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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2021-06-19T17:53:16
#-- B/wd Spectroscopically identified white dwarfs (McCook+, 2014)
#---Table: B/wd/./notes.dat Notes for stars flagged in "catalog.dat"  (2353 records)
#       --- A2     ---   [WD] Prefix of catalog
#        WD A10    ---   White Dwarf (WD) number
#     Notes A240   ---   Text of note for this star
  WD        |Notes
WD0000-014  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0000-345  |See also (OJ)
WD0001+433  |See also (QM)(RK)
WD0002+165  |See also (PP)
WD0003-570  |WD0003-570 consists of a non-magnetic WD and a late-type cool dwarf. (GU)
WD0004+330  |See also (QP)(QM)(NB)(NL)(RK)
WD0005+511  |Similar to the PG1159 degenerates but fewer, weaker metals and Balmer emission,X-ray corona,mass loss, Ref.(60)(84)(SM).
WD0005-163  |Temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0005-267  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD0008+424  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD0009+501  |WD0009+501 is a magnetic degenerate,the first known below 100 kilogauss, Ref.(9W)(9V) See also (PV)(OL)(OJ)(MV)(NB)(RQ)
WD0010-000  |See also (NC)
WD0011-134  |LHS1044 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(31) See also (PV)(MV)(NN)(OJ)
WD0012+008  |See also (OY)
WD0013+008.1|See also (NC)
WD0014+003  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0014-006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0014-015  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD0015+004  |See also (MV)
WD0015-004  |See also (PJ)(NC)
WD0016+000  |See also (QJ)
WD0016-220  |See also (PP)
WD0016-258  |Long period ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD0018+147  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0018-267  |See also (OL)
WD0019-105  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD0019-113  |See also (QJ)
WD0019-287  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD0022+274  |See Also (PR)
WD0022-400  |CPMB with APMPN 0025-3949A as second component (IN).
WD0023+144  |See also (NC)
WD0023+388  |Triple star system, also identifies G171-B10B as the WD and G171-B10A as the MS. Ref.(MK) Likely closer to d~60pc Ref.(MQ) See also (QR)(QP)
WD0023-109  |Mis-identified as WD0023+109 in REf.(NZ) CPMB system with the K-star G158-077. Ref.(OF) Likely triple system - DA+dM0(G158-78B)+DC8(G158-78C). Ref.(PS)
WD0024-010  |See also (NC)
WD0024-556  |See also (PP)
WD0025+000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0025-004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0025-277  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD0027+151  |See also (RS)
WD0027-549  |See Also (PR)
WD0027-636  |See also (QM)(PP)(JV)(RK)
WD0028-274  |See section A1.2 in Ref. (LJ).
WD0028-474  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0029+571  |PG1159-like central star of SH2-136.(66).
WD0029-181  |See also (PP)
WD0030+006  |See also (NC)
WD0030+444  |Binary (DA5+G8) system. Ref.(MK)
WD0030-001  |See also (NC)
WD0031-311  |See also (PP)
WD0032-175  |See also (MR)(OH)
WD0033+016  |See also (PP)(MY)
WD0033-007  |See also (NC)
WD0034+002  |See also (PY)
WD0034+008  |See also (NC)
WD0034-211  |Close double degenerate binary, Ref.(45),(MQ) MS companion= LTT 0329B See also (MY)
WD0036+312  |Short period ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD0037+312  |See also (JV)(NL)
WD0037-006  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP) See also (OK)
WD0038+555  |G218-008 has strong UV absorption features, Ref.(CG).
WD0038-226  |LHS 1126 is the only know white dwarf to show JHK absorption, strong C2?  H2?  opacity, Ref.(DQ)(5X) See also (PV)(OL)(OJ)(MM)
WD0039+149  |See also (NC)
WD0040+000  |See also (PD)
WD0041+092  |Hot DA companion to the rapidly rotating K1-3V star BD+08 102, REF.(82)(4D).
WD0041-102  |FEIGE 7 is a magnetic white dwarf, Ref.(5F)(03).
WD0044-121  |NGC246 is a PG1159 star with several detected periods and an associated planetary nebula; type lgE, Ref.(66) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD0045+000  |See also (NC)
WD0046+051  |VAN MAANEN2 was the only example of a DG white dwarf, Ref.(DB) See also (PV)(2L)(NN)(OE)(OJ)
WD0047+190  |See also (QV)(MR)
WD0047-524  |See also (PP)(NL)
WD0048-202  |Possible sdOB/WD binary system. Ref.(QX).
WD0048-294  |See also (JV)
WD0048-544  |See also (PP)
WD0049-011  |See also (NC)
WD0050-011  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)
WD0050-332  |See also (PP)(JV)(MV)(NB)(NL)(RK)
WD0051+006  |See also (QJ)
WD0052+004  |See also (NC)
WD0052-006  |See also (QJ)(PE)(NC)
WD0052-101  |See also (OK)
WD0053-103  |See also (NC)
WD0054-004  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD0055+006  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD0057+003  |See also (NC)
WD0058+148  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0058-044  |See also (PP)
WD0059-008  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0101+002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0101+003  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0101+048  |Double degenerate system. Ref.(JP)See also (PP)(OJ)(MM)(NB)(NL)(OL)
WD0101+059  |See also (MY)
WD0101+866  |See Also (PR)
WD0101-182  |See also (QC)
WD0103-013  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0104-102  |Shortest period (39.1 min) detached WD binary system known. Ref.(SU)
WD0104-464  |BPM30551 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(2W)(7I). See also (PB)
WD0106-328  |See also (PS)(PP)
WD0106-358  |Possible companion <A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 683B</A> see A4.2 in Ref.(LJ) See also (PP)(RK)
WD0107+131  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (NC)(QH)(QN)
WD0108+000  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0108+143  |See also (PP)(OK)
WD0108+277  |Cool Da with no metal features C. Melis 2008 private communication See also (PV)(PS)(OJ)
WD0108-001  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0108-014  |See also (QJ)
WD0108-106  |See also (NC)
WD0110-139  |See also (PP)
WD0110-162  |See also (PP)
WD0111+002  |See also (QP)
WD0111-102  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0112+132  |See also (NC)
WD0113+006  |See also (NC)
WD0114+002  |See also (NC)
WD0115+159  |G033-049 has strong UV absorption features, Ref.(BO)(NB) See also (PO)(OJ).
WD0116-231  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). GD 695B See also (QP)
WD0120+154  |See also (NC)
WD0120-024  |See Also (PR)
WD0121-006  |See also (QJ)
WD0121-429  |Magnetic DA+DC double degenerate. Ref.(MD)(NY) See also (OJ)
WD0121-756  |See also (JV)(KL)(SM)
WD0122+200  |Pulsating PG1159 DO degenerate, Ref.(DN)(39); TYPE A, Ref.(66) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD0124-257  |See also (PP)
WD0126+101  |Double degenerate system. Ref.(JP) See also (PP)(MM)(NB)(OL)(RQ)
WD0127+581  |The DAO central star of the planetary nebula Sh2-188, Ref.(7U)
WD0127-311  |HE0127-311 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(3W).
WD0128-012  |See also (NC)
WD0128-387  |MCT0128-3846 is an unresolved DA + DB or DBA binary. (DM)
WD0129-205  |See also (PP)
WD0130+128  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0130+141  |See also (NC)
WD0130-196  |MCT0130-1937 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability, type A, Ref.(66).
WD0130-273  |See also (PP)
WD0131-163  |See Section A5.16 in Ref.(LJ) See also (QP)(PP)(JV)(MQ)(MY)(NL)(RK)
WD0131-287  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD0132+127  |Spectrum shows Mg I, Ref.(JJ)
WD0133-116  |R548 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(5C) See also (PP)(NL)
WD0133-299  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD0134+181  |See also (JE)
WD0134+833  |See also (QP)(NB)(NL)
WD0134-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0135+002  |See also (QJ)
WD0135-052  |LP870-2 is a close detached DA binary system, Ref.(9K) Radial velocities -16.6/-41.2 km/sec Ref.(JP)N See also (NL)(OE)(OJ)
WD0136+251  |Hot, low field magnetic ultra-massive DA star, Ref.(5V) See also (OQ)(9U)(JV)(NL)(RK)
WD0136+768  |Double-degenerate system. Ref.(QX).
WD0136-201  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0137-004  |See also (NC)
WD0137-349  |Binary system consisting of a DA and a very low-mass detached companion. Ref.(RO).See also (QH)(SE)
WD0139+143  |See also (NC)
WD0139+513  |NGC650-1 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula, type E, Ref.(66).
WD0139-011  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0140+130  |See also (MV)
WD0141-675  |See also (OJ)(MV)(MM)(OL)(RQ)
WD0143+216  |See also (PP)(MY)
WD0145-174  |See also (NN)
WD0145-221  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(JT) Has a possible Brown Dwarf Companion ref.(KX) See also (QP)(PP)
WD0145-257  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). GD1401B See also (QP)
WD0146+187  |See also (QA)(PS)
WD0147+674  |See also (RK)
WD0148+467  |1400A absorption feature, Ref.(CL) Member of binary or multiple star system. Ref.(OJ)   See also (PV)(PO)(NB)(NL)
WD0148+641  |GR268 common proper motion binary with G244-37 (M2 DWARF), Ref.(1R).
WD0149-012  |See also (NC)
WD0149-082  |See also (NC)
WD0150+001  |See also (NC)
WD0150+007  |See also (PY)
WD0150-089  |See also (PE)
WD0151+017  |See also (PP)
WD0151-308  |See also (QV)
WD0154-071  |See also (QC)
WD0155+003  |Spectrum shows Mg I, Ref.(JJ)
WD0155+069  |See also (PS)
WD0156+155  |See also (PS)
WD0158+235  |A new hot DO with ultra highly excited ionization stages, Ref.(64).
WD0158-160  |Composite DBA + dM binary, Ref.(DP).
WD0159-032  |WD0159-032 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(02).
WD0201+004  |See also (NC)
WD0201-006  |See also (NC)
WD0201-052  |See also (PP)
WD0202-055  |See also (PF)
WD0203+007  |Reclassified as carbon star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0203+131  |See also (NC)
WD0203-010  |See also (NC)
WD0203-138  |See also (PP)
WD0204-233  |See also (PP)
WD0204-306  |CPM Binary with LP885-923 (WD+dM) Ref.(MK)(PR)
WD0205+000  |See also (NC)
WD0205+133  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 0205+133B See also (QR)(QP)
WD0205+250  |See also (NL)
WD0205-297  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0208+002  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0208+396  |G74-7 is the first known example of a definite DA, F degenerate, REF.(37),See also (QV)(QA)(MR)(NN)(RT)
WD0208-153  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). MRT 0208-1520B
WD0208-510  |CMPB with the dK1 Gliese 86; the WD Gl 86B  Should not be confused with the exolanet GJ86b. Ref.(SB).See also (RZ)
WD0209+085  |DAB star in the DO-DB gap, Ref.(63), Teff=36,000K, Ref.(3X),(63) See also (QP)(PP)
WD0209+210  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0210+000  |See also (NC)
WD0210+086  |White dwarf companion to the mild barium star XI 1 CETI; DA4 with 1400 and 1690 features, Ref.(37). Coords corrected, formerly WD0207+083
WD0210+138  |See also (NC)
WD0210+168  |See section A1.3 in Ref. (LJ).
WD0210-010  |See also (NC)
WD0211+010  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0211-086  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)
WD0212+140  |See also (NC)
WD0213+396  |See also (MY)
WD0213+427  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD0214+568  |See also (MZ)(NL)
WD0214-007  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0215+005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0215+006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0216+007  |See also (NC)
WD0216+143  |See also (QP)(PP)(JE)
WD0216+387  |See also (PQ)
WD0216-005.1|See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0216-032  |Luminosity of white dwarf probably dominated by wind accretion energy, Ref.(BX)(JV)(SM).
WD0217+003  |See also (QJ)
WD0218+000  |See also (NC)
WD0219+282  |Has an Unresolved companion DA1.9 White Dwarf with (Vmag = 18.16 AbsMag = 10.32) Ref.(QC) Triple-star system: (DA+DB)+dM5 companion. Ref.(QO)(SG)
WD0220+222  |See also (PP)(PQ)(SM)
WD0221+399  |SEE also (PR)
WD0221+399  |CPM Binary with BD+39 0539 (WD+dM) system. Ref.(MK)
WD0222+006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0222+422.1|CPM WD component with Mv > 15.0, Ref.(3A).
WD0222+422.2|CPM WD component with Mv > 15.0, Ref.(3A).
WD0222+648  |Mv > 15.0, Ref.(51) formely WD0222+641.
WD0222-291  |We obtain T=3000 K, this may be the coolest WD known. (JW).
WD0225-192  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0226-078  |See also (QJ)
WD0227+001  |See also (QJ)
WD0227+009  |See also (NC)
WD0227+050  |See also (PP)(NB)(NL)
WD0228-009  |See also (NC)
WD0228-085  |DB; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0229+270  |See also (QC)
WD0230+343  |See also (RY)
WD0230-144  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD0231-054  |See also (MY)(NL)
WD0232+035  |FEIGE 24 is an EUV source, PCEB, DAQZ+dwarf M2, Ref.(RV)(5Y) See also (QH)(PP)(NL)(RX)(SM).
WD0232+525  |See also (NL)
WD0232-003  |See also (QJ)(PJ)(NC)
WD0233-083.1|See also (MV)
WD0233-242  |See also (OJ)
WD0234-012  |See also (NC)
WD0235+064  |CPMB system (DAZ+dM3.5 companion). Ref.(PS)See also (QA)
WD0235-003  |See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)
WD0235-125  |See also (RL)(RK)
WD0236+498  |See also (NO)(RK)
WD0237+105  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0237+115  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 0237+115B
WD0239+109  |G4-34 is a probable unresolved DA + DB binary, Ref.(23).
WD0240+004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0242+002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0242+009  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0243-026  |See also (QV)(QA)(OJ)(MR)(RT)
WD0244+004  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0245+541  |See also (QA)(OJ)(MR)(RT)
WD0246+326  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(GX)
WD0246-301  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD0247+053  |A new DBA star from the HS survey, Ref.(4B)
WD0248-014  |See also (NC)
WD0249-002  |See also (NC)
WD0250-007  |CPMB with BD-01 0407 Ref.(EP), Referenced as 0250-008 in Ref.(MK)(PR)
WD0251-008  |See also (PQ)
WD0252-009  |See also (NC)
WD0252-055  |EUVE-discovered hot DA companion to the K0 IV star HD18131, Ref.(4D),(BP).
WD0252-350  |See also (PP)
WD0253+508  |New magnetic degenerate, Ref.(61).
