J/other/RMxAA/38.141  Haffner 19 UBV(RI)_c_ photometry    (Moreno-Corral+, 2002)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/RMxAA/38.141 Haffner 19 UBV(RI)_c_ photometry (Moreno-Corral+, 2002) ================================================================================ CCD imagery, uvby-beta photometry, and the physical parameters of Haffner 19. Moreno-Corral M.A., Chavarria-K C., de Lara E. <Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrofis., 38, 141 (2002)> =2002RMxAA..38..141M ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Photometry, CCD ; Photometry, UBVRI Keywords: HII regions - open clusters and associations: individual: Haffner 19, Haffner 18AB, NGC 2467 - techniques: photometric Abstract: We present broad-band UBV(RI)_c_ CCD imagery of 334 stars in the direction of the Galactic cluster Haffner 19. The sample is complete to mlambda=19 (lambda = U, B, V, R, I). We reliably establish the cluster membership for 102 stars based upon their locations in the (V, B-V), (V, V-I), (I, R-I), (U-B, B-V), and (V-R, V-I) diagrams, thus increasing three-fold the number of known cluster members. With the Q-method we determine the MK spectral types of the 33 brightest stars, confirming that 29 belong to the cluster's young population (15 B0-B1 and 14 B2- B9 main sequence stars). Complementary uvbybeta photoelectric photometry of 6 bright stars independently confirms the distance and reddening to the cluster. Description: Observations were made on 1996 December 6 at the 1.5m "Harold L. Johnson" telescope of Sierra San Pedro MArtir National Astromonical Observatory. Coordinates, which are not in the original paper, have been added by B. Skiff (Lowell Observatory) for about 270 of the 331 stars. Remarks resulting from this work are added in the 'Rem2' column.

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