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## (from tabmap V6.0 (2016-08-18)) 2021-08-06T02:30:52
#-- II/260 Ackermann red stars (Ackermann 1968)
#---Table: II/260/./notes.dat Additional notes.  (7 records)
#      Star A8     ---   Name of star, as in catalog
#      Text A97    ---   Text of note
Star    |Text
HDK 6   |original coordinates have -4m RA error.
HDK 8   |no strong TiO or VO bands.
95-0-7  |Ackermann magnitudes seem to be for nearby CGCS 5182, but spectral type is for this brighter star
95-0-57 |western of two red stars 21" apart; second star is much fainter and redder, and associated with
95-0-57 |MSX6C G093.5063+01.3003 (21 21 26.33 +51 45 01.2, 2MASS).
95-0-57 |The nearby IRAS sources have no certain links.

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