WD0253-070  |See also (NC)
WD0253-077  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0255+006.1|See also (NC)
WD0255+009.2|See also (NJ)(NC)
WD0255-007  |See also (PJ)(NC)
WD0255-110.1|See also (PP)
WD0255-705  |See also (PP)(OJ)(MV)(NB)(NL)
WD0256-014  |See also (QJ)
WD0257+080  |See also (MV)
WD0257-005  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). KUV 02579-0036B See also (QP)
WD0257-075  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0259+004  |See also (NC)
WD0300+007  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (PH)(NC)
WD0300-008  |See also (QJ)
WD0300-013  |A DB degenerate with calcium, Ref.(AC). See also (QD)(QA)(PZ)(OR)(RF)(RS)
WD0300-066  |See also (NC)
WD0301+004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0301-006  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0302+027  |See also (QP)(PP)(NL)(RK)
WD0302+621  |See also (MU)
WD0303-007  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). KUV 03036-0043B See also (QP)
WD0303-080  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0304+004  |See also (NC)
WD0304+154  |See also (JV)
WD0306-006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0306-012  |See also (NC)
WD0307+077  |See also (QV)(MR)
WD0307-428  |WD0307-428 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(02).
WD0308+096  |The dM companion is likely a binary M2 dwarf, see A5.19 in Ref.(LJ) See also (QX)(QX)(QH)
WD0308+188  |See also (QP)
WD0309-005  |See also (NC)
WD0309-275  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). WD 0309-75B
WD0310-073  |See also (OK)
WD0310-688  |1400A absorption feature, Ref.(CH) See also (PP)(NB)(NL)(OE)(OK)
WD0311-013  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0313-066  |See also (OY)
WD0315-011  |CPMB WITH BD-01 0469 See also (OS)
WD0315-013  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0316+003  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0316-003  |See also (NJ)
WD0316-849  |RE0317-853 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(3Z).
WD0317-011  |See also (NC)
WD0318-068  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0319-004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0320-000  |See also (OK)
WD0320-192  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0320-539  |See also (PP)(JV)(NL)(RK)
WD0321-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0321-009  |Reclassified as QSO; Ref.(QB)
WD0322+452  |The DAO central star of HDW3, Ref.(7U).
WD0322-013  |See also (NC)
WD0322-019  |Double degenerate system. Ref.(JP)(NN) See also (QA)(OJ)
WD0323+009  |See also (NC)
WD0324+738  |RA=033013.89 Dec=+740157.1(2005.09), resolved triple (WD+dM5+dM6) system. Ref.(MQ) See also (QP)
WD0324-012  |See also (NC)
WD0324-012.1|See also (NC)
WD0324-197  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0325-005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0325-405  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0325-857  |LB 9802 is the visual companion to the high-field ultramassive WD EUVEJ0317-85.5, separation ~ 200AU.  Ref.(MV)See also (RL)
WD0326+001  |See also (NC)
WD0326-273  |Double degenerate system; radial velocities 105.9/157.1 km/sec Ref.(JP) See also (PV)(OJ)(PR)
WD0328+008  |See also (PP)(PM)(OK)
WD0328-010  |See also (NC)
WD0329+005  |KUV03292+0035 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(3V). This star is listed at Dec -00 35.1 in Ref.(CP). See also (PD)
WD0330-000  |See also (PD)
WD0330-009  |See also (OK)
WD0330-009.1|ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0330-013  |See also (NC)
WD0331-356  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). HE 0331-3541B See also (SM)
WD0333+004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0333-350  |See also (JV)
WD0334-002  |See also (NJ)
WD0334-009  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0335-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0335-420  |See also (RK)
WD0337+096  |Hot/cold Table 1 temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0338+007  |See also (MS)
WD0339+002  |Has an Unresolved companion DB3.7 White Dwarf with (Vmag = 17.82 AbsMag = 11.57) Ref.(QC)
WD0339-035  |Temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0339-451  |See also (JV)(SM)
WD0340+009  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0340-068  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0340-075  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD0341+021  |Variability in radial velocity indicates a long period binary. (EE) Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0341+182  |See also (PV)(OJ)(NN)
WD0341-076  |See also (NC)
WD0341-459  |BPM31594 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7H). See also (PB)
WD0342+004  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0342+176  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD0342+374  |Hot DA planetary nucleus, Ref.(7U).
WD0343+247  |An ultra cool White Dwarf referred to in the references as WD0346+246
WD0343-007  |See also (PP)
WD0344+014  |See also (OJ)
WD0344+073  |Long period ZZ Ceti (OC) single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0344-121  |See also (PP)
WD0345+006  |See also (RY)
WD0345+498  |IW1 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula, Ref.(DI); type A Ref.(66).
WD0346-011  |See also (PP)(OQ)(MY)(MZ)(NL)(RK)
WD0346-063  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0347+171  |V471 TAU,HYADES DA and K0V Eclipsing and Spectroscopic binary, REF(7V). DA star has TEFF=32,500K, LOG G=8, Ref.(2N)(JV). See also (PH)(SM)
WD0347-137  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). GD 051B See also (QP)
WD0348+339  |See also (NL)
WD0348-066  |See also (NC)
WD0349+247  |Pleiad white dwarf with mass 0.98 MSUN; VGRAV= +84+/- 9 KM/S, Ref.(CR) See also (OS)(OQ)(MZ)
WD0350-002  |See also (NC)
WD0352+049  |See also (PP)
WD0352+096  |The finding charts point to different stars. See also (PP)(OS)(OQ)(MZ)(NL)
WD0354+463  |See section A5.25 in Ref. (LJ), (MQ) See also (QP)
WD0355+255  |SEE also (PR)
WD0357+081  |See also (PF)(OJ)
WD0357-233  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). Ton S 392B See also (QP)
WD0358-051  |DA with odd H-Alpha emission; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0400-346  |CMPB with the G1/2 V double star HIP 18824. Ref.(SH)
WD0401+149  |Temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0401+250  |See also (NL)
WD0406+169  |See also (OS)(OQ)(NL)
WD0408-041  |Contains circumstellar dust (NG) See also (QV)(QD)(QA)(PS)(PP)(OR)(MR)
WD0410+117  |See also (QP)(PP)(NL)
WD0410-116  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0413-077  |The mass of 40ERI B is 0.43 MSUN, Ref.(8K). 1400A absorption feature, Ref.(2A) CPMB with K1 V star HD 26965. Ref.(OF) See also (OS)(NL)(OK)(OJ)(RX)
WD0415+271  |HL TAU76 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(4X). See also (PB)(OQ)
WD0415-594  |Sirius-like system. Ref.(RZ) CMPB with HD 27442A; the WD HD 27442B should not be confused with the exoplanet HD 27442b. Ref.(SA).
WD0416+334  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 60B</A> Ref.(LJ)
WD0416+402  |See also (NO)
WD0416-550  |See also (PP)(JV)
WD0417+361  |G038-029 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7L). See also (PB)
WD0418+137  |Companion to HR 1358, a F6V spectroscopic binary. Ref.(EX)(SM)
WD0419-487  |Eclipsing system, WD + Red dwarf. See also (PH)(OJ)(MV)(QH)(SM)
WD0420-007  |See also (NC)
WD0421+162  |See also (PP)(OS)(OQ)
WD0421+338  |A quadruple system. (EX)
WD0421+740  |See also (QM)(RK)
WD0422+543  |See also (QX)
WD0425+168  |See also (QP)(PP)(OS)(OQ)(JV)(NL)
WD0426+588  |The mass of this star is 0.48 or 0.68 MSUN, Ref.(AW)(JV)(NN) See also(OJ).
WD0429+176  |White dwarf-red dwarf Hyades spectroscopic binary, REF(5B).  DA white dwarf with T=20,000K, LOG G=8, Ref.(AR)(JV). See also (QH)(PP)(SM)
WD0430+136  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). KUV 04304+1339B/C. Triple-star system: Unresolved DA+dM4e binary and a dM5.5e companion. Ref.(QO)
WD0431+126  |See also (PP)(OS)(OQ)
WD0433+270  |EG40 common proper motion binary with G39-27 / BD+26 0730 (K5 DWARF), Ref.(7Z) See also (PV)(OJ)(PR).
WD0435+410  |See also (OB)
WD0435-088  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD0437+138  |See also (OS)(OQ)
WD0438+108  |See also (QC)(OS)(OQ)(RY)
WD0439+466  |DAO nucleus of the planetary nebula S216, Ref.(7U).
WD0440-038  |See also (OQ)(JV)(RK)
WD0443-275.1|Very close common proper motion pair, Ref.(7Z)(PR).
WD0444+049  |New PG1159 star, type A, Ref.(66).
WD0446-789  |See also (JV)(NB)
WD0449-259  |See also (OR)
WD0453+418  |See also (NL)
WD0453-295  |A rare DAB hybrid composition degenerate, Ref.(DP), MCT0453-295 is an unresolved DA + DB binary, Ref.(DM).
WD0455+553  |GR318 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7J). See also (PB)
WD0455-282  |A new hot DA in a region of extremely low HI density, Ref.(15) See also (NB)(NL)(RK)
WD0455-532  |single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD0457-004  |See also (OJ)
WD0457-103  |K0IV + DA binary, Ref.(14).
WD0458-665  |X-ray selected hot DA + dM(RX J0458.9-6628B) binary, Ref.(3P)(SM).
WD0500-156  |The DAO central star of ABELL 7, Ref.(7U).
WD0501+527  |See also (QP)(PM)(NL)(OK)(RX)
WD0501-289  |Evidence of episodic mass ejection, rich metallic EUV spectrum, Ref.(DK,DT).
WD0503-174  |LHS1734 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(27)(MV) See also (PF)(OJ).
WD0504-241  |DO white dwarf with ultra-high excitation absorption, Ref.(31).
WD0507+045.1|One component of a visual pair of DA stars, Ref.(63), ZZ Ceti star ref.(IY) See also (PB)
WD0507+045.2|One component of a visual pair of DA stars, Ref.(63). See also (QP)(PP)
WD0509-007  |See also (PP)(MV)(NL)(RK)
WD0510-418  |See also (PP)(RK)
WD0512+326  |System of 4 stars; primary and tertiary components are spectroscopic binaries. Ref.(SI) See also (RK)(SM)
WD0513+260  |V1063 TAU is a non-radial pulsator, Ref.(44). See also (PB)
WD0517+307  |GD 66 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(57). See also (PB)
WD0517+357  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD0518+333  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). G086-B1A/C. Triple-star system: DA and a binary (dM3+dM3) proper motion companion. Ref.(QO)(PQ)
WD0518-105  |See also (OQ)(JV)(RK)
WD0531-022  |See also (JV)
WD0532+414  |Double degenerate system; radial velocities -38/150 km/sec Ref.(JP) See also (OJ)
WD0532-560  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(JT)
WD0533+555  |DA central star of the planetary nebula HDW4, Ref.(7U).
WD0543+579  |See also (MR)
WD0548+000  |See also (PP)(JV)(NL)(RK)
WD0548+326  |See also (OS)
WD0548+326.1|See also (OS)
WD0548-001  |G99-37 is magnetic and polarized, Zeeman H alpha, Ref.(5H)(03) See also (PV)(MV)(OJ).
WD0548-241  |See also (RK)
WD0549+158  |See also (PP)(PM)(MV)(MZ)(NB)(NL)(RK)
WD0549+324  |See also (OS)
WD0549+324.1|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.1|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.2|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.3|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.4|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.6|See also (OS)
WD0549+325.7|See also (OS)
WD0549+326.1|See also (OS)
WD0549+326.2|See also (OS)
WD0551+123  |CMPB with the F8 star HIP 27878. Ref.(SH)
WD0552-041  |See also (PC)(OJ)(MM)(NB)(NN)(OL)(RQ)(1V)
WD0553+053  |G99-47 is a magnetic white dwarf, Ref.(03) See also (OL)(MV)(MM)(NB)(NN)(OJ)(RQ).
WD0556+106  |Rare DA nucleus of planetary nebula with Teff > 1E+5K, Ref.(5J).
WD0558-756  |Helium-rich DO nucleus of K1-27; TEFF>1E+5;similar to KPD0005, Ref.(8O)(JV).
WD0603-483  |See also (NO)(RK)
WD0605+241  |NGC2168:LA 2 = NGC2168:LAWDS 2
WD0605+242  |See also (OS)
WD0605+245  |NGC2168:LA22 = NGC2168:LAWDS22 See also (OS)
WD0606+240  |NGC2168:LA15 = NGC2168:LAWDS15 See also (OS)
WD0606+241  |NGC2168:LA11 = NGC2168:LAWDS11
WD0606+243  |NGC2168:LA27 = NGC2168:LAWDS27
WD0606+244.1|NGC2168:LA 5 = NGC2168:LAWDS 5 See also (OS)
WD0606+244.2|NGC2168:LA 6 = NGC2168:LAWDS 6 See also (OS)
WD0612+177  |G104-27 detection of trace helium in a DA star, Ref.(3K) See also (PP)(NL)
WD0615+556  |Central star of the planetary nebula PW1, Ref.(7U).
WD0615-591  |CPMB WITH CD-59 1275 See also (PR)
WD0616-649  |RE0616-649 is a new magnetic degenerate, Ref.(4A).
WD0621-376  |See also (QP)(PP)(MV)
WD0622-329  |Unresolved DA/DB double degenerate Ref.(MD)
WD0625+415  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 74B</A> see A5.13 in (LJ)
WD0625-253  |Central star of Abell 15, REF.(2B).
WD0630-050  |See also (PP)(RK)
WD0631+107  |See also (RK)
WD0637+477  |GD77 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(9X) See also (MV)
WD0640+015  |Cool DO star (TEFF = 55000K) with one of the strongest HeII 4686 absorption lines of any known star, Ref.(7C)(5Q).
WD0642-166  |SIRIUS B mass=1.02 MSUN, Ref.(BK) See also (OS)(OJ).
WD0642-285  |CPMB WITH CD-28 3358 See also (PR) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0642-285.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD0644+025  |See also (OJ)
WD0644+375  |See also (OJ)(NB)(NL)
WD0646-253  |See also (MV)(RK)
WD0651-020  |See also (JV)(NL)(RK)
WD0652-563  |See also (OQ)(RL)
WD0657+320  |See also (OJ)
WD0659-063  |Listed in ref (NN) as WD0659-064 See also (OJ)
WD0704+618  |Coolest PG1159 star, no detected variability, Ref.(2T); type A, Ref.(66).
WD0708-670  |See also (PV)
WD0710+216  |See also (PP)
WD0710+741  |See also (QH)
WD0713+399  |A new DO star with ultra-highly excited ionization features, Ref.(31)
WD0713-468  |LONGMORE 3 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula, Ref.(7R)(KL).
WD0714+458  |Possible companion 0714+458   <A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 84B</A> see A4.1 in Ref.(LJ)
WD0715-703  |See also (JV)(MV)(NB)(RK)
WD0718-316  |DAO+dM2 pre-cataclysmic binary. Ref.(IT) See also (QM)(QH)(MV)(RK)
WD0721-276  |See also (MV)(RK)
WD0726+133  |ABELL 21 is a PG1159-like star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula Type E, Ref.(DG)(KL).
WD0726+392  |See also (PR)
WD0727+376  |See also (NC)
WD0727+482  |G107-70 consists of a close pair of DC stars, it is also a widely seperated CPM pair with a red subdwarf(G107-069) Ref.(AX)(NN) See also (OJ).
