VIII/102            GLEAM II. Galactic plane              (Hurley-Walker+, 2019)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VIII/102 GLEAM II. Galactic plane (Hurley-Walker+, 2019) ================================================================================ GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky Murchison Widefield Array (GLEAM) survey. II: Galactic plane 345deg < l < 67deg, 180deg < l < 240deg. Hurley-Walker N., Hancock P.J., Franzen T.M.O., Callingham J.R., Offringa A.R., Hindson L., Wu C., Bell M.E., For B.-Q., Gaensler B.M., Johnston-Hollitt M., KapiNska A.D., Morgan J., Murphy T., McKinley B., Procopio P., Staveley-Smith L., Wayth R.B., Zheng Q. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 36, 47 (2019)> =2019PASA...36...47H =2019yCat.8102....0H ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Radio sources ; Galaxy catalogs ; Morphology Keywords: techniques: interferometric - galaxies: general - radio continuum: surveys Abstract: This work makes available a further of the GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky Murchison Widefield Array (GLEAM) survey, covering half of the accessible galactic plane, across 20 frequency bands sampling 72-231MHz, with resolution 4-2arcmin. Unlike previous GLEAM data releases, we used multi-scale CLEAN to better deconvolve large-scale galactic structure. For the galactic longitude ranges 345deg<l<67deg, 180deg<l<240deg, we provide a compact source catalogue of 22037 components selected from a 60-MHz bandwidth image centred at 200MHz, with RMS noise  -10-20mJy/beam and position accuracy better than 2-arcsec. The catalogue has a completeness of 50% at  120mJy, and a reliability of 99.86%. It covers galactic latitudes 1deg<=|b|<=10deg towards the galactic centre and |b|<=10deg for other regions, and is available from Vizier; images covering |b|<=10deg for all longitudes are made available on the GLEAM Virtual Observatory (VO).server and SkyView. Description: This paper covers the Galactic plane for two Galactic longitude ranges within galactic latitude |b|<=10deg; 345deg<l<67degand 180deg<l<240deg hereafter respectively referred to as inner-Galaxy (iG) and outer-Galaxy (oG) regions.

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