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Beginning of ReadMe : File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/533/ReadMe: 98x80 13b 7b Fornax bright stars BR photometry (Stetson+ 1998) J/PASP/110/533/table1.dat: 161x85 27b 11b Coordinates and photometry for bright, red stars in Fornax J/PASP/110/533 =====>: 259x85 5 40b 18b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/553/ReadMe: 55x80 8b 5b Supernova rate in starburst galaxies (Richmond+ 1998) J/PASP/110/553/table1.dat: 142x49 15b 0b Supernova rate in starburst galaxies J/PASP/110/553 =====>: 197x80 8 23b 5b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/779/ReadMe: 88x80 10b 6b Accurate Positions for MCG Galaxies (Corwin+ 1998) J/PASP/110/779/position.dat: 5120x 591b 0b Accurate positions J/PASP/110/779 =====>: 5208x80 0 601b 6b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/863/ReadMe: 2174x80 271b 50b A Stellar Spectral Flux Library: 1150 - 25000 A (Pickles 1998) J/PASP/110/863/a0i.dat: 1895x67 253b 51b A0 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 46b A0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a0iv.dat: 1895x57 216b 49b A0 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a0v.dat: 1895x87 327b 73b A0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a2i.dat: 1895x67 253b 49b A2 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a2v.dat: 1895x67 253b 60b A2 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a3iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 47b A3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a3v.dat: 1895x67 253b 55b A3 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a5iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 37b A5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b A5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a7iii.dat: 1895x77 290b 60b A7 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a7v.dat: 1895x87 327b 73b A7 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/a47iv.dat: 1895x57 216b 40b A4-7 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/authorig.doc: 269x7 30b 13b author's original distribution documentation J/PASP/110/863/b0i.dat: 1895x67 253b 55b B0 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b0v.dat: 1895x77 290b 71b B0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b1i.dat: 1895x67 253b 53b B1 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b1v.dat: 1895x77 290b 66b B1 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b2ii.dat: 1895x67 253b 43b B2 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b2iv.dat: 1895x67 253b 52b B2 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b3i.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b B3 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b3iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 52b B3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b3v.dat: 1895x77 290b 63b B3 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b5i.dat: 1895x67 253b 54b B5 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b5ii.dat: 1895x57 216b 38b B5 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b5iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 53b B5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b6iv.dat: 1895x47 179b 49b B6 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b8i.dat: 1895x67 253b 50b B8 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b8v.dat: 1895x57 216b 53b B8 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b9iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 53b B9 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b9v.dat: 1895x67 253b 69b B9 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b12iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 53b B1-2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/b57v.dat: 1895x67 253b 55b B5-7 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/complist.doc: 611x1 88b 24b detailed info on sources forming each spectrum J/PASP/110/863/f0i.dat: 1895x77 290b 61b F0 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f0ii.dat: 1895x67 253b 57b F0 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f0iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 72b F0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f0v.dat: 1895x77 290b 64b F0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f2ii.dat: 1895x67 253b 57b F2 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f2iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 42b F2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f02iv.dat: 1895x87 327b 71b F0-2 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f2v.dat: 1895x87 327b 66b F2 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f5i.dat: 1895x67 253b 49b F5 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f5iii.dat: 1895x97 364b 74b F5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f5iv.dat: 1895x77 290b 57b F5 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 55b F5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f6v.dat: 1895x97 364b 77b F6 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f8i.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b F8 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f8iv.dat: 1895x67 253b 61b F8 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/f8v.dat: 1895x67 253b 52b F8 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g0i.dat: 1895x77 290b 67b G0 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 60b G0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g0iv.dat: 1895x77 290b 61b G0 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g0v.dat: 1895x77 290b 59b G0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g2i.dat: 1895x77 290b 66b G2 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g2iv.dat: 1895x77 290b 60b G2 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g2v.dat: 1895x97 364b 78b G2 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g5i.dat: 1895x67 253b 58b G5 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g5ii.dat: 1895x67 253b 59b G5 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g5iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 76b G5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g5iv.dat: 1895x97 364b 82b G5 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 56b G5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g8i.