WD0727+600  |A new intermediate temperature DO star with ultra-highly excited species, Ref.(2T).
WD0728+642  |P. Bergeron reports his spectra does not show Zeeman splitting, Private Communication 3/11/2010 See also (OJ)
WD0729+397  |See also (NC)
WD0730+487  |See also (OQ)
WD0732+330  |See also (NC)
WD0732-427  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0732-427.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD0733+389  |See also (NC)
WD0733+468  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD0734-143  |See also (JV)
WD0736+053  |PROCYON B has mass =0.63 MSUN, Ref.(AV)(JV) See also (OJ)(SM).
WD0736+278  |See also (NC)
WD0736+391  |See also (NC)
WD0737-384  |Member of the open cluster NGC 2451, Ref.(4O). (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0737-384.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD0738+222  |See also (NC)
WD0738+283  |See also (RS)
WD0738+382  |See also (NC)
WD0738+418.1|See also (NC)
WD0738-172  |First detection of calcium two 1840A absorption in a white dwarf, Ref.(4L)(NN) LHS 234 M6.0V CPM companion(PC) See also (QA)(PO)(OJ).
WD0738-382  |Member of the open cluster NGC 2451, Ref.(4O).
WD0739+238  |See also (NC)
WD0739+412  |See also (NC)
WD0740+325  |See also (NC)
WD0740+348  |See also (NC)
WD0741+248  |See also (PR)
WD0741+356  |See also (NC)
WD0742+231  |See also (OK)
WD0742+238  |See also (NC)
WD0742+653  |A new intermediate temperature DO star, Ref.(2T).
WD0743+442  |See also (MY)
WD0743+474  |See also (NC)
WD0743-336  |VB3 common proper motion with HD63077 (G0 DWARF), shown to be low luminosity DC9 degenerate, not an M dwarf, Ref.(4T). (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0743-336.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>) See also (OJ)
WD0744+382  |See also (NC)
WD0744+384  |See also (NC)
WD0744+431  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0745+210  |See also (NC)
WD0745+247  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0745+258  |See also (NC)
WD0745+304  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0745+436  |See also (NC)
WD0746+384  |See also (NC)
WD0746+396  |See also (NC)
WD0746-375  |Member of the open cluster NGC 2451, Ref.(4O).
WD0747+073.1|LHS 239 and LHS 240 are double DC white dwarfs, Ref.(5M)(NN) See also (OJ).
WD0747+073.2|LHS 239 and LHS 240 are double DC white dwarfs, Ref.(5M)(NN) See also (OJ).
WD0747+247  |CPMB with WD 0747+247.1 Ref.(QL).
WD0747+247.1|CPMB with WD 0747+247 Ref.(QL).
WD0748+230  |See also (NC)
WD0748+436  |See also (NC)
WD0749+426  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD0750+267  |See also (NC)
WD0750+317  |See also (NC)
WD0750+379  |See also (NC)
WD0751+299  |See also (NC)
WD0751-252  |See also (OJ)
WD0751-595  |Foreground star not a cluster member, Ref.(8S).
WD0752+278  |See also (NC)
WD0752+398  |DA with very noisy spectrum; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0752+402  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD0752+424  |See also (NC)
WD0752+492  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD0752-146  |Slight variability in radial velocity indicates a possible binary. Emission line has a VR0= -146.8km/s. (EE) See also (QP)
WD0752-676  |See also (OL)(OJ)(RQ)
WD0753+313  |See also (NC)
WD0753+478  |See also (NC)
WD0753+535  |VV47 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula, Ref.(5O)(1M); type E, Ref.(66).
WD0754+326  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0754+402  |See also (OK)
WD0755+358  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0756+324  |See also (NC)
WD0756+350  |See also (NC)
WD0756+437  |A new magnetic degenerate with a 220 MG field, Ref.(8N).
WD0756+493  |See also (NC)
WD0756-607  |Foreground star not a cluster member, Ref.(8S).
WD0757+075  |See also (QJ)
WD0757+118  |See also (QJ)
WD0757+501  |See also (NC)
WD0757-603  |Member of the open cluster NGC 2516, Ref.(8S).
WD0757-606.1|Member of the open cluster NGC 2516, Ref.(8S).
WD0757-606.2|Member of the open cluster NGC 2516, Ref.(8S).
WD0758+224  |See also (NC)
WD0758-476  |See also (JV)
WD0800+233  |See also (NC)
WD0800+417  |See also (NC)
WD0801+186  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0801-608  |Foreground star not a cluster member, Ref.(8S).
WD0802+220  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0802+386  |See also (OR)
WD0803+340  |See also (NC)
WD0803+407  |See also (NC)
WD0804+075  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0804+397  |See also (MV)
WD0805+185  |See also (QJ)
WD0805+654  |See also (JV)
WD0806+312  |See also (RS)
WD0806+376.1|See also (PD)(MV)
WD0806-661  |L0097-003 shows strong UV CI absorption, Ref.(DD) See also (OJ).
WD0807+190  |Probably a moderate velocity red dwarf. private comm. J.Farihi 9/2008
WD0807+416  |See also (NC)
WD0807+463  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0807+484  |See also (PR)
WD0808+058  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0808+272  |See also (MT)
WD0809+034  |See also (NC)
WD0809+235  |See also (NC)
WD0810+234  |See also (PQ)
WD0810+329  |See also (NC)
WD0810+455  |See also (NC)
WD0810+489  |See also (OJ)
WD0810-728  |See also (PP)(RK)
WD0811+111  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0811+411  |See also (NC)
WD0811+414  |See also (NC)
WD0812+208  |See also (QJ)
WD0812+433  |See also (NC)
WD0812+436  |WD/MS binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)
WD0812+447  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0812+478  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 0812+478B
WD0813+265  |See also (NC)
WD0813+358  |See also (NC)
WD0814+001  |See also (QJ)
WD0814+043  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0814+058  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0814+271  |See also (NC)
WD0815+176  |See also (QJ)
WD0815+357  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT)(QS).
WD0816+356  |See also (NC)
WD0816+376  |GD90 magnetic, not polarized, Zeeman H lines, Ref.(05)(03).
WD0816+433  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0816-310.1|See also (OJ)
WD0817+062  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0817+255  |See also (NC)
WD0818+461  |See also (NC)
WD0819+280  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT)(SL).
WD0819+355  |See also (NC)
WD0819+461  |See also (NC)
WD0820+250.1|See also (PM)
WD0821+175  |See also (QJ)
WD0821+275  |See also (NC)
WD0821-252  |See also (RK)(OQ)(MV)
WD0821-669  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD0822+036  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD0822+342  |See also (NC)
WD0822+414  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0823+039  |See also (NC)
WD0823+062  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0823+316  |Central star of PN. Ref.(QM) See also (QP)
WD0823+336  |See also (NC)
WD0824+066  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0824+082  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0824+288  |Double lined spectroscopic binary, DA + dwarf carbon star, Ref.(2R). dC companion VR0 = -36.8(EE) Triple system: DA+dC+M3V (IH)(JV), see A5.4 Ref.(LJ) See also (QO)(QP)
WD0824+474  |See also (NC)
WD0825+072  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0825+297  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0826+271  |See also (NC)
WD0826+282  |DA binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0827+080  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD0827+291  |See also (NC)
WD0827+321  |See also (NC)
WD0827+368  |DA; binary nature questionable Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0827+410  |See also (RY)
WD0827+472  |See also (NC)
WD0828+081  |Reclassified as MS + bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD0828+412  |See also (NC)
WD0830+536  |See also (NC)
WD0830-535  |See also (PP)(NO)(RK)
WD0831+056  |See also (NC)
WD0831+072  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0831+140  |See also (QJ)
WD0832+436  |See also (NC)
WD0833+049  |Cataclysmic variable? Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0833+198  |See also (OS)
WD0834+087  |Reclassified as M star + star nearby; Ref.(QB)
WD0834+270  |See also (NC)
WD0834+500  |See also (JE)
WD0834+532  |See also (NC)
WD0835+194  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0836+197  |Praesepe member. See also (OS)
WD0836+199  |Praesepe member. See also (OS)
WD0836+201  |Praesepe member. See also (OS)
WD0836+237  |See also (NL)
WD0836+404  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA)
WD0837+189  |See also (OS)
WD0837+199  |Praesepe member. See also (OS)(MV)
WD0837+218  |See also (OS)
WD0837+271  |See also (NC)
WD0837+273  |See also (MV)
WD0837+280  |See also (NC)
WD0837+283  |See also (NC)
WD0837+330  |See also (MS)
WD0837+458  |See also (NC)
WD0838+035  |See also (JV)
WD0838+375  |CBS78 is the second known DB star showing accreted calicium, Ref.(AN).See also (RS)
WD0839+025  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0839+086  |See also (NC)
WD0839+179  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD0839+345  |See also (OK)
WD0839+372  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0839-327  |See also (PV)(PP)(PC)(OJ)(MV)(MM)(NB)(NL)(OL)(RQ)
WD0839-528  |Not a confirmed cluster member, Ref.(4O)(JV).
WD0840+047  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD0840+126  |See also (QJ)
WD0840+190  |See also (OS)
WD0840+200  |Possible PRAESEPE member, Ref.(BV)(JV). See also (OS)
WD0840+209  |See also (OS)
WD0840-136  |See also (OJ)
WD0841+055  |See also (NC)
WD0841+098  |See also (NC)
WD0841+218  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)
WD0842+375  |See also (NC)
WD0842+490  |See also (JV)
WD0843+058  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)
WD0843+186  |See also (OS)
WD0843+358  |See also (OJ)
WD0843+488  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)
WD0844+287  |See also (NC)
WD0844+453  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)
WD0845+011  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0845+440  |See also (NC)
WD0845-188  |CPMB WITH CD-18 2482 See also (PR)
WD0846+006  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0846+049  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD0846+052  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0846+081  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD0846+249  |See also (JE)
WD0846+346  |See also (QA)(MR)(OH)(RY)
WD0847+456  |See also (NC)
WD0848+007  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0848+037  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0848+062  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD0849+049  |Possible double-degenerate system. Ref.(SL)
WD0849+068  |See also (NC)
WD0849+276  |See also (QJ)
WD0849+319  |See also (QX)
WD0849+549  |See also (NC)
WD0850+472  |See also (NC)
WD0850-617  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0850-617.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD0853+049  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0853+057  |See also (NC)
WD0853+069  |See also (NC)
WD0853+163  |Misidentified as LB 8827 in much of the literature (IW)
WD0854+158  |See also (QJ)
WD0855+039  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0855+328  |See also (NC)
WD0855+373  |See also (NC)
WD0855+407  |See also (NC)
WD0855+416  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0855+583  |See also (NC)
WD0855+604.1|See also (PR)
WD0855+604.2|Possible CV? Ref.(AT). See also (PR)
WD0856+047  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0856+331  |EG182 common proper motion binary with HD77408 (F8 dwarf);  G47-18 is a strong carbon band, DQ star polarized, Ref.(75). Section A2.1 in Ref(LJ) reports different motions for the pair therefore not CPMB. See also (OJ)
WD0856+577  |See also (RS)
WD0857+001  |See also (OY)
WD0857+086  |See also (QJ)
WD0858+363  |GD99 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7M) See also (PB)(NL)
WD0858+441  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0859+337  |See also (OK)
WD0859+391  |Reclassified as carbon star; Ref.(QB)
WD0859-039  |See also (MV)
WD0900+426  |See also (NC)
WD0900+565  |See also (NC)
WD0901+016  |See also (OY)
WD0901+140  |Visual double degenerate <A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 0901+140B</A> see A5.8 in Ref.(LJ)
WD0901+530  |See also (OY)
WD0902+060  |See also (QJ)
WD0902+097  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0903+083  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD) See also (MV)
WD0903+166  |See also (JV)
WD0903-002  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0904+358  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0904+511  |See also (JV)
WD0905+062  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)(QN)
WD0905+372  |See also (NC)
WD0905+538  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0905-724  |See also (SM)
WD0906+006  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0906+076  |See also (NC)
WD0906+296  |See also (PR)
WD0908+033  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD0908+171  |See also (PP)
WD0908+226  |DA star, spectroscopic composite with dM(LP369-15B), Ref.(7Z). See also (QJ)
WD0908+422  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0910+014  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0910+584  |See also (MS)
WD0910+593  |See also (NC)
WD0911+059  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0911+651  |See also (PR)
WD0912+105  |See also (NC)
WD0912+318  |See also (NC)
WD0912+453  |See also (NC)
WD0912+536  |Polarization observed, Ref.(06) See also (PV)(PO)(OL)(MV)(NB)(NN)(OJ)(RQ)
WD0913+055  |Propose that spectrum originates from two unrelated stars on same line of sight. Ref.(MS)
WD0913+408  |See also (NC)
WD0913+442  |EG64 common proper motion binary with G115-64 (G5 dwarf),  Ref.(75). Section A2.1 in Ref(LJ) reports different motions for the pair therfore not CPMB See also (NZ)(PQ)
WD0913+444  |See also (NC)
WD0913-003  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0914+096  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD0914+610  |See also (NC)
WD0914-195  |See also (OQ)(JV)(RK)
WD0915+180  |See also (QJ)
WD0915+201  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). LB 3016B
WD0915+414  |See also (NC)
WD0915+551  |See also (NC)
WD0916+064  |See also (OK)
WD0916+090  |See also (NC)
WD0917+430  |See also (NC)
WD0917-000  |See also (NC)
WD0918+047  |See also (NC)
WD0918+111  |See also (NC)
WD0918+398  |See also (NC)
WD0918+593  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0919+003  |See also (OY)
WD0919+104  |See also (NC)
WD0920+015  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0920+306  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD0921+012  |See also (NC)
WD0921+016  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0921+020  |See also (NC)
WD0921+354  |G117-B15A is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7M) See also (PB)(8W)(JE)(NL)(PQ)
WD0922+006  |See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)
WD0922+014  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0922+065  |See also (NC)
WD0922+162  |Double degenerate ref.(JE) See also (PP)
WD0922-000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0923+219  |See also (QJ)
WD0924+337  |See also (NC)
WD0925+386  |See also (NC)
WD0925+498  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD0926+084  |Hot/cold Table 1 temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0928+379  |See also (NC)
WD0928+399  |See also (NC)
WD0928+399.1|See also (NC)
WD0928-713  |Additional updated chart by P.Bergeron 3/20/07 - Click T.R.Marsh Chart
WD0929+350  |See also (NC)
WD0929+380  |DA?; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD0930+096  |See also (NC)
WD0930+294  |See also (MY)
WD0930+815  |A DA white dwarf companion to the hybrid K3II giant HD81817A See also (SM)
WD0931+034  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0931+054  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0931+058  |See also (NC)
WD0931+105  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0931+444  |See also (NC)
WD0931+507  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0932+230  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0933+025  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 0933+025B
WD0933+345  |See also (NC)
WD0933+423  |See also (NC)
WD0933+526  |Spectrum shows Mg I, Ref.(JJ)
WD0933+729  |Possible companion <A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 0933+729B</A> see A4.3 in Ref.(LJ)
WD0934+020  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0934+067  |See also (NC)
WD0934-587  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD0934-587.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD0935+577  |See also (NC)
WD0935-371.1|Strong UV CI lines, Ref.(CK) See also (PR).
