IX/9        SAS-2 Gamma-Ray Observations        (Fichtel+ 1990)
The following files can be converted to FITS (extension .fit .fgz or .fiZ)
	galaxy.dat pulsrdat.dat pulsrnte.dat

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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/9 SAS-2 Gamma-Ray Observations (Fichtel+ 1990) ================================================================================ Catalog of SAS-2 Gamma-Ray Observations Fichtel C.E., Hartman R.C., Hunter S.D., Kniffen D.A., Thompson D.J., Oegelman H.B., Oezel M.E. <Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (1990)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Gamma rays Mission_Name: SAS-2 Description: This catalog contains fluxes measured with the high-energy gamma-ray telescope flown aboard the second NASA Small Astronomy Satellite. The objects measured included various types of galaxies, QSOs, BL Lacertae objects, and pulsars. There are separate files for various types of objects, plus additional files for notes and references. The data cover about 60 percent of the sky and 89 percent of the galactic plane for gamma rays having energies >35 MeV. The data reported vary according to the types of objects. The galaxy file contains object designation and type, equatorial coordinates (B1950.0), 35-100 MeV emission limit, >100 MeV emission limit, and luminosity limit. The pulsar file contains object designation, period, period change (dP/dt), approximate distance, pulsed flux and luminosity limits, and notes. There is also a file containing data for miscellaneous other sources (SNRs, X-ray, and binary X-ray sources, etc.), but this file is not uniformly formatted because of its inhomogeneous data content. The primary sources for the data are Bignami et al. (1979ApJ...232..649B), Fichtel et al. (1975ApJ...198..163F, 1990), and Oegelman et al. (1976ApJ...209..584O).

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