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==> In this proposal, more time is being requested for RDJOSEPH.PHT4_1_1
This proposal is to supplement a Guaranteed Time programme in the ISOPHOT
Consortium's Central Programme, 'The ISOPHOT Field Galaxy Sample.'  The
objective of this programme is to develop a comprehensive database for an
unbiased sample of 'normal' galaxies using the unique infrared measurement
capabilities of ISO, supplemented by a variety of ground-based measurements.
It is expected that this database will be published as a catalogue for the use
of the astronomical community for years to come.  This will be the first
comprehensive catalogue of 'normal' galaxies which includes near-infrared
(ground-based imaging and spectroscopy), mid- and far-infrared (ISO), and sub-
millimetre (ground-based) measurements for a large and unbiased sample.  Only
73 of the 120 galaxies were observed before the Guaranteed Time allocation was
exhausted.  Since attempts at generalizations about subsets of the sample will
be limited by small number statistics, obtaining ISO measurements for as large
a sample as possible is critical to the scientific value of such a catalogue.

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