WD0935-371.2|Very close white dwarf pair; UBV photometry, Ref.(61) See also (PR).
WD0936+054  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0936+331  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0936+378  |See also (NC)
WD0936+382  |See also (NC)
WD0936+560  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0936+563  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0936+595  |See also (NC)
WD0937+049  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0937+505  |See also (JV)(MZ)(NO)(OK)(RK)
WD0937+513  |See also (NC)
WD0937+527  |See also (NC)
WD0938+002  |See also (NC)
WD0938+065.1|See also (QJ)
WD0938+550.1|See also (PM)
WD0938+577  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0939+071  |Spectra doesn't look like a single WD, P.Bergeron and J.Holberg, private comm 3/2008. See also (PS)(OJ)
WD0939+262  |See also (QP)(NL)
WD0940+114  |Hot/cold Table 1 temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD0940+608  |Possible sdOB/WD binary system. Ref.(QX).
WD0940+619  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0941+432  |See also (OK)
WD0941+458  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0942+236.1|See also (PR)
WD0942+236.2|See also (PR)
WD0943+441  |See also (QP)(NL)
WD0944+115  |See also (NC)
WD0944+424  |See also (RY)
WD0944+452  |has a common proper motion WD companion 20" away Ref.(KR)(OM)
WD0945+021  |See also (OY)
WD0945+127  |See also (NC)
WD0945+245  |LB11146 is a magnetic DX degenerate in a double degenerate binary with a non-magnetic DA companion, Ref.(5I) See also (QP)(JE)(MV).
WD0945+372  |See also (NC)
WD0945+578  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0946+002  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0946+020  |See also (NC)
WD0946+036  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0946+488  |See also (NC)
WD0946+534  |See also (OJ)
WD0947+016  |See also (NC)
WD0947+452.1|CPMB with WD 0947+452 Ref.(QL).
WD0947+857  |See also (NL)(RK)
WD0948+031  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0948+043  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD0949+256  |Double degenerate ref.(JE)
WD0949+451  |Resolved triple (WD+dM4.5+dM4.5) system. Ref.(MQ) See also (QP)
WD0949+484  |See also (NC)
WD0949+495  |See also (OK)
WD0950+021  |See also (OY)(MT)
WD0950+023  |See also (OK)
WD0950+139  |DA star with Teff > 1E+5K, Planetary Nebula nucleus, Ref.(5P).
WD0950-200  |Double degenerate close binary, Ref.(45).
WD0951+132  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0951+442  |See also (OY)
WD0952+094  |Reclassified as carbon star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)(MV)
WD0952+182  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD0953+594  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD0953+621  |See also (NC)
WD0954+007  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD0954+013  |See also (OY)
WD0954+023  |See also (NC)
WD0954+239  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD0954+247  |This star is listed in ref.(EE) as being a white dwarf.
WD0954+342  |SW LMI is a non-radial pulsator, Ref.(44).
WD0954+697  |See also (JV)
WD0954-710  |See also (NL)
WD0955+017  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)
WD0955+247  |See also (PP)(OJ)
WD0955+412  |See also (NC)
WD0956+045  |Visual double see A5.20 in Ref.(LJ) See also (PS)(PP)
WD0957+022  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD0957+028.1|See also (NC)
WD0957+089  |See also (NC)
WD0957+112  |See also (NC)
WD0957-666  |Possible double degenerate binary, Ref.(BY) See also (MV).
WD0958+024  |See also (NC)
WD0958+102  |See also (NC)
WD0959+038  |See also (NC)
WD0959+441  |See also (NC)
WD1000+044  |See also (NC)
WD1000+220  |Probably Late A or early F star Ref.(PS)
WD1000-001  |See also (PP)(OK)
WD1001+058  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1001+203  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). Ton1150B See also (QP)
WD1001+473  |See also (NC)
WD1002+525  |See also (NC)
WD1003+009  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1003+230  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD1003+612  |See also (NC)
WD1003-441  |LONGMORE 4 is a PG1159 star with 9-11 detected periods and an associated planetary nebula mass ejection, Ref.(DJ); type lgEp, Ref.(66) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD1004+124  |See also (NC)
WD1004+128  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1004+409  |See also (NC)
WD1005+002  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1005+465  |See also (NC)
WD1006+029  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1006+431  |Superposition of three stars; Ref.(QB)
WD1007-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1008+053  |See also (OY)
WD1008-179  |NOTE: Should be classified as an extremely hot, Teff > 100,000K, from ref(LX).
WD1009+034  |See also (NC)
WD1009-184  |Wide CPMB with the K7V star LHS 2231. Ref.(OJ) See also (RZ)
WD1010+043  |See also (OK)
WD1010+049  |See also (NC)
WD1010+049.1|See also (NC)
WD1010+064  |See also (JV)(NL)(OK)
WD1011+459  |See also (NC)
WD1011+470  |See also (OY)
WD1011+601  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)
WD1012+093  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1013+033  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1013+044  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1013+494  |See also (NC)
WD1013-010  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD1013-050  |DAO white dwarf in a pre-CV, RE1016+053, REF.(BC), Quadruple system DAO + 3 dM stars, Ref(LJ) See also (QH)(MV)(RK)
WD1014+083  |See also (NC)
WD1014-009  |See also (QJ)
WD1015+014  |Polarized magnetic white dwarf, Ref. (04) See also (PD)(MV)
WD1015+076  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1015+076B</A> see A5.21 in Ref.(LJ)
WD1015+161  |See also (QV)(QD)(QA)(PP)(OR)(MR)
WD1015+468  |See also (NC)
WD1015-173  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). EC 10150-1722B
WD1015-216  |See also (PP)
WD1016+406  |See also (NC)
WD1016+535  |See also (NC)
WD1016-044  |See also (QV)
WD1017+125  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1017+125B</A> Ref.(LJ)
WD1017+366  |GD116 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(9L).
WD1017-138  |See also (PP)
WD1018+515  |See also (NC)
WD1019+462  |Binary (WD+M0) system. Ref.(MK) See also (PR)
WD1019+583  |See also (NC)
WD1019+637  |See also (OJ)
WD1020+047  |See also (NC)
WD1020+442  |See also (NC)
WD1020+541  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD1022+009  |See also (NN)
WD1022+050  |Double-degenerate candidate Ref.(KP). See also (QX)
WD1022+108  |See also (NC)
WD1022-301  |See also (RK)(OQ)
WD1023+009  |See also (PP)(OK)
WD1023+305  |See also (QJ)
WD1024-002  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1026+002  |Radial Velocities 36.5/48.0 km/sec Ref.(JP) Section A3.2 in Ref.(LJ) indicates the companion is a high velocity background star, not a CPMB See also (QX)(QX)(QP)(MY)(NL)
WD1026+023  |PCEB. Ref.(QH)(SM).
WD1026+117  |LHS2273 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(28) See also (MV)
WD1026+453  |See also (NL)(OK)(RK)
WD1027+398  |See also (NC)
WD1027+469  |See also (NC)
WD1029+537  |See also (QM)(JV)
WD1030+598  |See also (NC)
WD1031+063  |See also (PP)
WD1031+234  |A new magnetic degenerate with a field strength exceeding 500 megagauss, Ref.(9Y)(JE)N.
WD1031-114  |See also (PP)(NB)(NL)(RK)
WD1032+027  |See also (NC)
WD1032+109  |See also (NC)
WD1032+216  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)
WD1032+393  |See also (NC)
WD1032+400  |Reclassified as carbon star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1033+464  |Composite spectrum with dM(GD 123B), Ref.(9V), also see Section A5.14 in Ref.(LJ) See also (QP)(NL)
WD1033+656  |See also (MV)
WD1033+714  |See also (OJ)
WD1034+001  |Hot DO degenerate with C,N,O,Si absorption in the far UV, Ref.(AL) See also (RN)
WD1034+074  |See also (RS)
WD1034+077  |LHS2288 MV > 15.0, Ref.(51).
WD1034+492  |See also (OK)
WD1034+661  |See also (NC)
WD1036+021  |Peculiar secondary star. Ref.(QB)
WD1036+085  |See also (OK)
WD1036-204  |LP790-29 is a polarized,carbon band,magnetic degenerate, Ref.(5G) See also (PS)(OJ).
WD1037+256  |See also (QJ)
WD1037+512  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1037+512B
WD1037+521  |See also (NC)
WD1038+088  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1038+096  |See also (NC)
WD1038+518  |See also (NC)
WD1038+633  |See also (OK)
WD1039+447  |See also (NC)
WD1040+054  |See also (NC)
WD1040+406  |See also (NC)
WD1040+421  |See also (OY)
WD1040+451  |See also (JV)(OK)
WD1040+492  |See also (QM)
WD1041+063  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1041+091  |See also (QD)(OR)
WD1041+580  |See also (QP)(NL)(NO)
WD1042+322  |See also (PE)
WD1042-000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1042-690  |PCEB DAQZ + dM5 Ref.(RV).See also (QH)(PP)(MV)
WD1043+600  |See also (NC)
WD1043+610  |See also (NC)
WD1043-034  |CPMB system with the F9 V star G163-B9A. Ref.(OF)
WD1043-188  |See also (OJ)(NN)(PR)
WD1045+056  |PCEB Ref.(QH).See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1045+629  |See also (NC)
WD1045-091  |HE1045-0908:a new magnetic DA white dwarf with a distinctive Zeeman line splitting pattern, Ref.(8R).
WD1046+398  |See also (NC)
WD1047-046  |See also (QX)
WD1048+668  |See also (NC)
WD1049+103  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1049+103B
WD1049+266  |See also (QJ)
WD1050+522  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).See also (QS)(SL)
WD1050+541  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1050+598  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1051+516  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). SBS 1051+516B See also (QP)
WD1051+533.1|CPMB with WD1051+533.2
WD1051+533.2|CPMB with WD1051+533.1
WD1052+273  |See also (QP)(MY)(NL)
WD1053+001  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1053+017  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD1053+049  |See also (NC)
WD1053+511  |See also (NC)
WD1053+656  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1053-092  |See also (PP)
WD1053-290  |See also (PP)
WD1053-550  |Additional updated chart by P.Bergeron 3/20/07 - Click T.R.Marsh Chart See also (MV)
WD1054+501  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD1055-072  |DA6 observed to be featureless? Ref.(9V)(NB)(NN) See also (PV)(PO)(OL)(OJ)(RQ).
WD1056+012  |See also (NC)
WD1056+516  |DA1 may be a double degenerate, Ref.(81)(JV) See also (OK)(RK)
WD1056+559  |See also (OY)
WD1056-384  |See also (PP)(RK)
WD1057+719  |See also (QP)(NL)(RK)
WD1058+078  |See also (NC)
WD1058+140  |See also (QJ)
WD1058-129  |See also (PP)
WD1059+126  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1059+559  |Relcassified as M star + bright star nearby; Ref.(QB)
WD1101+364  |double degenerate DA + DA double lined, Ref.(7F). See also (QX)
WD1102+095  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD1102+253  |Detached magnetic cataclysmic variable. Ref.(QB)
WD1102+748  |See also (MY)
WD1102-183  |See also (QA)(PP)(OH)
WD1103+015  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1103+078  |See also (NC)
WD1103-008  |See also (NC)
WD1104+602  |See also (QP)(NL)
WD1104+656  |See also (NC)
WD1105+053  |See also (NC)
WD1105+097  |See also (NC)
WD1105+412  |See also (PR)
WD1105-048  |See also (JE)(MZ)(NL)(PR)
WD1105-340  |CPMB with M4Ve companion Ref.(MD)
WD1106+121  |See also (NC)
WD1106+316  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). Ton 058B
WD1107+055  |Reclassified as MS+galaxy; Ref(.QB)See also (NC)
WD1107+310  |Wide-binary? Ref.(QB)
WD1107+602  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1107-257  |Common proper motion pair. See also (PR)
WD1108+207  |See also (NN)
WD1108+325  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). Ton 060B See also (QP)
WD1108+563  |See also (OK)
WD1109+244  |See also (JV)(NL)
WD1109-005  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1111+455  |See also (NC)
WD1112+096  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1112+432  |Reclassified as CV; Ref. QB)
WD1112+669  |See also (NC)
WD1113+542  |See also (NC)
WD1114+026  |See also (NC)
WD1114+113  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1115+017  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1115+101  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1115+135  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1115+158  |A new pulsating DB star, Ref.(DV).
WD1115+166  |An Unresolved DAB Double Degenerate Binary. (GW)(HE)(JE)N See also (QX)(QX)
WD1116+026  |ZZ Ceti (OD)See also (QV)(QD)(QA)(PP)(OR)(MR)(NL)
WD1116+301  |See also (QX)
WD1116-470  |See also (PV)
WD1119+042  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1120+008  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1120+102  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)
WD1120+439  |See also (MY)
WD1120+509  |Spectrum shows Mg I, Ref.(JJ)
WD1121+216  |Ross 627 is a DA white dwarf not DA, F or DF, Ref.(6A) See also (PV)(PO)(OL)(MM)(NB)(NN)(OJ)(RQ)
WD1121-008  |See also (NC)
WD1122+546  |See also (OK)
WD1123+014  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1123+040  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)
WD1123+056  |MS+MS superposition Ref.(QB)
WD1123+189  |Composite DA + DM binary, Ref.(9V) See also (QP)(MY)(NL)
WD1124+152  |See also (QJ)
WD1124+431  |See also (NC)
WD1124-018  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD1124-293  |See also (QV)(QA)(OH)
WD1125+131  |See also (NC)
WD1125-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1126+089  |See also (NC)
WD1126+185  |See section A1.3 in Ref. (LJ).
WD1126+499  |NOTE: 2000 coords are from ref(MH),Ref(LR) gives J112924.74+493931.9 but no star found at these coords using SDSS Finding Chart Tool. See also (PD)(MV)
WD1126+668  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1126-008  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1127+319  |See also (PE)
WD1129+071  |See also (PP)
WD1129+284  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)
WD1129-030  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1131+521  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1132+661  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1132-298  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1132-298.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1132-325  |Sirius-like system. Ref.(RZ) See also (OJ)
WD1133+358  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). G147-065B
WD1133+489  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG1133+489B See also (QP)
WD1134+044  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1134+300  |No 1400a absorption feature observed, Ref.(CL)(JV) See also (QP)(MY)(NB)(NL)(OJ)
WD1135+000  |See also (NC)
WD1135+579  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD) See also (MV)
WD1136+514  |See also (NC)
WD1136-015  |LBQS1136-0132 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(85) See also (PD)(MV)
WD1137+423  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA) See also (RY)
WD1137+582  |Reclassified as M star + bright star nearby; Ref.(QB)
WD1137+614  |See also (MV)
WD1138+046  |See also (NC)
WD1138-026  |See also (NC)
WD1140+004  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC) PCEB. Ref.(QH). See also (QP)(QJ)(PS)(NC)
WD1141+462  |See also (NC)
WD1141+504  |See also (NC)
WD1142+385  |Cataclysmic variable? Ref.(QB)
WD1142-645  |L0145-141 shows strong UV absorption features, Ref.(DC) Member of binary or multiple star system. Ref.(OJ) See also (PC)(OE).
