IX/59         XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 4XMM-DR9   (Webb+, 2020)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/59 XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 4XMM-DR9 (Webb+, 2020) ================================================================================ The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. IX. The fourth XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue. Webb N.A., Coriat M., Traulsen I., Ballet J., Motch C., Carrera F.J., Koliopanos F., Authier J., de la Calle I., Ceballos M.T., Colomo E., Chuard D., Freyberg M., Garcia T., Kolehmainen M., Lamer G., Lin D., Maggi P., Michel L., Page C.G., Page M.J., Perea-Calderon J.V., Pineau F.-X., Rodriguez P., Rosen S.R., Santos Lleo M., Saxton R.D., Schwope A., Tomas L., Watson M.G., Zakardjian A. <XMM-SSC, Leicester, UK; Astron. Astrophys. 641, A136 (2020)> =2020A&A...641A.136W =2020yCat.9059....0W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys Mission_Name: XMM Keywords: catalogs - astronomical data bases - surveys - X-rays: general Abstract: Sky surveys produce enormous quantities of data on extensive regions of the sky. The easiest way to access this information is through catalogues of standardised data products. XMM-Newton has been surveying the sky in the X-ray, ultra-violet and optical bands for 20 years. The XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre has been producing standardised data products and catalogues to facilitate access to the serendipitous X-ray sky. Using improved calibration and enhanced software we re-reduced all of the 14041 XMM-Newton X-ray observations. 11204 observations contained data with at least one detection and with these we created a new, high quality version of the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue, 4XMM-DR9. 4XMM-DR9 contains 810795 detections down to a detection significance of 3sigma, of which 550124 are unique sources, that cover 1152-degrees^2^ (2.85%) of the sky. Filtering 4XMM-DR9 to retain only the cleanest sources with at least a 5sigma detection significance leaves 433612 detections. 99.6% of these detections have no pileup. 336 columns of information on each detection are provided, along with images. The quality of the source detection is shown to have improved significantly with respect to previous versions of the catalogues. Spectra and lightcurves are also made available for more than 288000 of the brightest sources (36% of all detections). Description: The 4XMM-DR9 catalogue contains source detections drawn from 11204 XMM-Newton EPIC observations, covering an energy interval from 0.2keV to 12keV. These observations were made between 2000 February 3 and 2019 February 26 and all datasets were publicly available by 2019 December 18, but not all public observations are included in this catalogue The following table gives an overview of the statistics of the catalogue in comparison with the 3XMM-DR8 catalogue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4XMM-DR9 3XMM-DR8 Increment --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of observations 11204 10242 962 Number of 'clean' observations 9441 6496 2945 (i.e., observation class < 3) Observing interval 01-Feb-00 03-Feb-00 26-Feb-19 30-Nov-17 1.25 yr Sky coverage, taking overlaps into account ( >= 1ksec exposure) 1152 sq.deg 1089 sq.deg 63 sq.deg Number of detections 810795 775153 35642 Number of 'clean' detections (i.e., summary flag < 3) 713966 633733 80233 Number of unique sources 550124 531454 18670 Number of 'cleanest' (summary flag = 0, 17295 12256 5039 not in high-background fields) extended detections Number of detections with spectra 288521 173277 115244 Number of detections with timeseries 288282 173208 115074 Number of detections where probability 6696 5934 762 of timeseries being constant is <1x10-5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The production and content of the 4XMM catalogue is described in the the 4XMM-DR9 User Guide at http://xmmssc.irap.omp.eu/Catalogue/4XMM-DR9/4XMM-DR8_Catalogue_User_Guide.html The slimline version of the catalogue (file "xmm4r9s.dat") contains one row per unique source (while the the main catalogue has one row per detection) and thus has 550124 rows. There are 45 columns, essentially those containing information about the unique sources. The catalogue also contains a column with links to the IRAP catalogue server summary pages. In the case of sources with multiple detections, the summary page of the best detection is selected (i.e., the detection with the largest exposure time, summed over all cameras), and the summary page gives cross-links to the other detections.

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