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b G8 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g8iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 68b G8 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g8iv.dat: 1895x67 253b 54b G8 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/g8v.dat: 1895x77 290b 63b G8 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/irstphot.dat: 131x3 11b 5b standard ir photometry for each spectrum J/PASP/110/863/jmfilt.doc: 29x75 5b 3b filter transmission profiles J,H,K,L,L',M J/PASP/110/863/k0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 58b K0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k0iv.dat: 1895x57 216b 40b K0 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k0v.dat: 1895x77 290b 66b K0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k01ii.dat: 1895x67 253b 54b K0-1 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k1iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 42b K1 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k1iv.dat: 1895x47 179b 32b K1 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k2i.dat: 1895x67 253b 57b K2 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k2iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 47b K2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k2v.dat: 1895x67 253b 64b K2 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k3i.dat: 1895x77 290b 69b K3 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k3iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 59b K3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k3iv.dat: 1895x47 179b 44b K3 IV (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k3v.dat: 1895x67 253b 49b K3 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k4i.dat: 1895x67 253b 56b K4 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k4iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 47b K4 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k4v.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b K4 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k5iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 65b K5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k5v.dat: 1895x47 179b 32b K5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k7v.dat: 1895x57 216b 45b K7 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/k34ii.dat: 1895x57 216b 44b K3-4 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/lew.dat: 131x87 24b 9b local equiv. widths of selected features J/PASP/110/863/linecont.doc: 20x52 3b 2b line and continuum definitions for LEW.TAB J/PASP/110/863/m0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 59b M0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m0v.dat: 1895x57 216b 49b M0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m1iii.dat: 1895x77 290b 69b M1 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m1v.dat: 1895x67 253b 55b M1 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m2i.dat: 1895x77 290b 68b M2 I (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m2iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 43b M2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m2p5v.dat: 1895x57 216b 49b M2.5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m2v.dat: 1895x67 253b 54b M2 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m3ii.dat: 1895x47 179b 32b M3 II (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m3iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 75b M3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m3v.dat: 1895x67 253b 56b M3 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m4iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 78b M4 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m4v.dat: 1895x57 216b 35b M4 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m5iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 81b M5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m5v.dat: 1895x57 216b 57b M5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m6iii.dat: 1895x97 364b 92b M6 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m6v.dat: 1895x47 179b 35b M6 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m7iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 55b M7 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m8iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 58b M8 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m9iii.dat: 1895x17 68b 25b M9 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/m10iii.dat: 1895x17 68b 25b M10 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/o5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 70b O5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/o8iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 64b O8 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/o9v.dat: 1895x67 253b 55b O9 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rf6v.dat: 1895x67 253b 56b metal-rich F6 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rf8v.dat: 1895x67 253b 51b metal-rich F8 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rg0v.dat: 1895x67 253b 52b metal-rich G0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rg5iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 70b metal-rich G5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rg5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 62b metal-rich G5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 59b metal-rich K0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk0v.dat: 1895x87 327b 68b metal-rich K0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk1iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 68b metal-rich K1 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk2iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 71b metal-rich K2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk3iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 67b metal-rich K3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk4iii.dat: 1895x97 364b 72b metal-rich K4 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/rk5iii.dat: 1895x97 364b 73b metal-rich K5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/srclist.doc: 35x98 7b 4b summary of sources of published spectra J/PASP/110/863/synphot.dat: 131x16 43b 15b physical data & synthetic photometry J/PASP/110/863/uifilt.doc: 70x107 10b 5b filter transmission profiles U3,B2,B3,V,Rc,Ic J/PASP/110/863/uka0i.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b A0 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka0iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 86b A0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka0iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 91b A0 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka0v.dat: 4771x57 542b 108b A0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka2i.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b A2 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka2v.dat: 4771x57 542b 98b A2 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka3iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 79b A3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka3v.dat: 4771x57 542b 94b A3 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka5iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 84b A5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka5v.dat: 4771x47 449b 92b A5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka7iii.dat: 4771x5 542b 103b A7 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka7v.dat: 4771x47 449b 92b A7 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uka47iv.dat: 4771x4 449b 87b A4-7 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb0i.dat: 4771x47 449b 94b B0 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb0v.dat: 4771x67 635b 101b B0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb1i.dat: 4771x67 635b 100b B1 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb1v.dat: 4771x47 449b 94b B1 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb2ii.