WD1143+321  |See also (QP)(NL)(1P)(AP)
WD1144+004  |PG1159 degenerate, Ref.(DI); type EP, Ref.(66)(JV) See also (RN)
WD1144+016  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD1144+299  |See also (PE)
WD1144-246  |See also (PP)
WD1145+041  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1145+187  |See also (QP)(PP)
WD1145+487  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1146+443  |See also (NC)
WD1146-015  |See also (NC)
WD1147+255  |Common proper motion binary Ref.(JP) See also (PP)(PQ)(PR)
WD1147-010  |See also (NC)
WD1148+544  |LP129-587 is a CPMB with LP129-586 Ref.(JL) See also (OK)
WD1148-230  |= EC11481-2303 See also (NF)
WD1149+001  |Irradiated secondary star. Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1149+057  |ZZ Ceti (OC) See also (PP)
WD1149+280  |See also (PE)
WD1150+006  |See also (NC)
WD1150-153  |Short period ZZ Ceti (OC) See also (QD)(QA)(OR)
WD1151+015  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1151+548  |See also (NC)
WD1151-029  |PG1159 degenerate, Ref.(DN); type LGE, Ref.(66).
WD1152-000  |See also (RS)
WD1154+061  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1154+456  |DB; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD1155+492  |See also (QX)
WD1156+117  |See also (NC)
WD1156+129  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). WD 1156+129B
WD1156+132  |See also (PS)
WD1156+619  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1158-362  |See also (RK)
WD1159+619  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1159+803  |G255-002 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(BN). See also (PB)
WD1159-034  |Proto-type of a new class of pulsating, hot, helium-rich DO degenerates (PG1159), Ref.(7K); type E, Ref.(66)(JV) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO) See also (RN)
WD1200+548  |See also (OK)
WD1201+035  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1201-001  |See also (PP)(MZ)
WD1201-023  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1202+034  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1202+608  |Peculiar DAO white dwarf in a pre-CV; binary? Ref.(29), close double degenerate Ref.(3L)(JE)N. See also (QX)
WD1202-232  |See also (QV)(PP)(OJ)(OL)(RQ)
WD1203+085  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1203+097  |See also (NC)
WD1203+432  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1204+444  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1204+450  |Triple system <A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1204+450C</A> see A5.5 in Ref.(LJ)
WD1204-026  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1204-136  |See also (QA)(OH)
WD1206+654  |See also (NC)
WD1207-005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1207-157  |See also (PP)
WD1208+039  |See also (NC)
WD1208+422  |See also (NC)
WD1208+576  |See also (OJ)(OH)
WD1208-025  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1209+018  |Magnetic DA+L brown dwarf; Ref.(QB)See also (PD)(NC)(MV)
WD1210+140  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP) See also (QP)
WD1210+464  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1210+464B See also (QP)
WD1210+533  |Peculiar DAO white dwarf, Ref.(3M)(JE),Spectroscopic Variable,Ref(QM).
WD1210-011  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) PCEB(SD) See also (NC)(QH)(QN)
WD1210-060  |CMPB with the K3V star HIP 59519. Ref.(SH)
WD1211+332  |See also (QP)
WD1211+392  |See also (PR)
WD1211-025  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1211-169  |HS1211-170 is a new magnetic degenerate, Ref.(4C).
WD1212+369  |See also (QH)
WD1212+589  |See also (NC)
WD1212-022  |Heavily blanketed, cool(~6000K) magnetic(Zeeman split NaI and MgI) DZ. (EM)
WD1213+096  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1213+437  |See also (NC)
WD1213+528  |DA and dwarf M spectroscopic binary post-common envelope, Ref.(5A); DA degenerate with T=13,000K; log g=8; 1400A absorption, Ref.(AQ)(JV). See also (QX)(SM)
WD1213+532  |DA; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD1214+032  |Companion = LP554-064 with Vmag=13.28 See also (PR)
WD1214+267  |See also (JE)
WD1214-001  |See also (PD)
WD1215+009  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1215+024  |See also (OK)
WD1215+323  |See also (PR)
WD1216+036  |See also (PP)
WD1217+475  |DC; binary nature questionable. Ref.(QB)
WD1217+635  |See also (NC)
WD1218+496  |See also (NC)
WD1218+497  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1218+497B See also (QP)
WD1219+005  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1219+098  |See also (NC)
WD1219-024  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1220+234  |PG1220+234 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(31) See also (MV)
WD1220+441  |See also (OY)
WD1220+484  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1220-003  |See also (OY)
WD1221+422  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1221-006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1223-659  |See also (OJ)(MM)(OL)(RQ) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1223-659.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1224+309  |PCEP(QH) See also (QJ)
WD1225+006  |See also (QV)(QA)
WD1225+589  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD1225+637  |Spectrum shows Mg I, Ref.(JJ)
WD1225-015  |See also (NC)
WD1225-079  |See also (PS)(OR)
WD1226+109  |See also (QD)(QA)(OR)
WD1227+292  |See also (PR)
WD1228+541  |See also (NC)
WD1229+290  |See also (JV)
WD1229+558  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1229-028  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1230+163  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD1230+596  |See also (NC)
WD1230+605  |See also (NC)
WD1231+130  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (PD)(NC)(MV)
WD1231+447  |See also (NC)
WD1231-021  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD1232+065  |See also (QJ)
WD1234+481  |Hot DA and a very low-mass detached companion. Ref.(RO).See also (QP)(JV)(NB)(NL)(SM)
WD1235+012  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1235+294  |Coordinates in ref (BV) are incorrect, Private Communication 4/24/2011 P.Bergeron
WD1235+620  |See also (NC)
WD1236+012  |See also (NC)
WD1236+457  |Listed in ref (NN) as WD1239+454
WD1236+661  |See also (NC)
WD1236-004  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). WD 1236-004B See also (QP)
WD1236-495  |BPM 37093 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(44) See also (PP)(PB)(MY)(NB)(NL)(OJ)
WD1237+487  |See also (NC)
WD1237-028  |See also (MY)
WD1238+439  |See also (NC)
WD1238+618  |See also (NC)
WD1239+143  |See also (QJ)
WD1239+277  |See also (RY)
WD1240+453  |See also (NC)
WD1240+644  |See also (NC)
WD1241+151  |See also (QJ)
WD1241+235  |See also (PP)
WD1241+483  |See also (OK)
WD1241-010  |New double degenerate close binary, Ref.(7G), Triple system, see section A5.6 in Ref.(LJ). See also (QX)(PP)(RO)
WD1242+105  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD1242-105  |See also (OJ)
WD1244+149  |See also (PQ)
WD1244+498  |See also (RS)
WD1244-125  |See also (PP)
WD1245+413  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)See also (MV)
WD1246+441  |See also (NC)
WD1246-022  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1247+042  |See also (PE)
WD1247+381  |See also (QJ)
WD1247+550  |Possibly the coolest known degenerate star, Ref.(5S)See Also(5N)(MQ)(NN)(OK).
WD1247-176  |Name for MS companion EC 12477-1738B, PCEB(QH)
WD1248+009  |See also (NC)
WD1248+161  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1248-610  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1248-610.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1249+016  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1249+044  |ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD1249+160  |See also (OK)
WD1249+182  |See also (PP)
WD1249+450  |See also (NC)
WD1250-018  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1250-226  |The central star of the Planetary Nebula A3, is a binary consisting of a white dwarf and a cool G8 IV star.(HD)
WD1251+561  |Reclassified as M star + nearby bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD1251+584  |See also (NC)
WD1252+031  |See also (NC)
WD1252+559  |MS+MS superposition; Ref. QB)See also (NC)
WD1252+564  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1253+024  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1253+261  |Central Star of PN LoTr 5, Ref.(JV) See also (SM)
WD1253+378  |HZ 34 is classified DAO in Ref.(DN)(JE)N.
WD1253+385  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD1254+003  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1254+019  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1254+223  |See also (PP)(PM)(JV)(NL)(RK)(SM)
WD1254+345  |HS1254+3430 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(63).
WD1254+428  |See also (NC)
WD1255+431  |See also (RS)
WD1255+481  |See also (NC)
WD1255+552  |See also (NC)
WD1255-019  |See also (OY)
WD1257+037  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD1257+047  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 267B</A> Ref.(LJ) See also (PP)
WD1257+278  |See also (QA)(MY)(RT)(RY)
WD1257-723  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1257-723.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1258+013  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KA) NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog. See also (OK)
WD1258+593  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 322B</A> Ref.(LJ)
WD1259+053  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1300+062  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD1300+263  |See also (NN)
WD1300-005  |See also (OK)
WD1302+412  |See also (OY)
WD1302+597  |GD323 is classified DAB (peculiar).  First known stratified H/HE atmosphere?  Ref.(5W)(4K). See also (QM)
WD1304+227  |Common proper motion pair. See also (NZ)(PR)
WD1305+125  |See also (NC)
WD1305+627  |See also (OY)
WD1305-017  |See also (OK)
WD1307+354  |GD 154 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(8Y) See also (PB)(PA)(NL)
WD1307-017  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1307-141  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). EC 13077-1411B
WD1308+537  |See also (NC)
WD1309+853  |A new magnetic degenerate with a 4.9 Mg field (8N) See also (MV)(OJ)
WD1310+583  |See also (OJ)
WD1310+597  |See also (NC)
WD1310-230  |An interacting double-degenerate binary star with a period of 65.1 min. (FL) See also (SM)
WD1310-472  |A new, very low luminosity, degenerate star, one of the intrinsically faintest white dwarfs known, Ref.(9E) See also (OJ).
WD1311+028  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1312+098  |PG1312+098 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(9Z).
WD1312+156  |See also (NC)
WD1314+003  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD1314+293  |HZ43 soft X-ray EUV source, Ref.(7C) See also (QP)(QM)(JV)(NL)(OK)(PR)(RK)(SM)
WD1314-153  |The star indicated in both the Marsh and Arizona finding charts is at 13 16 47.5 -15 36 05 This is not consistent with the coords above which are for LP737-047, LHS2712 and NLTT33503. Also the coordinates on the Marsh chart are not consiste
WD1315-110  |See also (QV)(QA)
WD1315-781  |See also (OJ)
WD1317+018  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1317+117  |See also (NC)
WD1317+135  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1317+453  |Newly identified double degenerate close binary, Ref.(7G)(JV). See also (QX)
WD1318+042  |See also (NC)
WD1318+664  |See also (NC)
WD1319+019  |See also (QJ)
WD1320+645  |See also (OK)
WD1320-026  |See also (NC)
WD1321+083  |See also (QJ)
WD1321+305  |See also (PE)
WD1321+545.1|See also (NC)
WD1322+130  |See also (NC)
WD1323+656  |See also (RS)
WD1323-514  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1323-514.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1324+004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1324+458  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QX)(QH)
WD1324+458.1|See also (PH)
WD1325+581  |See also (JV)
WD1326+120  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1326+127  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD1326+132  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1327+594  |See also (MV)
WD1327-083  |1400a absorption feature, Ref.(CL). See also (KP)(NB)(NL)(OJ)
WD1328+017  |See also (NC)
WD1328+089  |See also (QJ)
WD1328+307  |G165-007 has more identifiable line features than any other known degenerate, Ref.(DA)(QA).
WD1328+461  |See also (NC)
WD1328+648  |Spectrum shows Na I, Ref.(JJ)
WD1329+666  |See also (NC)
WD1330+015  |G62-46 is an unresolved double degenerate with a magnetic DA and a DC white dwarf, Ref.(24) See also (PS)(MV)
WD1330+643  |See also (OY)
WD1331+111  |See also (NC)
WD1332+643  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1333+005  |MS companion=LP618-014B Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN) See also (QP)
WD1333+130  |See also (QJ)
WD1333+152  |See also (QJ)
WD1333+487  |Spectroscopic composite DB + DM, Ref.(1V),Triple-star system: DB3.2+dM4+dM6.5 Ref.(QO). See also (QP)
WD1333+510  |See also (JV)
WD1333-012  |See also (NC)
WD1334+013  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1334+039  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD1334+070  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD1334-001  |See also (OW)
WD1334-001.1|See also (NC)
WD1334-160  |See also (PP)(MY)(PQ)(PR)
WD1334-326  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) MS companion=EC 13349-3237B
WD1334-678  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1334-678.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1335+001  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD1335-001  |See also (PY)
WD1336+123  |Common proper motion pair. See also (PR)
WD1336+422  |See also (NC)
WD1337+021  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1337+598  |See also (NC)
WD1337+705  |See also (QA)(NL)(OK)
WD1339+050  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1339+346  |See also (PS)
WD1339+606  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). SBS 1339+606B See also (QP)
WD1339+616  |See also (NC)
WD1339+659  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1339-340  |VR = 212 km/sec corrected for gravitational redshift ref.(MI)
WD1341+036  |See also (PM)
WD1341+056  |See also (QJ)
WD1342+414  |See also (NC)
WD1342+443  |Single WD model atmosphere does not fit balmer lines, Ref.(81) See also (OK).
WD1342+672  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD1343-006  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1344+090  |See also (QJ)
WD1344+106  |See also (QA)(OJ)(NN)(OH)
WD1344+572  |See also (QP)
WD1345+238  |Common proper motion binary Ref.(JP) See also (PF)(OJ)(NN)(PR)
WD1345+417  |See also (NC)
WD1346+188  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN) See also (QH)
WD1347+029  |See also (RS)
WD1347+477  |See also (NC)
WD1347-129  |Eclipsing binary (EH) See also (PP)(SM)
WD1348+400  |DA; binary nature questionable. (Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1348+442  |See also (OK)
WD1348-273  |See also (PR)
WD1349+144  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)See also (JE)
WD1349+545  |SBS1349+5434 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(5T). See also (PD)
WD1349+552  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA)(OC) See also (PB)(OK)
WD1349-230  |See also (OR)
WD1350+457  |See also (NC)
WD1350+656  |ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(87)(JE)N. See also (PB)(NQ)(OK)
WD1350-090  |WD1350-090 is a magnetic degenerate, Ref.(9W) See also (OJ).
WD1351+489  |A new pulsating DB star, Ref.(DV).
WD1352+004  |See also (OR)
WD1352+013  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1352+421  |Irradiated secondary star. Ref.(QB)
WD1352-022  |See also (NC)
WD1353+409  |See also (RL)
WD1354+340  |CPMB WITH BD+34 2473 See also (NZ)(PQ)
WD1357+366  |See also (NC)
WD1359+256  |See also (QJ)
WD1400+005  |See also (OK)
WD1401+005  |Conflicting locations - Aladin image is centered on Marsh's ID while Arizona ID is the blue star directly to the right of center.
