,106 complete PASP v105 complete MNRAS v260-265 complete A&AS v100

1994: ApJ v420-437 complete ApJS v90-95 complete AJ v107,108 complete PASP v106 complete MNRAS v266-271 complete

1998: PASP v110 complete

2000: AJ v119, ApJ v528-531 ApJS v126-131 complete PASP v112 complete A&A through v364 complete MNRAS v311-319 complete ActaA v50 complete AN v321 complete PASJ v52 complete JApA v21 complete Obser v120 complete RevMex v36 complete

2001: AJ v121,122 complete ApJ v546-563 complete ApJS v132-137 complete PASP v113 complete A&A v365-379 complete MNRAS v320-328 complete RevMex v37 complete PASJ v53 complete ActaA v51 complete Obser v121 complete AN v322 complete JApA v22 complete

2002: AJ v123,124 complete ApJ v565-581 complete ApJS v138-143 complete PASP v114 complete A&A v380-396 complete MNRAS v329-337 complete RevMex v38 complete PASJ v54 complete Obser v122 complete ActaA v52 complete AN v323 complete

2003: AJ v125,126 complete ApJ v582-599 complete ApJS v144-149 complete PASP v115 complete A&A v397-412 complete MNRAS v338-346 complete RevMex v39 complete PASJ v55 complete ActaA v53, no1 Obser Apr,Jun AN v324 complete

2004: AJ v127,128 complete ApJ v600-617 complete ApJS v150-155 complete PASP v116 complete A&A v413-428 complete MNRAS v347-355 complete AN v325 complete PASJ v56 complete RevMex v40 complete

2005: AJ ApJ ApJS v156,157,158,159,160/1=Sep PASP v117 complete A&A v429-444 complete MNRAS v356-364 complete PASJ v57 complete AN v326 complete RevMx v41 complete, except SBS catalogue (awaiting on-line file)

2006: AJ ApJ ApJS A&A v445-460 complete PASP v118 complete MNRAS v365-373 complete RevMx v42 complete AN v327 complete PASJ v58 complete

2007: ApJ v660/2 A&A: 461/1, PASP v119 complete AN v328 complete PASJ v59 complete

2008: PASP v120 complete Obser v128 complete PASJ v60/1,2,3,4,5,6,S1,S2 AN v329/1 RMxAC v34

2009: ApJ v690,691,692, AJ Apr,May MNRAS v392,393 (except 393,538), 394/1,2,3,4, 395/1 A&A v493,494,495,496/3, 500/3,501/1 PASP v121 complete

2013: 2013ApJS..204....5K: many close WD/DM binaries resolved with types added from SDSS DR9 spectra; types given with mixed notation expressed as 'slash' types; N.B. numerous overlaps with 2008AJ....135..785W and 2011AJ....141...97W, where only cool components are identified


selected large spectral surveys

bibcode citation first author region(s) 1927MeUpp..29....1P Petersson north celestial pole 1935BSD...C01....0S Schwassmann SA 1 1935MeUpp..61....1S Schalen Scutum 1938BSD...C02....0S Schwassmann SA 32,33 1939UppAn...1a...1V Vanas Cygnus-Cepheus 1939SDM...B01....0W Wachmann NGC 1039 1941StoAn..13i...1R Ramberg Hyades, Praesepe 1946AnLei..19b...1B Binnendijk Pleiades 1947AnDea...5....1L Lee through DO 4200 1947BSD...C03....0S Schwassmann SA 54,55,56,57,58,61 1949ApJ...109..391N Nassau LF 3b red stars 1949ApJ...109..426M McCuskey LF 1 1949ApJ...110..478N Nassau LF 3b 1950ApJ...112...90M McCuskey LF 2 1951BSD...C04....0S Schwassmann SA 72,80,81 1952ApJ...116..592M MacRae ILF1 1953ApJ...118...77A Annear LF 3a 1953BSD...C05....0S Schwassmann SA 92,110 1956AN....283..109H Heckmann alpha Persei cluster 1955ApJS....2...75M McCuskey LF 4 1955ApJS....2..123F Farnsworth LF 5 1956ApJS....2..271M McCuskey LF 9 1956ApJS....2..298M McCuskey LF 6 1956ApJS....2..315H Henize LMC + SMC emission objects 1957StoAn..20a...1R Ramberg Lacerta 1958ApJS....4....1M McCuskey LF 7 1958TrRig...7...33A Alksnis IC 1396 1959ApJ...130..178W Westerlund LF 1 red stars 1959ApJS....4...23M McCuskey LF 8 1959LS....C01....0H Hardorp LS I northern OB stars 1960IzKry..24..160B Brodskaya Cassiopeia 1960UppAn...4i...1M Malmquist north galactic pole 1963ArA.....3...97R Roslund Scutum 1967AJ.....72.1199M McCuskey Taurus/Gemini 1967ApJS...14..125H Henize southern PNe 1968AJ.....73..590D Drilling LF 15 1970CoTol..89....1S Sanduleak LMC OB stars 1972POAN....2...59S Stock Stock & Wroblewski southern stars 1973AJ.....78..687B Bidelman Bidelman-MacConnell southern stars 1974VatOP...1..181C Coyne Vatican emission-line stars (7 papers) 1975A&AS...21..109B Brunet LMC OB stars 1975A&AS...21..193N Nordstrom Puppis-Vela 1975A&AS...22..285A Azzopardi Azzopardi & Vigneau SMC stars 1977PW&SO...2..71S Sanduleak H-alpha emission stars 1980A&AS...41...43J Johansson five southern fields 1986A&AS...24...35S Stock LMC B/A/F supergiants 1976ApJS...30..491H Henize southern emission-line stars 1981AJ.....86..246W Weis Centaurus 1984AnTok..19..469R Raarto M stars near galactic center 1985CBVMS.C......0V Voroshilov IC 1805/1848, NGC 1499,2244,2264 1986AJ.....91..144S Stephenson K/M dwarfs and giants 1986AJ.....92..139S Stephenson K/M dwarfs 1986ApJS...61..305G Green Palomar-Green survey 1987AnTok..21..293M Maehara Kiso carbon stars (6 papers) 1988AJ.....96..988S Slawson Vela 1992JRASC..86..248R Reed Centaurus 1993AJ....106..560P Parker 30 Dor stars 1993yCat.3170.....M MacConnell IRAS sources, southern galactic plane 1999A&A...341...98S Selman 30 Dor stars 2004MNRAS.353..601E Evans SMC \end{PRE} \end{BODY} \glutag{Viz.piwik}\CDStail{vizExec/.tohtml()@\env{HTTP_HOST}}