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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2021-10-25T02:05:34
#-- VII/213 Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies (Hickson+ 1982-1994)
#---Table: VII/213/./morpho.dat Morphology (1994 paper, table2)  (210 records)
#     Label Format Unit  Explanations
#       HCG I3     ---   [1/100]+= Hickson Group number (groups.dat)
#     m_HCG A1     ---   [a-i]! Galaxy in HCG group
#     RVhel I5     km/s  ? Heliocentric velocity
#     MType A4     ---   Morphological type
#  Comments A69    ---   *Comments
#Note on Comments: Abbreviations used in comments:
#        [string 'ansac' in 58a is unexplained]
#  asym.    = asymmetric
#  emission = galaxy with emission lines in its nuclear spectrum
#  IR       = infrared emitter (Hickson et al. 1989ApJ...341..679H,
#             Sulentic & de Mello Rabaca 1993ApJ...410..520S)
#  morpho   = morphology
#  n.c.i.   = nonconcentric isophotes
#  r.c.     = rotation curve
#  radio    = radio-loud galaxies (Menon & Hickson 1985; Menon 1993)
#  tail-like= galaxy has tail-like features
#  vel.     = velocity
#  WR       = galaxy exhibits Wolf-Rayet spectral features
   |m|     |    |
   |_|     |    |
   |H|     |    |
   |C|     |   M|
 01|a|10237|Sc  |Tidal arm (I)
 01|b|10266|Im  |Tidal arm (I)
 02|a| 4326|SBd |Disturbed morpho tail-like possibly IR (I)
 02|b| 4366|cI  |Disturbed morpho-IR (I)
 02|c| 4235|SBc |Disturbed morpho (I)
 04|a| 8097|Sc  |IR
 04|c| 8863|E2  |Disturbed morpho (M?)
 04|d| 8215|E4  |Disturbed morpho-emission-too blue (M)
 05|a|12147|Sab |Distorted spiral arm-interacting with b (I)
 05|b|12221|E0  |Interacting with a (I)
 06|b|11377|Sab |Boxy dust lane-weak radio
 07|a| 4210|Sb  |Dust lane-tidal spiral arms-radio-IR (I)
 07|c| 4366|SBc |IR
 08|a|16014|E5  |Double nuclei strongly n.c.i. (M,I)
 08|b|15966|S0  |Extension toward 08a (I)
 10|a| 5148|SBb |H I anomalous profile (I)
 10|b| 4862|E1  |Sharp extension (M)
 10|c| 4660|Sc  |Warped disk or tidally distorted spiral arms (I)
 12|a|14407|S0  |Double nuclei (M)
 12|b|14956|SB0 |Large P.A. twist
 13|b|12100|E0  |n.c.i.-interacting with c emission-radio (I)
 13|c|12240|S0  |Asym-interacting with b (I)
 14|a| 5929|Sb  |IR
 14|b| 5305|E5  |Diffuse, extended galaxy-emission (I)
 14|c| 5145|Sbc |Asym. morpho (I)
 15|a| 6967|Sa  |Weak radio
 15|b| 7117|E0  |Strong dust lane in the center
 15|d| 6244|E2  |n.c.i.-weak radio (I)
 15|f| 6242|Sbc |Disturbed morpho (I)
 16|a| 4152|SBab|Disturbed morpho-lopsided r.c.-radio-IR (I)
 16|b| 3977|Sab |Tidal tails-peculiar r.c. (I)
 16|c| 3851|Im  |Sinusoidal r.c.-radio-IR (M)
 16|d| 3847|Im  |Sinusoidal r.c.-radio-IR (M)
 21|a| 7614|Sc  |IR
 22|a| 2705|E2  |Dust lane
 23|a| 4798|Sab |Weak nuclear and disk emission
 23|b| 4921|SBc |Luminous cusps at end or bar-radio IR (I)
 23|c| 5016|S0  |Spindle counterrotating gas-[N II], H_alpha emission (I)
