J/other/PASA/34.13      S-PASS catalog at 2.3GHz                 (Meyers+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/PASA/34.13 S-PASS catalog at 2.3GHz (Meyers+, 2017) ================================================================================ A southern-sky total intensity source catalogue at 2.3GHz from S-band Polarisation All-Sky Survey data. Meyers B.W., Hurley-Walker N., Hancock P.J., Franzen T.M.O., Carretti E., Staveley-Smith L., Gaensler B.M., Haverkorn M., Poppi S. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 34, 13 (2017)> =2017PASA...34...13M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Radio sources ; Polarization Keywords: catalogues - surveys - radio continuum: general Abstract: The S-band Polarisation All-Sky Survey (S-PASS) has observed the entire southern sky using the 64-metre Parkes radio telescope at 2.3GHz with an effective bandwidth of 184MHz. The surveyed sky area covers all declinations DE<0deg. To analyse compact sources the survey data have been re-processed to produce a set of 107 Stokes I maps with 10.75-arcmin resolution and the large scale emission contribution filtered out. In this paper we use these Stokes I images to create a total intensity southern-sky extragalactic source catalogue at 2.3GHz. The source catalogue contains 23389 sources and covers a sky area of 16600deg^2^, excluding the Galactic plane for latitudes |b|<10deg. Approximately 8% of catalogued sources are resolved. S-PASS source positions are typically accurate to within 35-arcsec. At a flux density of 225mJy the S-PASS source catalogue is more than 95% complete, and  94% of S-PASS sources brighter than 500mJy/beam have a counterpart at lower frequencies. Description: Observations were carried out over the period October 2007 to January 2010 using the Parkes S-band receiver. The S-band receiver is a package with: a system temperature Tsys=20K, a beam Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) of 8.9-arcmin, and a circular polarisation front-end ideal for linear polarisation observations with single-dish telescopes.

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