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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2022-01-18T22:31:23
#-- J/ApJ/502/558 Catalog of ROSAT galaxy clusters (Vikhlinin+ 1998)
#---Table: J/ApJ/502/558/./notes.dat Notes to table3.dat  (41 records)
#      Note I2     ---   Note number
#      Text A76    ---   Text of the note
 1|J1888.16 cluster, z=0.563
 2|A122, z=0.11278
 3|Abell S154
 4|APMBGC 244-064-098, z=0.08764
 5|A227, z=0.17625
 7|Abell S346, z=0.067
 9|A744, z=0.0756
10|2' of PDCS 040
12|J101016.1+543006 group, z=0.045
13|z=0.340 cluster (Schmidt et al., 1998A&A...329..495S)
14|UGC 06057 group, z=0.0382
15|MS 1157.3+5548, z=0.081
16|MS 1201.5+2824, z=0.167
17|MS 1208.7+3928, z=0.340
18|MS 1308.8+3244, z=0.245
19|MKW 11, z=0.02314
20|z=0.308 cluster (McHardy et al., 1998MNRAS.295..641M)
21|z=0.382 cluster (McHardy et al., 1998MNRAS.295..641M)
22|RX J13406+4018 group, z=0.171
23|A1774, z=0.1691
24|A1775, z=0.0696
25|Probably part of A1877, z=0.2493
26|Image saturated by a nearby star
27|A1969, z=0.29809
28|Distant cluster behind the nearby group
29|MCG +04-39-010 group
30|A2220, z=0.1106
31|TTR95 1646+82 cluster
32|QSO 1640+400, z=1.59
33|A2246, z=0.225
34|Abell S840, z=0.0152
35|UGC 11780 group
36|Part of A2465, z from Jones et al. (1995, in Proc. Roentgenstrahlung from
36|the Universe, MPE Report 263, 591)
37|Part of A2465, z from Jones et al. (1995, in Proc. Roentgenstrahlung from
37|the Universe, MPE Report 263, 591)
38|Zw2255.5+2041, z=0.288

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