 23|d| 4562|Sd  |Peculiar morpho-IR (I)
 24|b| 9137|SBa |Peculiar morpho (I)
 25|a| 6285|SBc |Weak radio IR
 25|b| 6408|SBa |Extension to the south towards 25f (I)
 25|d| 6401|S0  |Peculiar morpho may have warped disk (I)
 25|f| 6279|S0  |Extension toward 25b (I)
 26|a| 9678|Scd |Asym. morpho weak radio-IR (I)
 26|b| 9332|E0  |Tail-like features-weak radio (I)
 26|d| 9133|cI  |Extension to the south-possibly IR (I)
 26|e| 9623|Im  |Disturbed morpho (I)
 27|f|26100|S0  |Radio
 28|a|11441|Sb  |Extension toward 28e dust lane (I)
 28|c|11290|S0  |Probably interacting with 28a (I)
 30|b| 4625|Sa  |Dust lane
 30|c| 4508|SBbc|Peculiar morpho (I)
 30|d| 4666|S0  |Boxy isophotes
 31|a| 4042|Sdm |Sinusoidal r.c.-disturbed morpho-WR-possibly IR (I,M)
 31|b| 4171|Sm  |Peculiar morpho and r.c.-WR-possibly IR (I)
 31|c| 4068|Im  |Peculiar morpho and r.c.-IR (I,M)
 33|a| 7570|E1  |Distorted outer isophote emission-radio (I)
 33|b| 8006|E4  |Distorted outer isophote emission (I)
 33|c| 7283|Sd  |In common envelope with a and b-radio-IR (I)
 34|a| 8997|E2  |[N II], H_alpha emission-two emission peaks-radio (I)
 34|b| 9620|Sd  |Tail-like feature-radio-IR (I)
 34|c| 9392|SBd |Weak radio-irregular vel. pattern-possibly IR (n
 35|a|15919|S0  |Weak emission which extends beyond the nucleus
 37|a| 6745|E7  |Rapidly rotating disk of ionized gas-blue-radio (I)
 37|b| 6741|Sbc |Asym. vel. pattern-dust lane-radio IR (I)
 37|c| 7357|S0a |Contains ionized gas-in the envelope of 37a
 37|d| 6207|SBdm|Weak radio
 37|e| 6363|E0  |Blue (I)
 38|a| 8760|Sbc |Peculiar morpho (I)
 38|b| 8739|SBd |Tidal tail-strongly disturbed morpho (I,M) IR
 38|c| 8770|Im  |Strongly disturbed morpho-possibly IR (I,M)
 40|a| 6628|E3  |Disky elliptical-radio
 40|b| 6842|S0  |Boxy-P.A. twist-emission - extension (I)
 40|c| 6890|Sbc |Asym. H_alpha distribution-peculiar morpho-dust-radio-possibly IR (I)
 40|d| 6492|SBa |Extension southeast-peculiar radio-possibly IR (I)
 40|e| 6625|Sc  |IR
 42|a| 3625|E3  |Radio-inner boxy isophotes
 43|b|10087|SBcd|Asym. morpho tidal spiral arm-weak radio (I)
 43|c| 9636|S0  |Weak radio
 44|a| 1293|Sa  |Peculiar vel. pattern and morpho dust-boxy-radio IR (I)
 44|b| 1378|E2  |[N 1l], H_alpha emission-rotating core (I)
 44|c| 1218|SBc |Seyfert-knotty ring in H_alpha (I) weak radio IR
 44|d| 1579|Sd  |Peculiar r.c.-tidal tail-weak radio IR (I)
 45|a|21811|Sa  |Dust lane across galaxy
 46|a| 8201|E3  |Radio
 47|a| 9581|SBb |Tidal spiral arm-radio-IR (I)
 47|b| 9487|E3  |Spiral features-weak radio - interacting with a (I)
 48|a| 3014|E2  |Small disk in the oenter
 48|b| 2385|Sc  |Peculiar morpho IR (I)
 49|a| 9939|Scd |Disturbed morpho (I)
 49|b| 9930|Sd  |Disturbed morpho (I)
 49|c| 9926|Im  |Disturbed morpho (I)
 49|d|10010|E5  |Too blue for its lumimosity - disturbed morpho (I,M)
 51|e| 7700|E2  |Faint disk in the center
 53|b| 6166|S0  |Extension toward 53c (?)
