IX/22               Einstein extended deep survey         (Primini+, 1991)
The following files can be converted to FITS (extension .fit .fgz or .fiZ)
	targets.dat hfield.dat hfluxes.dat hsrc.dat hris_sep.dat ifield.dat
	isrc.dat ispec.dat icomp.dat ipchri.dat ihsample.dat sample.dat
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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/22 Einstein extended deep survey (Primini+, 1991) ================================================================================ The CfA Eisntein observatory extended deep X-ray survey Primini F.A., Murray S.S., Huchra J., Schild R., Burg R., Giacconi R. <Astrophys. J. 374, 440 (1991)> =1991ApJ...374..440P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: QSOs ; X-ray sources Mission_Name: Einstein Keywords: quasars - X-ray: sources Description: The Einstein Deep Survey program (EDS) consists of very deep X-ray exposures in selected regions of the sky at high galactic latitude. The main purposes of the survey are to investigate the nature of the extragalactic X-ray background through direct source counts at very low flux levels and to study the nature of the very faint X-ray sources which comprise a significant fraction, if not all, of the soft X-ray background. The survey includes 9 IPC observations and 34 HRI observations, which, in general, cover the central 32'x32' regions of the IPC fields. In total, 178 IPC sources and 202 HRI sources were detected above thresholds set to allow  1 false source per observation. Data from all IPC energy bands and all HRI detect cells are included. The data are largely the result of standard Einstein Rev. 1 HRI and Rev. 1B IPC reprocessing; however, minor corrections to IPC count rates, fluxes, and flux significances have been made to account for different column densities toward various fields and small systematic errors in the IPC analysis of count rates and significances for long exposures. For further details please refer to the paper referenced above. The HRI field parameters have been determined from standard processing and from other information contained in the HRI .SDF file. For information on HRI sources, see the table "hsrc.dat"; for information on individual IPC fields, see the table "ifield.dat".

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