J/A+A/341/121 Visual binary orbits and masses (Soederhjelm 1999)

J/A+A/341/121/notes.dat Individual notes (228 records)

171Poor HIP sol.
1242Too poor astrometric orbit (Ianna et al., 1988AJ.....95.1226I) and too
1242few resolved observations (cf. Heintz, 1990Obs...110..131H) to give
1242definite orbit. Present solution at least preferable to `X' HIP-sol.
1674Uncertain `visual' edge-on orbit.
2237High-eccentricity, half-period solution fits equally well but gives too
2237high mass-sum (with no third component allowed by q).
2552Aa-B triple sol (double (Aa)-B in HIP). Orbit mostly dependent on
2552Hershey (1973AJ.....78..935H) pc observations, more IR speckle needed.
2762Visual primary is 2.1d SB 1 (#27 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
2762Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
6564Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
7372AB-C triple+var sol (AB in HIP). B is 0.47d ecl bin (BB Scl).
7580Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
7918Improved pc ({Delta}m>6) orbit combining pg (Lippincott et al. 1983) and
7918Hipparcos obs. Scaling by the speckle IR (Henry et al.,
79181992AJ....103.1369H) gives orbit size and mass-ratio.
10535Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
10542Orbit poorly covered, period rather indeterminate.
11569Aa-B-C quadruple solution (AB in HIP). High mass-sum, strangely
11569well-behaved speckle obs at {Delta}m=4??
12390Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
12717More speckle obs needed to define orbit.
14879Another century needed for apastron coverage.
14913AB-C triple solution
15799Possible orbit from two widely spaced vis obs + Hipparcos data.
16602Cf orbit in McAlister et al. (1992AJ....104.1961M).
19719Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
19758Half-period solution equally good, but gives large mass-sum. More
19758speckle-obs needed (the only existing one erroneous?).
20087Hyad(vB 24), cf. Torres et al. (1997ApJ...474..256T).
20215Hyad(vB 29).
20347The 4d SB 1 (Worley & Heintz, 1983PUSNO..24g...1W) probably spurious.
20661Hyad(vB 57), assumed period from Torres et al. (1997ApJ...479..268).
20686Hyad(vB 58).
20885Hyad(vB 71), G7. III spectrum, assumed period and mass-ratio from
20885Torres et al. (1997ApJ...485..167T).
20916Hyad(VB 75).
21280Hyad(vB 96). High mass-sum, illustrative solution only,
21280speckle/spectroscopic orbit needed, cf. Griffin et al.
21594K1III spectrum, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
22505Hyad(vB 120). Preliminary circular orbit, speckle/spectroscopic orbit
22505needed, cf. Griffin et al. (1988AJ.....96..172G).
22550Hyad(vB 122). Mass-sum calls for sp subsystem, but RV-ampl <1km/s
22550according to Griffin et al. (1988AJ.....96..172G).
22607Hyad(vB 124), primary is 143d sp bin (Griffin et al.,
23395Visual separations systematically too small.
23452Good period, indeterminate a/e/i, more obs needed!.
23835Visual and speckle observations at 0.1arcsec separation ruled out as
23835spurious by constant RV (Duquennoy and Mayor, 1991A&A...248..485D).
28442AB-C triple solution (HIP data unuseable!). Speckle obs needed to
28442strengthen orbit.
28614Pr 4.4 SB 1, sec 4.8d SB 2 (Fekel, 1980PASP...92..785F), reasonable
28734Pr 9.6d SB1 (#377 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B), sec K1III
28734(Strassmeier & Fekel, 1990A&A...230..389S), mass-sum close to expected.
29234High mass-sum, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
30920Good resolved solution with the aid of scattered visual+(IR)speckle
30920observations. Mass-ratio calculated from pc orbit size (Probst,
30953Difficult a/e/i-correlation, more obs needed.
30953AB-CD quadruple solution.
33142Fixed e,i,{omega},{Omega} from Heintz (1990A&AS...82...65H). Needs
33142combined astrometric/visual/Hipparcos solution.
33449G5III-IV spectrum. Period poorly determined from old vis obs.
33451A few more speckle-obs will strengthen orbit considerably.
35296The 94-yr orbit by Heintz (1995ApJS...99..693H) plus the HIP parallax
35296gives impossibly small mass-sum. Probably both a and P are much larger
35296(no orbit for another century), but motion should be followed.