 53|c| 6060|SBd |Peculiar morpho-tail-like feature toward 53b (I)
 54|a| 1397|Sdm |Strongly disturbed morpho (I)
 54|b| 1412|Im  |54abc may be a single galaxy
 54|c| 1420|Im  |54abc may be a single galaxy
 55|c|15690|S0  |Disturbed-dust lane (?)
 56|a| 8245|Sc  |Radio-Seyfert-type spectrum (I)
 56|b| 7919|SB0 |Warped disk extending toward c - radio (I)
 56|c| 8110|S0  |Extension to the northeast and south-IR (I)
 56|d| 8346|S0  |Disturbed morpho-weak radio (I)
 56|e| 7924|S0  |Boxy, too blue for its luminosity (I,M)
 57|a| 8727|Sb  |Peculiar morpho and r.c.-tidal tail dust-possibly IR (I)
 57|b| 9022|SBb |Asym. morpho-outer ring bright in H_alpha (I)
 57|c| 9081|E3  |Faint disk
 57|d| 8977|SBc |Peculiar morpho radio IR (I)
 57|e| 8992|S0a |Peculiar r.c. dust-warped disk extended toward 57h (I)
 57|f| 9594|E4  |Faint disk-extended galaxy (I)
 57|g| 9416|SB0 |Emission
 58|a| 6138|Sb  |Two ansac 10 kpc from nucleus-radio-IR (I)
 58|c| 6103|SB0a|Weak radio
 58|d| 6270|E1  |Long straight jet south of the galaxy (I)
 58|e| 6052|Sbc |Asym. morpho (I)
 59|a| 4109|Sa  |Radio-possibly IR
 59|b| 3908|E0  |Extended galaxy (I)
 59|d| 3866|Im  |Peculiar morpho-IR (I)
 60|b|18318|E4  |Strongly disturbed morpho-dust (M)
 61|a| 3784|S0a |Disturbed morpho in the center (dust?) outer n.c.i. (I)
 61|c| 3956|Sbc |Dust-intense extended H_alpha emission-IR (I)
 61|d| 3980|S0  |Polar ring (I)
 62|a| 4355|E3  |n.c.i.-radio-large X-ray halo around group (I)
 62|c| 4359|S0  |May be interacting with a (I)
 63|b| 9346|SBc |Tidal spiral arm-possibly IR (I)
 63|d| 9141|Sc  |IR
 64|a|10596|SBc |Disturbed morpho-tidal tail (I)
 64|b|10723|Scd |Disturbed morpho (I)
 65|a|14105|E3  |n.c.i. (I)
 65|c|14243|E2  |n.c.i. (I)
 65|d|13733|E3  |n.c.i. (I)
 65|e|14405|E0  |Small-bright star nearby
 67|a| 7262|E1  |Two nuclei disturbed morpho (M)
 67|b| 7644|Sc  |Dust lane across galaxy-radio-IR
 67|c| 7430|Scd |Asym. morpho-close companion-radio (I)
 67|d| 7071|S0  |Galaxy 67a is too close by-may have n.c.i. (I)
 68|a| 2162|S0  |Radio
 68|b| 2635|E2  |Strong dust lane radio
 68|c| 2313|SBbc|Peculiar morpho radio-lR (I)
 68|d| 2408|E3  |Boxyisophote-shells (?)
 69|a| 8856|Sc  |Asym. morpho dust or two nuclei-weak radio (I?)