WD1401+051  |See also (MS)
WD1401+438  |See also (SM)
WD1401-014  |See also (NC)
WD1401-147  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA)
WD1402+545  |See also (NC)
WD1403+043  |See also (NC)
WD1403+451  |See also (NC)
WD1403-077  |See also (PP)(JV)
WD1404+008  |See also (NC)
WD1404+603  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1405+008  |See also (OY)
WD1406+050  |NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog,
WD1407+425  |See also (QA)(OK)
WD1407-023  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD1407-475  |Variability in radial velocity indicates a possible binary with a period of ~ 1 day. (EE) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1407-475.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1408+323  |See also (QP)(QC)
WD1408-018  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN) See also (NC)
WD1409+107  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD1409+233  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD1410+051  |See also (OY)
WD1410+168  |See also (PP)
WD1410+269  |See also (QJ)
WD1411+659  |See also (PE)(NC)
WD1412+612  |New magnetic degenerate, Ref.(63).
WD1412-013  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1412-049  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1412-049B
WD1413+015  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QH)(NL)(QN)
WD1413+241  |See also (RY)
WD1414+012  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1414+020  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1414+350  |See also (PE)
WD1414-088  |Component B of the double-lined DA+DA binary system HE 1414-0848. (HG)
WD1414-088.1|Component A of the double-lined DA+DA binary system HE 1414-0848. (HG)
WD1415+132  |See also (QJ)
WD1416+060  |binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1416+077  |See also (QJ)
WD1416+259  |Possible unresolved DA/DC spectroscopic binary. Ref.(PD)
WD1416+633  |Binary (WD+dM) system. Ref.(MK)
WD1416+644  |See also (PR)
WD1417+473  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1418-088  |Double degenerate system. Ref.(JP)
WD1419+252  |Has an Unresolved companion DA5.0 White Dwarf with (Vmag = 18.10 AbsMag = 12.14) Ref(QC)
WD1419+576  |Resolved triple (WD+dM2+dM2) system. Ref.(MQ) See also (QP)
WD1420+441  |Possible double-degenerate system. Ref.(QS).
WD1420+518  |See also (NC)
WD1421+243  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QN)
WD1421+527  |See also (RS)
WD1422+095  |CX BOO is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(44). See also (PP)(PB)(SF)
WD1422+497  |See also (NC)
WD1423+027  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1423+371  |See also (NC)
WD1424+534  |PG1159 DO degenerate, Ref.(DN); type A, Ref.(66).
WD1424+602  |See also (NC)
WD1425+375  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1425+540  |G200-39 common proper motion binary with G200-40 (K dwarf).  Prototype of the class of DBA stars, Ref.(5R).
WD1425-811  |L0019-002 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7I) See also (PP)(PB)(8Z)(NB)(NL)(OD)
WD1426-276  |See also (PP)
WD1427-024  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1428+114  |See also (QJ)
WD1428+373  |Double-degenerate system. Ref.(QX) See also (PS)(OK)
WD1428+582  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD1429-037  |ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD1429-121  |Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)
WD1430+041  |See also (RS)
WD1430+070  |See also (QJ)
WD1430+432  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1430+460  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1431+614  |See also (NC)
WD1432-164  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD1433+367  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1433+377  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)
WD1433+538  |See section A5.15 in Ref. (LJ)MS companion=GD 337B See also (QJ)(QH)(PE)(NC)
WD1434+289  |See also (PS)
WD1434+503  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT)(SL).
WD1435+370  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). CBS194B
WD1435+383  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1435+433  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1435+621  |See also (NC)
WD1436+424  |See also (NC)
WD1436+526  |See also (OK)
WD1436+578  |See also (NC)
WD1436-216  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). EC 14363-2137B
WD1437+102  |Possible double-degenerate system. Ref.(QS).
WD1437+368  |See also (NC)
WD1437+417  |See also (QJ)
WD1437-008  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1440+003  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1440+017  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1440+753  |See also (OQ)(MV)(NO)(RK)
WD1441-007  |See also (OK)
WD1443+336  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1443+336B See also (QP)
WD1443+414  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1443+590  |See also (RS)
WD1444+102  |See also (QJ)
WD1444+592  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1444+636  |See also (QM)
WD1444+636  |See also (JV)
WD1444-174  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD1445+414  |See also (NC)
WD1446+050  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1446+575  |See also (MS)(NR)
WD1447+356  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1447-190  |Reported as sdB in an earlier Ref. (EH).
WD1448+077  |See also (PP)
WD1448+419  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1449+003  |G066-036 common proper motion binary with G66-35 (G5 dwarf), Ref.(75). SectionA2.2 in Ref.(LJ) reports different motions for the pair therfore not CPMB. See also (PQ)
WD1449+168  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1449+168B</A> Ref.(LJ) See also (PP)
WD1449+522  |DA binary nature questionable.(faint star nearby); Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1449+559  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1450+011  |See also (QJ)(PE)(NC)
WD1451+006  |NOTE: Simbad currently shows coordinates for WD1451+006.1 not WD1451+006 See also (PP)(MZ)
WD1451+006.1|Mistakenly identified as WD1451+006 in Ref. (MH) See also (OK)
WD1451+411  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1452+435  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1452+553  |See also (OK)
WD1452-022  |See also (NC)
WD1454+163  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD1454+486  |See also (NC)
WD1454+595  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1454+614  |See also (NC)
WD1454-630.1|L151-81 a rare binary with DA and DB components, Ref.(8A).
WD1454-630.2|L151-81 a rare binary with DA and DB components, Ref.(8A).
WD1455+298  |Possible binary (OH) See also (QA)(PS)(OR)
WD1456+103  |CW BOO is a non-radial pulsator, Ref.(44).
WD1456+106  |See also (QJ)
WD1456+475  |See also (RS)
WD1456+515  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB) See also (NC)
WD1457+349  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1457+455  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB) See also (NC)
WD1457+462  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB) See also (NC)
WD1457-086  |See also (QV)(QD)(QA)(PP)
WD1458+045  |See also (NC)
WD1458+171  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1458+171B See also (QP)
WD1459+001  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) NOTE: Ref(LM) uses WD numbers based on 2000 coordinates which do not agree with WD numbers in this catalog.
WD1459+013  |See also (PJ)(NC)
WD1459+333  |See also (OK)
WD1459+347  |See also (MY)(OK)
WD1500+011  |See also (NC)
WD1500+447  |See also (NC)
WD1500-170  |See also (PP)
WD1501+664  |H1504 may be the hottest known star,H and He lines absent;high gravity OVI features; HEAO-1 A-2 and EXOSAT powerful soft X-ray source, Ref.(7X); type EP, Ref.(66)(JV)(KL).
WD1502+324  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1502+349  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). CBS223B
WD1502+586  |See also (NC)
WD1503+331  |DA + some red excess; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1503-070  |See also (MV)
WD1503-093  |See also (PP)
WD1504+006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1504+546  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). CBS301B See also (QP)
WD1504-011  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1504-770  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1504-770.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1505+483  |See also (NC)
WD1506+399  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1506-019  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1507+021  |See also (PP)
WD1507+434.1|See also (NC)
WD1507-105  |See also (PP)
WD1508+008  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1508+025  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1508+409  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1509+020  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1509+322  |See also (NB)
WD1509+425.1|See also (MV)
WD1510+566  |See also (OK)(PR)
WD1511+009  |See also (PP)(OK)
WD1511-048  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD1514+353  |See also (NC)
WD1514+411  |See also (PR)
WD1516+348  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1516+460  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1516+534  |See also (NC)
WD1516+612  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1517+502  |A rare dwarf carbon star plus white dwarf binary, Ref.(5I),(MQ)Reclassified as carbon star; Ref.(QB) See also (NC)
WD1517+740  |HS1517+7403 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability, Ref.(DI); type A, Ref.(66).
WD1518+328  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1518+381  |DB; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1519+323  |See also (NC)
WD1519+422  |See also (QJ)
WD1519+500  |See also (OK)
WD1519+611  |See also (NC)
WD1520+388  |See also (NC)
WD1520+525  |PG1520+535 is a PG1159 star with a detected planetary nebula but no detected variability, Ref.(DI) DO degenerate, Ref.(DN).
WD1521+310  |See also (JE)
WD1521+352  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1521-003  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1522+462  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1522+479  |See also (NC)
WD1522+508  |Name for MS companion CBS318B See also (QP)(QH)
WD1522+662  |See also (JV)
WD1524+005.1|See also (NC)
WD1524-749  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1524-749.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>) See also (PP)
WD1526+005  |PCEB Ref(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1526+013  |See also (OK)
WD1526+333  |See also (NC)
WD1526+348  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1528+087  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB)
WD1528+487  |See also (QM)
WD1529+141  |See also (OJ)
WD1529-772  |See also (MV)(RK)
WD1530+037  |See also (NC)
WD1530+315  |Reclassified as M star + nearby bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD1530-019  |NOTE: 2000 coords are from ref(MH),Ref(LU) gives J153332.9-020600.0 but no star found at these coords using SDSS Finding Chart Tool.
WD1531+746  |ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD1531-022  |See also (MY)
WD1532+033  |See also (NL)
WD1532+394  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1532+415  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1532+420  |See also (NC)
WD1533+423  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1533-057  |New magnetic degenerate, Ref.(5U)(JE)N.
WD1534+503  |Double degenerate system? Radial velocities -106/159? Ref.(JP) See also (OK)
WD1537+382  |See also (NC)
WD1537+532  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1537+651  |See also (JE)
WD1537-006  |DA; binary nature questionable.(Ref. QB)See also (NC)
WD1537-152  |See also (PP)
WD1538+333  |See also (OJ)
WD1539+035  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1539+039  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1539+333  |See also (NC)
WD1539+530  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1539+530B</A> see A5.11 in Ref.(LJ)
WD1541+061  |See also (NC)
WD1541+297  |DA; binary nature questionable.(Ref. QB)
WD1541+558  |See also (NC)
WD1541+650  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(JE)(OC)
WD1541-381  |See also (PP)(SM)
WD1542+182  |See also (QD)
WD1542+392  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD1542-275  |Common proper motion pair. See also (PR)
WD1543+332  |See also (NC)
WD1544+009  |CPMB system with the G0 star BD+01 3129. Ref.(OF)(PR)
WD1544+218  |See also (QJ)
WD1544-377  |L481-60 common proper motion binary with HR5965 (G6 dwarf) See also (PP)(OS)(MV)(NL)(OJ)(PR)
WD1545+303  |See also (NC)
WD1545+495  |See also (NC)
WD1546+316  |See also (NC)
WD1546+376  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1546+426  |See also (MS)
WD1547+015  |See also (PP)
WD1547+390  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1547+411  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH) See also (QJ)(NC)(QH)(QN)
WD1548+405  |See also (OK)
WD1548+539  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1549-000  |Correct Declination is +00 04 16 (1950). (DY)
WD1550+130  |WD/MS eclipsing binary system. Ref.(PH)(QH)
WD1550+183  |See also (PP)
WD1550+437  |See also (NC)
WD1551+051  |See also (NC)
WD1552+248  |See also (QJ)
WD1552+486  |See also (MS)
WD1553+414  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1554+322  |See also (OK)
WD1554+550  |See also (NC)
WD1555+366  |See also (NC)
WD1555+401  |See also (NC)
WD1555-089  |See also (PQ)
WD1556+026  |See also (NC)
WD1556+085  |See also (QJ)
WD1556+268  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD1558+378  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1558+616  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). HS 1558+6140B
WD1559+343  |See also (NC)
WD1559+365  |Irradiated secondary star; Cataclysmic variable? Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1559+366  |See also (NC)
WD1559+369  |R808 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7M) See also (PB)(NL) Polarized magnetic WD. Ref.(RG).
WD1559+534  |See also (OK)
WD1600+308  |See also (OK)
WD1600+472  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1601+581  |See also (QP)
WD1602+543  |See also (NC)
WD1603+432  |See also (QP)
WD1603+492  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1604+463  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1605+089  |See also (QJ)
WD1605+424  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1605+428  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1606+422  |Double degenerate system. Ref.(JP) See also (NB)
WD1608+002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1608+258  |See also (NC)
WD1609+011  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1609+044  |See also (PP)
WD1609+135  |See also (PP)(OJ)(MY)
WD1609+468  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1609+493  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1611+459  |See also (NC)
WD1611-084  |See also (QM)
WD1613+458  |See also (OW)
WD1614+136  |See also (RL)
WD1614+160  |See also (QV)
WD1615+390  |See also (NC)
WD1615-154  |See also (PP)(NB)(NL)(OK)
WD1616+010  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1616+430  |See also (NC)
WD1616+435  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1617+064  |Wide-binary? Ref.(QB)
WD1618-507.1|(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1618-507.1.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1619+123  |Companion to HD 147528 Ref.(LJ)
WD1619+414  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). KUV 16195+4125B
WD1619+525  |Tertiary companion may be dM2; physical association of the three stars uncertain. Ref.(QO). See also (QR)(QP)
WD1620-391  |CD-38 10980 25,000k DA degenerate with gravitational redshift, Ref.(CB)(JV), Companion to HD 147513.(LJ) See also (PP)(OS)(MV)(NL)(OK)(OJ)(PR)
WD1621+347  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1621+360  |See also (NC)
WD1621-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1621-010  |See also (NC)
WD1622+141  |Reclassified as M star + nearby bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD1622+323  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1622+323B See also (QP)
WD1622+369  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1622+406  |See also (NC)
WD1623+366  |Probable double-degenerate system. Ref.(QT).
WD1623-540  |See also (PR) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1623-540.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1624+235  |See also (QJ)
WD1625+125  |ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD1626+291  |See also (NC)
WD1626+368  |See also (PS)(OJ)(NB)
WD1627+129  |See also (QJ)
WD1626+495  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD1628+390  |See also (OK)
WD1628-873  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1628-873.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1631+781  |DA + DM detached binary RE1629+780, Ref.(AJ)(JV). Resolved triple (WD+dM3+dM3) system. Ref.(MQ) See also (QP)(QO)(QM)(NL)(RK)(SM)(SM)
WD1632+177  |See also (QA)(OJ)
WD1632+387  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD1633+313  |See also (NC)
WD1633+433  |Member of binary or multiple star system. Ref.(OJ) See also (OH)
WD1633+572  |CPM companion of CM Dra, Ref.(JV) See also (OJ)(PR)
WD1634-573  |Hot (55,000K) DO degenerate with photospheric carbon in UV; hottest white dwarf with Einstein redshift, Ref.(AH)(AS)(JV).
WD1635+252  |See also (NC)
WD1635+315  |See also (NC)
WD1635+478  |See also (NC)
WD1636+057  |See also (PP)
WD1636+351  |See also (QP)(JV)(NL)
WD1637+335  |See also (NB)
WD1639+153  |See also (MY)
WD1639+211  |See also (NC)
WD1639+537  |Only single magnetic degenerate with emission lines, Ref.(2H) See also (MV)
WD1640+113  |See also (PP)
WD1640+384  |See also (NC)
WD1641+114  |See also (PP)
WD1641+241  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1641+387  |See also (JV)
WD1643+143  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1643+143B See also (QP)
WD1643+425  |See also (NC)
WD1644+234  |See also (QJ)
WD1644+424  |PCEB (QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1645+251  |See also (NC)
WD1645+325  |The first known pulsating DB white dwarf, Ref.(DW) See also (QP)(NB)
WD1645+372  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1646+062  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 1646+062B
WD1646+282  |PCEB. Ref.(QH).
