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Beginning of ReadMe : File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/313/ReadMe: 169x80 21b 11b Empirical stellar flux scales (Hall 1996) J/PASP/108/313/blanket.dat: 155x89 29b 9b Line blanketing coefficients J/PASP/108/313/table4.dat: 26x63 5b 3b Empirical flux scales J/PASP/108/313/table5.dat: 146x67 20b 7b Table of references J/PASP/108/313/table6.dat: 146x64 20b 8b Stellar properties J/PASP/108/313 =====>: 642x89 9 95b 38b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/332/ReadMe: 70x80 9b 5b Photometric analysis of contact binaries (Lapasset+ 1996) J/PASP/108/332/table1a.dat: 653x30 41b 16b Individual observations of HY Pavonis J/PASP/108/332/table1b.dat: 606x30 38b 15b Individual observations of AW Virginis J/PASP/108/332/table1c.dat: 537x30 34b 13b Individual observations of BP Velorum J/PASP/108/332/table3a.dat: 59x20 4b 3b HY Pavonis normal points J/PASP/108/332/table3b.dat: 61x20 4b 3b AW Virginis normal points J/PASP/108/332/table3c.dat: 67x20 4b 3b BP Velorum normal points J/PASP/108/332 =====>: 2053x80 0 134b 58b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/338/ReadMe: 52x80 7b 4b UBV obs. of the contact binary BF Pavonis (Gonzalez+ 1996) J/PASP/108/338/table1b.dat: 808x16 28b 11b Differential B observations of BF Pavonis J/PASP/108/338/table1u.dat: 123x16 6b 3b Differential U observations of BF Pavonis J/PASP/108/338/table1v.dat: 417x16 15b 7b Differential V observations of BF Pavonis J/PASP/108/338 =====>: 1400x80 8 56b 25b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/682/ReadMe: 44x80 6b 4b Low-Mass Stars in Outer Field in NGC 6397 (Mould+, 1996) J/PASP/108/682/catalog.dat: 700x32 36b 16b The catalog J/PASP/108/682 =====>: 744x80 0 42b 20b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/772/ReadMe: 66x80 9b 0b uvby-beta photometry of A and F southern stars (Perry+, 1996) J/PASP/108/772/table1.dat: 3762x66 489b 178b Catalog of computational data for J/PASP/108/772 =====>: 3828x80 2 498b 178b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/PASP/108/1105/ReadMe: 48x80 7b 4b Constant Stars in the GCVS. II. (Schmidt+ 1997) J/PASP/108/1105/table1: 950x54 104b 32b Photometric data for 51 variable stars J/PASP/108/1105 =====>: 998x8040 111b 36b Total

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