 69|b| 8707|SBb |Radio-IR
 71|b| 9335|Sb  |IR
 72|b|12356|S0  |Asym. envelope interacting with d (I)
 72|c|13062|E2  |Boxy outer isophote
 72|d|12558|SB0 |Asym. envelope interacting with b (I)
 73|b|13600|Im  |Peculiar morpho (I)
 74|a|12255|E1  |Double nudeus-n c.i. toward east-radio (M)
 75|a|12538|E4  |Boxy at outer isophotes-tail-like features (I)
 75|b|12228|Sb  |Asym. morpho-extension-weak radio (I)
 75|d|12334|Sd  |Possibly IR
 75|e|12300|Sa  |IR
 75|f|13080|S0  |Isophotes become boxy at outer isophotes
 76|b|10002|E2  |Extension toward 76f (?) (I)
 76|f|10216|S0  |Disk is tilted toward 76b (I)
 79|a| 4292|E0  |Strong dust-[N II], H_alpha emission-radio-IR (I)
 79|b| 4446|S0  |Strong bar[N II], H_alpha emission-tidal tail (I)
 79|c| 4146|S0  |Extended envelope toward 79b (I)
 79|d| 4503|Sdm |Asym. disk-tidal tail toward 79a (I)
 80|a| 8963|Sd  |Radio IR
 80|c| 9550|Im  |Peculiar morpho (I)
 81|c|15050|S0  |Dust-lane-n.c.i. (I)
 81|d|14954|S0a |Tail-like features to the north of the galaxy (I)
 82|a|11177|E3  |Faint disk
 82|b|10447|SBa |Large P.A. twist
 82|c|10095|Im  |Tail-like-dust or double nucleus-radio-IR (M?)
 84|a|16654|E2  |Radio
 85|a|11155|E1  |Radio
 86|a| 6174|E2  |Contains faint disk
 86|b| 6196|E2  |Dust?
 87|a| 8694|Sbc |Three dust lanes (I)
 87|b| 8972|S0  |Boxy isophotes
 88|a| 6033|Sb  |Lopsided r.c.-weak radio-IR (I)
 88|b| 6010|SBb |Low-luminosity extension-ring in H_alpha (I)
 88|d| 6032|Sc  |Weak radio
 89|b| 8985|SBc |r.c. is linear
 90|a| 2575|Sa  |Strong dust lane across galaxy-IR
 90|c| 2696|E0  |n.c.i. toward b and d (I)
 90|d| 2778|Im  |Tail-like features to the north of the galaxy-IR (I)
 91|a| 6832|SBc |Asym. morpho-IR (I)
 91|b| 7196|Sc  |IR
 91|d| 7195|SB0 |Tidal tail-like feature (I)
 92|b| 5774|Sbc |Tidal arm (I)
 92|c| 6764|SBc |Tidal arm-Seyfert galaxy-radio-IR (I,M)
 92|d| 6630|Sc  |Tidal arm-weak radio (I,M)
 93|a| 5140|E1  |Strongly n.c.i. (dust?) emission-radio (I,M?)
 93|b| 4672|SBd |Open tidal arm to the north-radio IR (I)
 93|c| 5132|SBa |Dust lane-extension toward a (I)
 94|a|12040|E1  |Common envelope with b-peculiar radio (I,M)
 94|b|11974|E3  |Common envelope with a-n.c.i.-weak radio (I)
 94|c|12120|S0  |Ring (?) (I)
 94|d|13009|S0  |In common envelope with a and b
 94|e|12250|Sd  |Weak radio
 95|a|11888|E3  |Disturbed morpho (I)
 95|b|11637|Scd |Tail-like features-weak radio possibly IR (I)
 95|c|11562|Sm  |Two nuclei-tidal arms and tails (I,M)
 95|d|12350|Sc  |Radio-IR
 96|a| 8698|Sc  |Tail-like-Seyfert strong radio-IR (I)
 96|b| 8616|E2  |Contains faint disk
 96|c| 8753|Sa  |Extension along semimajor axis-radio-possibly IR (I)
 96|d| 8975|Im  |Peculiar morpho (I)
 97|a| 6910|E5  |Extended galaxy (I)
 98|a| 7855|SB0 |Asym. morpho-extension toward 98b (I)
 98|b| 7959|S0  |n.c.i. (I)
100|a| 5300|Sb  |Lopsided r.c.-boy isophotes-radio-IR (I)
100|b| 5253|Sm  |Peculiar morpho extended to southeast-weak radio (I)
100|c| 5461|SBc |Peculiar r.c.-strong nuclear emission (I)
100|d|     |Scd |Asym. morpho-low-luminosity extension (I)

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