IV/34           K2 Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC)           (Huber+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IV/34 K2 Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC) (Huber+, 2017) ================================================================================ K2 Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC) Huber D., Bryson S.T. et al. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac., 126, 398-408 (2014)> =2017yCat.4034....0H =2014PASP..126..398H ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Photometry, UBVRI ; Photometry, infrared ; Cross identifications ; Proper motions ; Stars, masses ; Stars, distances ; Surveys Keywords: catalogs; planetary systems; proper motions; stars: fundamental parameters; stars: late-type; techniques: photometric Abstract: The K2 Mission (Howell+, 2014PASP..126..398H) uses the Kepler spacecraft to obtain high-precision photometry over  80 day campaigns in the ecliptic plane. The Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC) provides coordinates, photometry, and kinematics based on a federation of all-sky catalogs to support target selection and target management for the K2 mission. Description: The construction of the EPIC, as well as modifications and shortcomings of the catalog are described in Huber+, 2016, J/ApJS/224/2 Changes for Campaigns 0-3, 7-10 and 16 are described in: http://archive.stsci.edu/k2/manuals/epic.pdf Kepler magnitudes (Kp) are shown to be accurate to  0.1mag for the Kepler field, and the EPIC is typically complete to Kp 17 (Kp 19 for campaigns covered by Sloan Digital Sky Survey).

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