J/PASP/125/477      Gas Survey of Protoplanetary Systems. I.     (Dent+, 2013)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/PASP/125/477 Gas Survey of Protoplanetary Systems. I. (Dent+, 2013) ================================================================================ GASPS - A Herschel Survey of Gas and Dust in Protoplanetary Disks: Summary and Initial Statistics. Dent W.R.F., Thi W.F., Kamp I., Williams J.P., Menard F., Andrews S., Ardila D., Aresu G., Augereau J.-C., Barrado Y Navascues D., Brittain S., Carmona A., Ciardi D., Danchi W., Donaldson J., Duchene G., Eiroa C., Fedele D., Grady C., de Gregorio-Monsalvo I., Howard C., Huelamo N., Krivov A., Lebreton J., Liseau R., Martin-Zaidi C., Mathews G., Meeus G., Mendigutia I., Montesinos B., Morales-Calderon M., Mora A., Nomura H., Pantin E., Pascucci I., Phillips N., Pinte C., Podio L., Ramsay M.K., Riaz B., Riviere-Marichalar P., Roberge A., Sandell G., Solano E., Tilling I., Torrelles J.M., Vandenbussche B., Vicente S., White G.J., Woitke P. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac., 125, 477-505 (2013)> =2013PASP..125..477D ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; YSOs ; X-ray sources ; Equivalent widths Abstract: We describe a large-scale far-infrared line and continuum survey of protoplanetary disk through to young debris disk systems carried out using the ACS instrument on the Herschel Space Observatory. This Open Time Key program, known as GASPS (Gas Survey of Protoplanetary Systems), targeted  250 young stars in narrow wavelength regions covering the [OI] fine structure line at 63um the brightest far-infrared line in such objects. A subset of the brightest targets were also surveyed in [OI]145um, [CII] at 157um, as well as several transitions of HO and high-excitation CO lines at selected wavelengths between 78 and 180um. Additionally, GASPS included continuum photometry at 70, 100 and 160um, around the peak of the dust emission. Description: The project was awarded 400 hours of time to survey up to 250 young systems (in several cases, multiple systems were covered in the same observation), and observations were taken at various times between Dec 2010 and July 2012.

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