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b B2 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb2iv.dat: 4771x57 542b 95b B2 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb3i.dat: 4771x47 449b 91b B3 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb3iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 93b B3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb3v.dat: 4771x67 635b 101b B3 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb5i.dat: 4771x47 449b 93b B5 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb5ii.dat: 4771x47 449b 84b B5 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb5iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 93b B5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb6iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 94b B6 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb8i.dat: 4771x57 542b 93b B8 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb8v.dat: 4771x47 449b 91b B8 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb9iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 92b B9 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb9v.dat: 4771x47 449b 93b B9 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb12iii.dat: 4771x 542b 97b B1-2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukb57v.dat: 4771x47 449b 93b B5-7 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf0i.dat: 4771x57 542b 96b F0 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf0ii.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b F0 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf0iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 92b F0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf0v.dat: 4771x47 449b 92b F0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf2ii.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b F2 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf2iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 84b F2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf02iv.dat: 4771x4 449b 92b F0-2 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf2v.dat: 4771x57 542b 105b F2 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf5i.dat: 4771x57 542b 93b F5 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf5iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 89b F5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf5iv.dat: 4771x57 542b 92b F5 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf5v.dat: 4771x57 542b 101b F5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf6v.dat: 4771x67 635b 113b F6 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf8i.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b F8 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf8iv.dat: 4771x67 635b 107b F8 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukf8v.dat: 4771x67 635b 106b F8 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg0i.dat: 4771x57 542b 91b G0 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg0iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 109b G0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg0iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b G0 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg0v.dat: 4771x67 635b 108b G0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg2i.dat: 4771x67 635b 98b G2 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg2iv.dat: 4771x57 542b 92b G2 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg2v.dat: 4771x67 635b 114b G2 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg5i.dat: 4771x47 449b 87b G5 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg5ii.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b G5 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg5iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 116b G5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg5iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b G5 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg5v.dat: 4771x57 542b 104b G5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg8i.dat: 4771x67 635b 108b G8 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg8iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 110b G8 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg8iv.dat: 4771x57 542b 91b G8 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukg8v.dat: 4771x67 635b 108b G8 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk0iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 115b K0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk0iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 83b K0 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk0v.dat: 4771x57 542b 93b K0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk01ii.dat: 4771x4 449b 86b K0-1 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk1iii.dat: 4771x5 542b 103b K1 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk1iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 80b K1 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk2i.dat: 4771x57 542b 92b K2 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk2iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 120b K2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk2v.dat: 4771x57 542b 94b K2 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk3i.dat: 4771x57 542b 93b K3 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk3iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 109b K3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk3iv.dat: 4771x47 449b 84b K3 IV (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk3v.dat: 4771x67 635b 96b K3 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk4i.dat: 4771x77 728b 113b K4 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk4iii.dat: 4771x6 635b 95b K4 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk4v.