36238Good fit to speckle/Hip, but implausibly large masses even for a
36238multiple system. Speckle/spectr sol pending (Hartkopf et al., 1997,
36238CHARA Contr. No. 4, (on-line electronic version)). HIP sol spurious.
38052Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
38382Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
38474Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
401672-orbit AB-Cc quadruple sol (AB-C in HIP).
40239Present {pi}-value adopted instead of poor HIP-value.
42075Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
42748Period around 100 y, rapid motion at present, more obs needed.
43109AB-C triple sol ((AB)-C in HIP). G0III-IV spectr, speckle orb in
43109Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H)
43671Low incl fixed at 15{deg},({Omega}=0). High mass-sum and q=1.5(0.3)
43671corroborates secondary 9.1d SB2 (Worley & Heintz, 1983PUSNO..24g...1W).
44248Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
45170Reversed {Delta}m and slightly larger parallax/smaller masses than in
45170the speckle-spectroscopic study by Mason et al. (1996AJ....112..276M).
45571Speckle observations needed to refine relative orbit.
46404Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
46454Giant primary according to isochrone fit.
47479Speckle observations needed to confirm orbit. Sp subsystem in sec?
49868Poorly determined (long) period, only periastron-part covered.
51233G8III-IV spectrum.
51986Visual primary is 10d SB2 (#623 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
53423F2III classification probably erroneous.
53840Probably 4-5 year period, more speckle observations needed.
54061Low incl. fixed at 180 deg, observations lacking near periastron. Giant
54061primary according to isochrone fit.
54155A-BC triple solution.
55203Preliminary Keplerian Aa-B 2-orbit model gives good solution (failure in
55203HIP). Many-body perturbations observable but not yet studied. Cf. Aa-Bb
55203analysis in Mason et al. (1995AJ....109..332M).
55266Primary is 2.6d SB1 (#669 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
55266Mass-sum in fair agreement with Liu et al. (1997ApJ...485..350L)
55425A few more speckle obs needed to constrain the eccentricity.
59816Indeterminate (long) period, useable a^3^/P^2^. Poor HIP parallax
60129Observed parallax corroborates closely the orbital value given by
60129Hartkopf et al. (1992AJ....103.1976H). Primary is 72d SB2 (#718 in
60129Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
64241Components reversed rel std sol:s, e.g. in Hartkopf et al.
64241(1989AJ.....98.1014H). Poor HIP sol.
65026Marginal hints that the the unconfirmed speckle 3:rd comp (Hartkopf et
65026al., 1997, CHARA Contr. No. 4, (on-line electronic version)) could be
65026real. Mass-sum and mass-ratio (Heintz, 1969AJ.....74..768H) clearly
65026requires the primary to be a closer binary.
65343Undetermined (long) period in nearby K-dwarf pair.
66458A7III spectrum.
70327A-BC triple solution (double A-(BC) in HIP).
70973Double-period, circular orbit ruled out by speckle obs.
71683Difficult for Hipparcos with secondary (=HIP 71681) at edge of the
71683sensitivity profile. Present parallax preferable to HIP value.
71683Mass-ratio from Kamper and Wesselink (1978AJ.....83.1653K).
72479Double-period solution ruled out by speckle observations.
73182Hipparcos triple solution together with A (=HIP73184). P,T,e,{omega} and
73182q fixed from Duquennoy and Mayor (1988A&A...200..135D), cf orbit in
73182Mariotti et al. (1990A&A...230...77M). Poor HIP-sol.
73695Secondary is 0.27d W UMa ecl. bin.
74537Unresolved by speckle(?), no easy vis+Hipparcos sol.
75411More speckle-obs needed to confirm preliminary orbit
75529More observations needed to define (~20-year) orbit.
75695The speckle-observations and derived masses leave no room for a
75695conjectured third component, cf. Kamper et al. (1990AJ....100..239K).
76852Half-period orbit ruled out by speckle-obs.
76952Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
78662AB-C triple solution (AB in HIP).
78727AB-C triple solution. (Failed HIP sol because of bad pointing with
78727C-comp at IFOV edge).
80199Poorly determined period, needs many decades yet.
80460Strong a/e-correlation, more speckle-obs needed.
81693No evidence in the speckle or Hipparcos data for the large-ampl
81693third-body orbit given by Baize (1976A&AS...26..177B). Giant primary
81693according to isochrone fit.
82817Flare M-dwarf (V1054 Oph). Mass-ratio and mass-sum requires secondary to
82817be a closer sp bin. Unuseable HIP solution.