WD1646+361  |See also (NC)
WD1647+591  |G226-029 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7J); 1400A absorption, Ref.(3N) See also (PB)(PO)(MY)(NB)(NL)(OE)(OJ)
WD1648+342  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1648+371  |See also (RY)
WD1648+391  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1648+407  |See also (JV)(NO)
WD1649+300  |See also (NC)
WD1649+419  |See also (NC)
WD1650+355  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1653+188  |See also (NC)
WD1653+200  |See also (NC)
WD1653+256  |ZZ Ceti Candidate (Ref. JL)
WD1653+385  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD1654+160  |V824 HER is a non-radial pulsator, Ref.(44), see section A5.23 in Ref.(LJ).
WD1655+215  |See also (PP)(OJ)(NB)
WD1656-062  |See also (PR)
WD1657+321  |See also (OJ)
WD1657+343  |See also (RK)(OK)(JV)
WD1658+440  |Ultra-massive DA degenerate 1.31 MSUN, low B-field, X-ray source, Ref.(9U) See also (QP)(OQ)(8L)(5V)(JV)(MV)(RL)(RK)
WD1659+303  |<A HREF=''> Finding chart for PG 1659+303B</A> see A5.24 in Ref.(LJ)
WD1659+344  |See also (NC)
WD1659+359  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1659+442  |See also (JV)
WD1659-531  |BPM24601 common proper motion binary with HR6314 (F7 dwarf). Additional updated chart by P.Bergeron 3/20/07 - Click T.R.Marsh Chart. See also (NB)(PR)
WD1701+596  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD1702+322  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1703+199  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1703+212  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1703+261  |See also (PR)
WD1703+338  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD1703+388  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1704+217  |See also (NC)
WD1704+481.1|Sanduleak-Pesch binary pair of DA stars,12,500K, 9500K masses 0.08 and 0.43 solar masses,first known triple degenerate,average radial velocity=0.6km/sec, Ref.(9Q)(2E)(FH).
WD1704+481.2|Sanduleak-Pesch binary pair of DA stars,12,500K, 9500K masses 0.08 and 0.43 solar masses,first known triple degenerate,average radial velocity=0.6km/sec, Ref.(9Q)(2E)(FH).
WD1705+030  |See also (PV)(OJ)
WD1706+220  |See also (NC)
WD1706+332  |See also (PQ)
WD1707+295  |See also (NC)
WD1707+427  |PG1159 DO degenerate, Ref.(DN); type A, Ref.(66) variable WD Ref(KL) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD1708+437  |See also (QX)
WD1709+230  |See also (OR)
WD1709-575  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1709-575.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1710+559  |See also (NC)
WD1710+683  |Binary (DA7.2+K7/M0 dwarf) system.  Ref.(MK) See also (PQ)(PR)
WD1711+305  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD1711+657  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1711+668  |See also (QM)
WD1712+274  |See also (NC)
WD1712+298  |See also (NC)
WD1712+629  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1713+332  |Double degenerate close binary, Ref.(7G).
WD1713+393  |See also (MV)
WD1713+695  |See also (QP)
WD1714-547  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1714-547.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1715+547  |See also (NC)
WD1715+601  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1716+020  |Common proper motion binary. Ref.(JP) See also (PP)(NB)(PR)
WD1716+598  |See also (NC)
WD1717+610  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1717-345  |Possible red dwarf companion, Ref.(8P) See also (QO)
WD1719+560  |See also (QJ)
WD1719+562  |See also (PD)
WD1719+569  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1719+629  |See also (NC)
WD1720+283  |See also (NC)
WD1720+638  |See also (NC)
WD1722+541  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1723+553  |Post-common envelope binary; irradiated secondary star. Ref.(QB)
WD1723+563  |PCEB Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(QH)(NC)
WD1723+586  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB) See also (NQ)(NL)
WD1723+595  |See also (NC)
WD1724+626  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1724-359  |See also (RK)
WD1725+561  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1725+586  |See also (QM)(NO)(OK)(RK)
WD1726+545  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB)See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1726-578  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1726-578.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1727+589  |See also (NC)
WD1728+565  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD1728+621  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1729+371  |Contains circumstellar dust (NG) See also (QD)(QA)(OJ)(MR)
WD1730+625  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD1731+591  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD1732+608  |See also (NC)
WD1733-544  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1733-544.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1734+542  |See also (NC)
WD1734+742  |Cataclysmic Variable of the RS CVn-type. Ref.(SM)
WD1735-318  |An extremely hot DA white dwarf close to the open cluster NGC6405, Ref.(4P).
WD1736+052  |See also (PP)
WD1736+133  |White dwarf companion to HD160365, Ref.(36).
WD1736+540  |See also (NC)
WD1736+562  |See also (NC)
WD1738+669  |Hottest known DA star associated with nebula, Ref.(12).
WD1740+541  |See also (NC)
WD1740-706  |See also (QM)(RL)
WD1741+543  |See also (NC)
WD1743-521  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1743-521.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1748+708  |G240-072 is magnetic and polarized, Ref.(03) See also (MV)(NB)(NN)(OJ)
WD1750+098  |EG124 common proper motion binary with G140-b1a / BD+09 3501 (K2 dwarf) See also (PQ).
WD1751+106  |ABELL 43 is a hybrid, PG1159-like central star; type LGEH, Ref.(66) CSPN effective temperature 116,900K. (IO)N.
WD1756+143  |See also (OJ)
WD1756+827  |See also (OJ)(MM)(NB)(NN)(OL)
WD1800+685  |See also (QP)(NL)(RK)
WD1802+213  |See also (JV)
WD1803-482  |RS CVn variable. Ref.(SM)
WD1814+248  |A new magnetic degenerate, Ref.(8M).
WD1815+381  |Variable polarized magnetic WD. Ref.(RG).
WD1818+126  |See also (MV)
WD1819+580  |See also (QM)(RK)
WD1820+609  |See also (OJ)
WD1821+643  |PG1159 DO degenerate, type LGE, Ref.(66)(JV)(KL) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO) See also (RN)
WD1822+008  |SH2-68 is a PG1159-type planetary nucleus, type AH, Ref.(66) CSPN effective temperature 125,900K. (IO)N.
WD1822+410  |See also (QA)(OB)
WD1823+063  |NGC6633:LA15 = NGC6633:LAWDS15 Not DAZ, observed CaII probably interstellar, Private Communication Williams,K.A. 08/14/2009
WD1824+040  |Double-degenerate candidate Ref.(KP), Triple degenerate system DA3.4(a)+DC5.0(b)+DC10.6(c) see A5.1 in Ref.(LJ) <A HREF=''> Finding chart for G21-15C</A> See also (PP)
WD1824+062  |NGC6633:LA 8 = NGC6633:LAWDS 8 Not DAZ, observed CaII probably interstellar, Private Communication Williams,K.A. 08/14/2009
WD1824+063  |Calculated Mv=11.84 from model spectrum and radius and conclude star is too bright to be a member of NGC6633. (ED) nOTE: NGC6633:LA14 = NGC6633:LAWDS14
WD1824+063.1|NGC6633:LA27 = NGC6633:LAWDS27 Not DAZ, observed CaII probably interstellar, Private Communication Williams,K.A. 08/14/2009
WD1824+063.2|NGC6633:LA13 = NGC6633:LAWDS13
WD1824+064  |Possible double degenerate star, Ref.(MZ) Note NGC6633:LA 4 = NGC6633:LAWDS 4
WD1824+600  |ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD1825+063  |Possible double degenerate star, Ref.(MZ) Note NGC6633:LA 7 = NGC6633:LAWDS 7
WD1825+067  |NGC6633:LA16 = NGC6633:LAWDS16
WD1826+064  |NGC6633:LA12 = NGC6633:LAWDS12
WD1826-045  |See also (QV)(OH)
WD1827-106  |Temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP) See also (OD)
WD1829+547  |G227-035 is a magnetic white dwarf, Ref.(03) See also (OJ).
WD1830+721  |HS1830-721 is an intermediate temperature DO star with TEFF > 80,000K, Ref.(2T).
WD1831-002  |White dwarf companion of a binary pulsar, Ref.(9S).
WD1833+644  |Possible triple-star system: DA2.0 with dM3+dM6.5 companions. Ref.(QO). See also (QP)
WD1834-781  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1834-781.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>) See also (PP)
WD1837-619  |Strong UV lines of neutral carbon, Ref.(CI).
WD1840+042  |See also (MY)
WD1844-223  |See also (PP)(RK)
WD1844-654  |See also (JV)
WD1845+019  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)See also (NL)(RK)
WD1845+683  |White dwarf is likely, neither a suspected nor confirmed binary. Ref. (MQ) See also (PS)(NL)(NO)(RK)
WD1855+096  |White dwarf companion of a binary pulsar, Ref.(9S).
WD1855+338  |G207-009 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(8Z) See also (PB)(MY)(NL)
WD1856+534  |A possible triple system, Ref.(7Z).
WD1857+119  |See also (PP)
WD1858+393  |See also (QA)(MR)(OH)
WD1900+140  |Central star of SH2-28; type A, Ref.(66).
WD1900+705  |G260-015 is a magnetic white dwarf, Ref.(06)(03). See also (NB)(OJ)
WD1906-600  |See also (JV)
WD1909+304  |PG1159-like central star of NGC6765; type lgE, Ref.(66).
WD1910+047  |Photospheric X-ray emission detected by HEAO-B, TEFF= 22,500K, Ref.(7D)(7B)(JV).
WD1911+135  |See also (PP)(PQ)
WD1914+094  |See also (PP)
WD1917+386  |See also (OJ)
WD1917-077  |LDS678A shows strong CI lines in UV, weak HeI in optical, Ref.(CF)(AO), Binary DA+dm3.5, Ref.(LJ) See also (PV)(OJ)(PR).
WD1918+376  |See also (OS)
WD1919+145  |See also (OJ)(NB)(NL)
WD1919+37602|Possible non-cluster WD. Ref.(NX)
WD1919+37603|Possible non-cluster WD. Ref.(NX)
WD1919+37605|Possible non-cluster WD; possible DA+dM binary system. Ref.(NX)
WD1919+37608|See also (OS)
WD1919+37610|Possible DA+dM binary system. Ref.(NX)
WD1921-566  |See also (RK)
WD1929+011  |See also (QV)
WD1930+278  |See also (QX)
WD1932-136  |See also (PP)(PR)
WD1935+276  |G185-032 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(7J) See also (PB)(NL)(OD)(OJ)
WD1936+327  |See also (MZ)(NL)
WD1940+374  |See also (OE)
WD1942+499  |See also (NB)(NO)(RK)
WD1943+163  |See also (PP)
WD1944-421  |See also (JV)(SM)
WD1950+250  |GR394 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(86). See also (PB)
WD1950-432  |See also (PP)(NO)
WD1953-011  |See also (PP)(OJ)(MM)(NB)(NL)(OL)
WD1953-715  |(<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD1953-715.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD1957+225  |Central star of PN. Ref.(QM) See also (QP)
WD1958+015  |K1-18 is a PG1159-like central star of NGC6852, type lgE, Ref.(66).
WD1959+059  |See also (PP)
WD2002-110  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD2003+437  |GD387 probable unresolved DA+DC system, Ref.(23).
WD2003+542.1|See also (QX)
WD2004-605  |See also (QM)(PP)(RK)
WD2007-219  |See also (PP)
WD2007-303  |See also (QP)(PP)(OJ)(NB)
WD2009+622  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). GD 543B See also (QP)
WD2010+310  |GD229 is magnetic and polarized, Ref.(6)(03); UV spectrum discussed in Ref.(1Q).
WD2011+398  |PCEB DAQZ + dM3 binary. Ref.(RV)(10) See also(JV)(QO)(QM)(QH)(RK)
WD2014-575  |See also (JV)(NB)(NL)(NO)
WD2019+756  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD2020-425  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)See also (JV)(NO)(RK)
WD2027+068  |A new hot DO star with ultra highly excited ionization stages, Ref.(64).
WD2028+390  |See also (JV)
WD2029+183  |The finding charts point to different stars.
WD2031-277  |See also (JV)
WD2032+188  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP) See also (QX)
WD2032+248  |See also (PV)(OJ)(JV)(NB)(NL)(OE)(RX)
WD2038-013  |See also (NC)
WD2039-001  |See also (MS)
WD2039-003  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD2039-202  |See also (PP)(OJ)(NL)
WD2039-682  |See also (PP)(OJ)(MV)(MY)(NB)
WD2040-392  |See also (OJ)
WD2041-064  |See also (NC)
WD2043-053  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2043-073  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2043-635  |See also (NO)
WD2044+001  |See also (NC)
WD2044-043  |See also (PQ)(PR)
WD2045+006  |Low accretion rate polar. Ref.(QB)
WD2045-000  |See also (NC)
WD2045-012  |Reclassified as M star; Ref.(QB)
WD2046+396  |See also (NL)
WD2046-059  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2047+372  |See also (OJ)(NB)(NL)
WD2047-000  |Log g = 5; star is probably Main-sequence A-star. Ref.(QT).
WD2048+263  |Member of binary or multiple star system. Ref.(OJ)
WD2048+809  |See also (PQ)(PR)
WD2048-002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2048-250  |See also (OJ)
WD2049-004  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2050-056  |See also (RS)
WD2051+464  |See also (JV)
WD2051-208  |See also (PP)
WD2052+006  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD2053-011  |DB; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD2054+005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2054-050  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD2055+221  |See section A1.1 in Ref. (LJ).
WD2056+033  |See also (JV)
WD2056-062  |See also (QJ)
WD2056-070  |See also (NC)
WD2058+342.1|GD 392B is ultracool CPMB companion to GD 392 Ref.(JP)
WD2059+190  |See also (MY)
WD2059+316  |Strong UV CI lines, Ref.(CK).
WD2102+101  |See also (NC)
WD2103-061  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2104-070  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2105-820  |See also (QV)(QA)(PP)(OJ)(MV)(NB)(NL) (<A HREF="javascript:NewWindow('../WDCatalogFinders/BWD2105-820.gif')">P.Bergeron Finding Chart</A>)
WD2108+094  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2109+010  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2109+089  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD2109+100  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2110+102  |DB; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB)
WD2110-006  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD2111+498  |See also (JV)(NB)(NL)(RX)(RK)
WD2111-012  |PCEB Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2113+007  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD2114+239  |The DAO degenerate central star of ABELL 74, Ref.(66).
WD2115+008  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2115+118  |A new hot DAO star with ultra highly excited ionization stages, Ref.(64).
WD2115+339  |RXJ2117.1+3417 is a PG1159 star with 24 detected periods and an associated planetary nebula, Ref.(DF,BA); type lgE, Ref.(66)(JV) Non-radial g-mode pulstaor Ref.(KO)N.
