IV/12               SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Index (ADC 1983)  (Roman+ 1983)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IV/12 SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Index (ADC 1983) (Roman+ 1983) ================================================================================ SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Index Roman N.G., Warren Jr. W.H., Schofield Jr. N.J. <Astronomical Data Center (1983)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Cross identifications Description: The catalog is an updated, corrected, and extended version of a table of correspondences originally prepared by Morin (1973). The individual data corrections, additions, and changes included in the new version number 11398, with 8600 data records having at least one change. In addition to the correction of all errors found since preparation of the original catalog, most of which resulted from misidentifications and omissions of components in multiple-star systems and missing Durchmusterung numbers (the common identifier) in the SAO Catalog, component identifications from the Index Catalogue of Visual Double Stars (IDS) have been appended to all multiple SAO stars having the same DM numbers, and lowercase identifications for supplemental (footnoted) BD stars have been added. Stars deleted (duplicate entries) in the SAO Catalog have been appended with a "D" and their data removed, although the records have been kept (with SAO number only) in order not to change the number of SAO stars. The data include SAO number, HD number, HD multiplicity code, GC number, DM identification code (BD, CD, CP), and number. There are fewer objects than records because of the deleted entries appended with a "D" as described above (35 stars deleted).

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