83838Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
84012Difficult a/e correlation, needs 20 more years of speckle obs.
84123Poor HIP sol.
84140Poor HIP-solution, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H)
84425(New) orbit based on few observations, mass-sum too small.
84709Good double-sol instead of unuseable HIP-data.
84949Period fixed from sp. orbit. Visual secondary is 2.2d ecl bin (V819 Her).
84949Mass-sum in agreement with Scarfe et al. (1994AJ....107.1529S)
85141High mass-sum, sp duplicity? Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
86221AB-C triple solution.
87204Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
87655Pr is 0.80d W UMa ecl. bin (V 2388 Oph). Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
87655al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
88404Primary giant according to isochrone fit.
88637Triple sol with C (HIP 88639). Pr is 0.88d ecl. bin (V 772 Her).
88932Poor fit for visual observations, speckle needed. Poor HIP sol.
89908Almost rectilinear relative motion, long period!.
89937P,e fixed from spectroscopy (Tomkin et al., 1987AJ.....93.1236T).
91394Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
91395Unobserved periastron can be covered by speckle in near future.
94056More observations needed to define orbit.
94252A-BC triple solution.
94739Strange (but useable) reference point for the Transit Data due to
94739reversed signs for proper motions in the Hipparcos Input Catalog.
95995Spurious HIP-sol for fast-moving 1.35 y pair. SB2-sol in Batten et al.,
959951989PDAO...17....1B(# 1162), speckle-spectroscopic orbit worthwile.
96907Apastron poorly covered. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
97237Indeterminate (long) period but useable a^3^/P^2^. Missing in HIP
97237because of poor Input Catalogue position.
98001One component is 155d SB1 (#1187 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
98416Orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
101227More speckle obs needed to cover the orbit.
101750Visual primary is 0.28d W UMa ecl. bin (VW Cep).
101769Primary giant according to isochrone fit, speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
101769al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
101955Visual primary is 920d SB2 (#1253 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B).
101958Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
102782Triple solution together with C (102784), which is clearly optical with
102782a faulty HIP position.
103655Visual primary is 3.3d SB2 (#1280 in Batten et al.,
104858Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
105200Pr is 4.0d SB2. Mass-sum in good agreement with the complete
105200speckle-spectroscopic analysis (Fekel et al., 1997AJ....113.1095F).
105431One component is 2.2d SB1 (#1297 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B)
1062551.9 y (circular) astrometric orbit by McNamara et al.
106255(1987AJ.....93.1245M) combined with one speckle obs (Blazit et al.,
1062551987A&AS...71...57B) gives too high mass-sum for this M-dwarf binary.
106255More (IR) speckle needed.
106811Marginal detection of 14:th mag secondary, but mass-sum too large and
106811more GB obs needed to define orbit. (HIP sol is slit-error).
107354Visual secondary is 6.0d SB1 (#1329 in Batten et al.,
1073541989PDAO...17....1B). Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al.
107522Double-period orbit almost as good fit, but in both cases probable
107522secondary sub-system. Speckle and spectroscopic obs needed.
107788Giant (F2 III-IV) class. probably wrong. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
107788al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
108431Illustrative solutions with useable astrometric mass-ratios. Short-P
108431solution marginally better, but indeterminate with strong
108431element-correlations. Probably giant primary, more speckle-data needed.
110548Long period (almost linear motion in definitely physical system).
111293Wrong object observed by Hipparcos.
111314Giant (A9 III) classification probably wrong.
111805Visual sec. is 552d SB2 (Duquennoy, 1987A&A...178..114D). Speckle orbit
111805in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
111965Long-period (circular) orbit prefered, but strangely low mass-sum,
111965probably still underestimated a.
111974Primary giant according to isochrone fit. Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et
111974al. (1989AJ.....98.1014H).
112915Giant (K5III) classification probably wrong.
113048Visual primary is 24d SB1 (#1406 in Batten et al., 1989PDAO...17....1B)
113445Edge-on system, most speckle-obs `wrong' quadrant.
113996Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
114222Visual primary (G2 III) is 557d SB1 (#1425 in Batten et al.,
115126Triple solution with B (HIP 115125) instead of poor HIP-sol. Pr
115126overmassive, probably sp. bin., cf. McAlister and Hartkopf
116849Speckle orbit in Hartkopf et al. (1996AJ....111..370H).
117570High but rather imprecise mass-sum.