IV/30       Cross-id. of stars with high-proper motions. V2.     (Ivanov, 2008)
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	stars.dat types.dat ids.dat ncat.dat gcvs.dat
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Beginning of ReadMe : IV/30 Cross-id. of stars with high-proper motions. V2. (Ivanov, 2008) ================================================================================ Cross-identifications of stars with high-proper motions - version 2. Ivanov G.A. <Kinematika Fiz. Nebesn. Tel., 24, 165 (2008)> =2008KFNT...24..165I ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Combined data ; Proper motions ; Cross identifications Description: The catalogue of stars with high-proper motions (more than 0.04"/year) has been compiled using original definitions from catalogue FONAK 1.1, the data of catalogues Hipparcos, Tycho-2, CMC (STAR 11), PPM, NPM1, NPM2, UCAC2 (up to +40 degrees in declination and going up to +52 degrees in some areas), GCVS, XZ80Q, Pul-3, PUL2, NLTT, LHS, Lowell Proper Motion, Bruce Proper Motion as well as the data of about 770 other published sources. The list consist of 514100 such stars with limiting magnitude 16 (companions for multiple systems up to 17) in a declination zone from -2.5 to +90 degrees. Besides astrometric parameters (equatorial coordinates, proper motions, estimations of stars magnitudes) the catalogue includes some astrophysical characteristics (magnitudes in UBVRIJHK system, radial velocities, spectra, luminosity class, metallicity; flags of multiple system, of variable star and other). For convenience of usage original numbers of stars from different catalogues the author's lists of stars and basic sources are given too. At present the catalogue includes codes of 63 catalogues and author's lists of stars. Cross index list is given by a file of 493200 stars arranged on right ascension. Star information is recorded in a digital integer form with one line. Thus maximum amount of star numbers from catalogues and author's lists does not exceed 10 (if more, the number of next lines for star is increased by unit). Beginning the second line there are blanks in the column declination if star information is recorded in several lines. Cross index list is regularly supplemented.

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