WD2115-082  |See also (NC)
WD2115-560  |Contains circumstellar dust (NG) See also (QD)(QA)(PP)(OR)(OJ)(MV)(NB)
WD2116+736  |See also (QP)(NO)(RK)
WD2116-005  |Double-degenerate merger system. Ref.(QT).
WD2117+539  |1400A absorption feature, Ref.(CL) See also (PV)(NL)(OJ)
WD2118-011  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2118-061  |See also (NC)
WD2120+002  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2120+054  |See also (PP)
WD2122+361  |NGC7063:LA 3 = NGC7063:LAWDS 3
WD2122+362  |NGC7063:LA 4 = NGC7063:LAWDS 4
WD2122+362.1|NGC7063:LA 1 = NGC7063:LAWDS 1
WD2122+362.2|NGC7063:LA 2 = NGC7063:LAWDS 2
WD2122+363  |NGC7063:LA 6 = NGC7063:LAWDS 6
WD2122-013  |WD is in a binary system with orbital period = 6.9 hours. Ref.(RU).See also (NC)
WD2123-226  |White dwarf companion to the barium star ZETA Cap with MWD=0.96Msun TEFF= 23,200K, Ref.(35).
WD2124+191  |PCEB. Ref.(QH)(RK)
WD2124+550  |See also (MY)
WD2124-224  |See also (QM)(PP)(RK)
WD2126+734  |1400A absorption feature, Ref.(2I), (3N), Binary system - companion probable WD, see section A5.7 in Ref.(LJ) See also (NL)(OJ)
WD2126-069  |Reclassified as M star + nearby bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD2127+115  |PG1159 star. Ref.(QB)
WD2128+469  |Eclipsing Binary system classified as a Cataclysmic Variable. (JF)(PH). See also (QH)(SM)(SM)
WD2129+000  |See also (PR)
WD2129+003  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2129-002  |Reclassified as M star + nearby bright star; Ref.(QB)
WD2130-047  |See also (OB)
WD2131+066  |PG1159 DO degenerate, Ref.(DN); type A, Ref.(66) Binary system: PG1159+M2V (IJ)N(KL)N Non-radial g-mode Pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD2132+096  |See also (MR)
WD2134+125  |High gravity PG1159-like central star of NGC7094, type lgEH, Ref.(66) CSPN effective temperature 125,900K. (IO)N.
WD2134+218  |See also (PP)(NB)
WD2136+229  |See also (PP)
WD2136+828  |See also (NL)
WD2137+102  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2138-332  |See Also (NY)(OJ) See also (PV)
WD2139+115  |See also (PP)
WD2140+207  |Weak C2 reported, Ref.(5D) See also (PO)(OL)(NB)(JN)(OJ)(RQ)
WD2142+004  |See also (QJ)
WD2142-169  |See also (OR)
WD2143+108  |CPMB with WD 2143+108.1. Ref.(SK)
WD2143+108.1|CMPB with WD 2143+108.  Ref.(SK)
WD2144+128  |See also (NC)
WD2144-004  |See also (PY)
WD2144-079  |See also (QA)(PS)(OR)
WD2146+005  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2146+412  |Reclassified as a helium strong sub-dwarf B star.(EG) The coolest known DBA white dwarf; TEFF= 12,500K, Ref.(62).
WD2146-077  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2147+280  |G188-27 shows weak HeI; coolest DB? Ref.(CE).
WD2148-075  |DA; binary nature questionable.Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD2148-291  |Short period ZZ Ceti (OC)
WD2149+000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2149+002  |See also (MV)
WD2149+021  |See also (QP)(QA)(PP)(MR)(NB)(NL)
WD2149+126  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2150+021  |See also (PP)
WD2150-008  |Noisy spectrum; Ref.(QB)See also (NC)
WD2151+125  |Nearby bright star, binary nature questionable.; Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD2151-015  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). LTT 8747B See also (QP)(RO)
WD2151-307  |See also (RK)
WD2152-310  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2152-548  |See also (PP)(RK)(RK)
WD2153-419  |See also (PP)(JV)(RK)
WD2154+408  |WD2154+408 is a PCEB binary (P=0.26772 day) consisting of a hot white dwarf primary and a cool late MS companion. (HF)
WD2154-437  |See also (PR)
WD2154-512  |See also (OJ)(JV)(PR)
WD2155-009  |See also (NC)
WD2157-074  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2157-079  |See also (OW)
WD2159-414  |See also (PP)
WD2159-754  |See also (OJ)
WD2200+113  |See also (NC)
WD2200-000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2200-136  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD2201-005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2202-282  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2203+005  |See also (NC)
WD2204-005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2204-012  |See also (NC)
WD2205-015  |WD+MS Eclipsing Binary System. Ref.(QN).
WD2205-139  |See also (PP)
WD2206+121  |See also (NC)
WD2207+121  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD2207-004  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2207-303  |See also (NL)(RK)
WD2209-147  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP) See also (QX)(QX)
WD2211+372  |See also (PS)(MQ)
WD2211-316  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2211-392  |See also (OJ)
WD2211-495  |See also (MV)
WD2212+656  |The DA degenerate central star of IW2, Ref.(7U).
WD2213+007  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (NC)
WD2213+125  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2214+005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2215+368  |See also (OJ)
WD2215+388  |GD 401 is a DB degenerate with upper limit calcium and magnesium abundances, Ref.(49). See also (PS)(QA)
WD2215-002  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2216+158  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD2216+484  |GD402   probable unresolved DA+DC system, Ref.(23).
WD2216-000  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2216-657  |L119-34, DZ star with rare carbon, Ref.(DE). See also (QA)(OV)
WD2218+002  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2218+706  |The DA central star of DEHT5, Ref.(7U).
WD2220+124  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2220+133  |See also (PP)(MY)(OK)
WD2221-165  |See also (QV)(MR)
WD2223+130  |See also (NC)
WD2224-004  |See also (NC)
WD2224-009  |See also (QJ)
WD2224-344  |See also (PR)
WD2225+118  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD2226+139  |See also (NC)
WD2226-007  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2226-210  |Hydrogen dominated CSPN Ref.(KL)(SM)
WD2226-754  |Wide CPM pair with WD2226-755 Ref. (FF) See also (PV)
WD2226-755  |Wide CPM pair with WD2226-754 Ref. (FF) See also (PV)
WD2227-010  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2227-010.1|See also (NC)
WD2228+126  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2229+235  |See also (QV)(MR)
WD2230+125  |See also (NC)
WD2230-125  |See also (PP)(MR)
WD2231-005  |See also (NC)
WD2232+009  |See also (NC)
WD2233+142  |See also (NC)
WD2234-095  |See also (NC)
WD2235-305  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2236+129  |See also (RF)(RS)
WD2237+000  |CPMB with WD2237+000.1 (OM)
WD2237+000.1|CPMB with WD2237+000 (OM)
WD2237+143  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2237-365  |This is NOT LHS 3841 = LP 984-76 = Lephm 1-4978 as reported elswhere as per J.Farhi private communication 9/29/09 <A HREF='../Misc/WD2237-365.jpg')">Finding Chart</A>)
WD2238-098  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2239+001  |See also (NC)
WD2240+125.1|A visual double DA binary, Ref.(2T).
WD2240+125.2|A visual double DA binary, Ref.(2T). See also (PP)
WD2240+217  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB)
WD2240-017  |See also (PP)
WD2241+009  |See also (NC)
WD2242-002  |See also (NC)
WD2244+030  |= PG2244+031 Star A is the WD. <A HREF=''>  Finding Chart</A> see A5.12 in Ref.(LJ)
WD2245+146  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2246+120  |Reported by Handler,G. 2001,MNRAS,323,L43 to be a pulsating DB White Dwarf of type V777Her
WD2246+223  |See also (OJ)(MY)(NB)(NL)
WD2246-001  |See also (NC)
WD2246-105  |See also (NC)
WD2247+583  |See also (RK)
WD2248+293  |See also (OJ)(NN)
WD2249-105  |See section A5.10 in Ref. (LJ).
WD2250-093  |See also (NC)
WD2251-070  |See also (QA)(PC)(OJ)(NN)
WD2252-005  |See also (NC)
WD2253+054  |Very weak spectrum, common proper motion pair. NOTE:Arizona Finding Chart points to 225553 +054530 See also(PR)
WD2253-081  |G156-64 common proper motion binary with BD-8 5980 (G6 dwarf) See also (NZ)(PQ)
WD2254+126  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA) See also (PP)
WD2256+249  |GD245 is a composite DA + dM pre-cataclysmic binary, Ref.(9V) See also (MY)(OH)
WD2256+313  |See also (PR)
WD2257+162  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). PG 2257+162B
WD2257-073  |DA + G5V binary, REF.(14).
WD2258+134  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2258+155  |See also (QC)
WD2258+406  |See also (PQ)
WD2259+143  |Hot/cold Table 1 temperatures ambigious. Ref.(PP)
WD2300-008  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2301+762  |See also (PR)
WD2301-072.1|CPM with WD2301-072.2, Ref.(3A).
WD2301-072.2|CPM with WD2301-072.1, Ref.(3A).
WD2303+242  |KR Peg is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(44). See also (PB)
WD2303-005  |See also (QJ)
WD2304+251  |White dwarf companion to the mild barium star 56 PEG; may have accretion disk, Ref.(9T).
WD2306+124  |See also (QC)(PP)
WD2308+050  |See also (PP)
WD2309+006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2309+007  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2309+105  |See also (PP)(JV)(MZ)(NL)(RX)(RK)
WD2309-009  |See also (RS)
WD2310+005  |See also (NC)
WD2312-024  |See also (QA)
WD2313-313  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2315+003  |See also (NC)
WD2315-098  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2316+123  |New magnetic degenerate, with a 30Mg field, Ref.(5U).
WD2316-011  |See also (NC)
WD2316-064  |See also (PF)(MW)(NN)
WD2316-098  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2316-173  |IUE detection of CaII 1840A, Ref.(4L); strong UV CI lines, Ref.(CK).
WD2317+008  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2317+268  |Name(s) for MS companion(s). KUV 23176+2650B
WD2317-295  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2318+007.1|CPMB with WD 2318+007.2 Ref.(QL).
WD2318+007.2|CPMB with WD 2318+007.1 Ref.(QL).
WD2318+009  |See also (NC)
WD2318+126  |See also (PP)
WD2319+691.1|= A on <A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 559B</A> Ref.(LJ)
WD2319+691.2|= B on <A HREF=''> Finding chart for GD 559B</A> Ref.(LJ)
WD2319-012  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2320+003  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2321+005  |See also (NC)
WD2321-010  |See also (MV)
WD2321-549  |See also (QM)(PP)(JV)(RK)
WD2322+118  |See also (OR)
WD2322+137  |See also (OJ)
WD2322-011.1|See also (NC)
WD2322-097  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2322-181  |See also (PP)
WD2323+157.2|Atmosphere virtually devoid of Hydrogen; Coolest known He atmosphere WD; Teff~3650K; Common proper motion pair with WD2323+157.1 (GD) Authors have witdrawn this paper. Star is a background subdwarf K7/M0 see A3.1 Ref.(LJ) see http://xxx.lan
WD2323-006  |See also (NC)
WD2323-014  |See also (NC)
WD2324+397  |Peculiar PG1159-like degenerate star of type lgEH, Ref.(66) Non-radial g-mode pulsator Ref.(KO)N.
WD2326+049  |G029-038 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(AE)(JE)(MR), Contains circumstellar dust (NG) See also (QV)(QD)(QA)(PP)(PB)(OR)(OH)(NL)(OJ)
WD2326-001  |See also (NC)
WD2326-004  |See also (NC)
WD2327+537  |MS+MS superposition; Ref.(QB)
WD2328+107  |See also (PP)
WD2329+134  |See also (NC)
WD2329+267  |See also (MV)
WD2329-090  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2330-212  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD2330-296  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2331+290  |Newly identified double degenerate close binary, Ref.(7G).
WD2331-005  |See also (NC)
WD2331-475  |See also (MV)(NB)(NL)
WD2333+301  |WD associated with PN; Type: E Ref.(KL)
WD2333-007  |See also (NC)
WD2333-049  |See also (PS)(PP)
WD2334-139  |See also (PP)
WD2335+305  |JN1 is a PG1159 star with no detected variability and an associated planetary nebula, Ref.(DI); type E, Ref.(66).
WD2335-002  |See also (NC)
WD2336-003  |See also (QJ)
WD2336-005  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2336-006  |PCEB. Ref.(QH) See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2336-079  |Long period ZZ Ceti (OC) See also (OJ)
WD2336-187  |Double-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD2337-760  |Double-degenerate candidate Ref.(KP).
WD2338+003  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD2339+157  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2339-100  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2340+154  |See also (QJ)
WD2341+322  |EG162 common proper motion binary with G130-6 (M3 dwarf) See also (PV)(NL)(OJ)(PR)
WD2342+001  |See also (QJ)
WD2342+806  |GD561, the DAO central star of a newly discovered planetary nebula, Ref.(7T).
WD2343+386  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2343-005  |Post-common envelope binary. Ref.(QB) See also (QM)
WD2343-008  |See also (NC)
WD2343-106  |See also (PD)(MV)
WD2343-176  |See also (PP)
WD2344+434  |See also (QJ)
WD2344-006  |See also (QJ)(NC)
WD2344-266  |See also (PR)
WD2345-089  |See also (NC)
WD2345-313  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2345-396  |See also (PP)
WD2345-481  |Single-lined double-degenerate binary. Ref.(PP)
WD2347+004  |See also (QJ)
WD2347+128  |ZZ Ceti star ref.(KA) See also (PP)
WD2347+292  |See also (OJ)
WD2348-011  |ZZ Ceti star Ref.(KB)
WD2348-244  |EC23487-2424 is a ZZ CETI variable, Ref.(44). See also (PP)(PB)
WD2349+286  |See also (NL)
WD2349-283  |See also (PP)(MQ)
WD2349-364  |See also (PP)
WD2350+001  |See also (OY)
WD2350-083  |The finding Charts place this star at 23 53 27.6 -8 4 41(2000) near the position of G273-B1A not G273-B1B. See also (PP)(PQ)
WD2350-248  |See also (PP)
WD2350-279  |ZZ Ceti candidate (HC)
WD2351+650.1|CPM WD component with M > 15.0, REF.(3A).
WD2351+650.2|CPM WD component with M > 15.0, REF.(3A).
WD2351-335  |Triple system DA5.5+dM3.5+dM8 see A5.3 in Ref.(LJ) See also (OJ)(PQ)(PR)(RO)
WD2351-368  |See also (PP)(MV)
WD2352+401  |G171-027 has weak C2, Ref.(CE).
WD2354+159  |See also (QA)(PS)(OR)
WD2354-151  |See also (PP)
WD2357+296  |See also (NL)
WD2359-324  |See also (PP)
WD2359-434  |See also (PP)(OJ)(NB)(OL)
WD1159-034  |See also (SM)

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