J/other/RMxAA/53.235  Photometry of 6 deep-contact W UMa    (Kjurkchieva+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/RMxAA/53.235 Photometry of 6 deep-contact W UMa (Kjurkchieva+, 2017) ================================================================================ Observations and light curve solutions of six deep-contact W UMA binaries. Kjurkchieva D.P., Popov V.A., Vasileva D.L., Petrov N.I. <Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrofis., 53, 235-246 (2017)> =2017RMxAA..53..235K (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Binaries, eclipsing ; Photometry, CCD ; Photometry, SDSS Keywords: binaries: eclipsing - binaries: close - stars: fundamental parameters Abstract: Photometric observations in Sloan g' and i' bands of W UMa binaries V0637 Peg, V0473 Cam, CSS J153314.8+560527, CSS J075258.0+382035, V0416 Gem and NSVS 6859986 are presented. Their periods are in the range of 0.26-0.43d. The light curve solutions revealed that the components of each target are almost equal in temperature. The stellar components are of G and K spectral types and undergo total eclipses. All targets have deep-contact configurations with fillout factor f>=0.5. NSVS 6859986 has one o f the biggest value determined until now, f=0.84. We studied the empirical dependencies of fillout factor on the stellar parameters (temperature, period, mass ratio, relative component radii, and luminosity ratio) for a sample of around thirty stars. They are consistent with the theoretical predictions but there are deviations from the common trends. Description: In this paper we present photometric observations and light curve solutions of six deep-contact W UMa binaries: V0637 Peg (ASAS 222153+2802.8; GSC 02226-02148; UCAC4 591-134612; 2MASS J22215338+2802471), V0473 Cam (GSC 04530-01042; 2MASS J07170493+7710260; UCAC4 836-008955), CSS J153314.8+560527 (2MASS J15331471+5605280; UCAC4 731-053285; GSC 03872-00076), CSS J075258.0+382035 (UCAC4 642-042673, 2MASS J07513566+3820286), V0416 Gem (GSC 01356-02826; ASAS J065947+2229.9) and NSVS 6859986 (GSC 02397- 00333; 2MASS J05114146+3531357; UCAC4 628-022051)

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