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b K4 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk5iii.dat: 4771x8 822b 128b K5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk5v.dat: 4771x47 449b 81b K5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk7v.dat: 4771x67 635b 111b K7 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukk34ii.dat: 4771x5 542b 126b K3-4 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm0iii.dat: 4771x5 542b 131b M0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm0v.dat: 4771x47 449b 86b M0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm1iii.dat: 4771x6 635b 139b M1 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm1v.dat: 4771x47 449b 87b M1 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm2i.dat: 4771x77 728b 124b M2 I (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm2iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 158b M2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm2p5v.dat: 4771x5 542b 93b M2.5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm2v.dat: 4771x67 635b 110b M2 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm3ii.dat: 4771x57 542b 88b M3 II (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm3iii.dat: 4771x7 728b 160b M3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm3v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b M3 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm4iii.dat: 4771x6 635b 168b M4 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm4v.dat: 4771x47 449b 84b M4 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm5iii.dat: 4771x6 635b 172b M5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm5v.dat: 4771x67 635b 118b M5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm6iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 129b M6 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm6v.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b M6 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm7iii.dat: 4771x6 635b 162b M7 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm8iii.dat: 4771x5 542b 161b M8 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm9iii.dat: 4771x2 262b 71b M9 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukm10iii.dat: 4771x 262b 71b M10 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uko5v.dat: 4771x57 542b 106b O5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uko8iii.dat: 4771x4 449b 94b O8 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/uko9v.dat: 4771x67 635b 105b O9 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrf6v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b metal-rich F6 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrf8v.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b metal-rich F8 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrg0v.dat: 4771x47 449b 88b metal-rich G0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrg5iii.dat: 4771x 449b 88b metal-rich G5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrg5v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b metal-rich G5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk0iii.dat: 4771x 449b 87b metal-rich K0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk0v.dat: 4771x77 728b 115b metal-rich K0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk1iii.dat: 4771x 449b 87b metal-rich K1 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk2iii.dat: 4771x 449b 86b metal-rich K2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk3iii.dat: 4771x 449b 86b metal-rich K3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk4iii.dat: 4771x 449b 86b metal-rich K4 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukrk5iii.dat: 4771x 449b 88b metal-rich K5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwf5v.dat: 4771x47 449b 87b metal-weak F5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwf8v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b metal-weak F8 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwg0v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b metal-weak G0 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwg5iii.dat: 4771x 449b 89b metal-weak G5 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwg5v.dat: 4771x47 449b 89b metal-weak G5 V (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwg8iii.dat: 4771x 449b 88b metal-weak G8 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwk0iii.dat: 4771x 449b 86b metal-weak K0 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwk1iii.dat: 4771x 449b 80b metal-weak K1 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwk2iii.dat: 4771x 449b 85b metal-weak K2 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwk3iii.dat: 4771x 449b 83b metal-weak K3 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/ukwk4iii.dat: 4771x 449b 85b metal-weak K4 III (1150-25000 A) J/PASP/110/863/wf5v.dat: 1895x67 253b 52b metal-weak F5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wf8v.dat: 1895x77 290b 60b metal-weak F8 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wg0v.dat: 1895x67 253b 56b metal-weak G0 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wg5iii.dat: 1895x77 290b 65b metal-weak G5 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wg5v.dat: 1895x77 290b 64b metal-weak G5 V (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wg8iii.dat: 1895x87 327b 70b metal-weak G8 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wk0iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 51b metal-weak K0 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wk1iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 34b metal-weak K1 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wk2iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 49b metal-weak K2 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wk3iii.dat: 1895x67 253b 49b metal-weak K3 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863/wk4iii.dat: 1895x57 216b 49b metal-weak K4 III (1150-10620 A) J/PASP/110/863 =====>: 876847x1621 103456b 20534b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/1012/ReadMe: 259x80 32b 0b New double stars from HST (Schneider+, 1998) J/PASP/110/1012/acquis.dat: 16164x56 6473b 1189b Planned Acquisition Description J/PASP/110/1012/doubles.dat: 6351575 10670b 2762b Double Star Solutions J/PASP/110/1012/names.dat: 2348x23 111b 39b List of Observed HST Guide Stars Searched For Duplicity J/PASP/110/1012/table2.dat: 278x25 115b 0b Selected doubles from HST acquisition data J/PASP/110/1012 =====>: 82564x2545 17401b 3990b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/1172/ReadMe: 99x80 13b 7b NGC 789 radial velocities (Gim+ 1998) J/PASP/110/1172/table2.dat: 592x30 36b 0b Radial velocity spectrometer observational data J/PASP/110/1172/table3.dat: 124x70 18b 0b Radial velocity results in NGC 7789 J/PASP/110/1172 =====>: 815x8060 67b 7b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/1318/ReadMe: 93x80 11b 0b NGC 7789 CCD VI photometry (Gim+, 1998) J/PASP/110/1318/table.dat: 15617x9 3052b 1003b VI photometry J/PASP/110/1318 =====>: 15710x9923 3063b 1003b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/110/1434/ReadMe: 75x80 10b 6b High-velocity stars radial velocities (Stock+, 1998) J/PASP/110/1434/table3.dat: 108x70 16b 8b Catalog of high radial velocity stars J/PASP/110/1434 =====>: 183x8060 26b 14b Total

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