V/148               The MORX catalogue                            (Flesch, 2016)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/148 The MORX catalogue (Flesch, 2016) ================================================================================ The Million Optical Radio/X-ray Associations (MORX) catalogue. Flesch E.W. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 33, 52 (2016)> =2016PASA...33...52F (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) =2016yCat.5148....0F ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; X-ray sources ; Radio sources ; Photometry Keywords: catalogs - surveys Abstract: This automated catalogue combines all the largest published optical, radio and X-ray sky catalogues to find probable radio/X-ray associations to optical objects, plus double radio lobes, using uniform processing against all input data. The total count is 1002855 optical objects so presented. Each object is displayed with J2000 astrometry, optical and radio/X-ray identifiers, red and blue photometry, and calculated probabilities and optical field solutions of the associations. This is the third and final edition of this method. Description: This is a compendium of optical objects which are calculated as associated to XMM-Newton, ROSAT, Chandra or Swift X-ray sources, or to NVSS, FIRST or SUMSS radio sources or double radio lobes. The counts are: Optical objects - 1,002,855 NVSS - 402,485 core radio associations, plus 8320 double radio lobes. FIRST - 250,072 core radio associations, plus 16,934 double radio lobes. SUMSS - 70,863 core radio associations, plus 2124 double radio lobes. XMM-Newton - 184,203 X-ray associations XMM Slew - 10,104 X-ray associations ROSAT - 120,181 X-ray associations Chandra - 91,674 X-ray associations Swift - 47,200 X-ray associations Each optical object is shown as one line bearing the J2000 coordinates, object name if any, object class, red & blue photometry, redshift if any, likelihoods of the presented associations and calculated odds that the object is a quasar, galaxy, star, or erroneous association, and the radio & X-ray identifiers. Also, details of positional offsets and optical field solutions are given, plus references for the object name, redshift and classification. A supplemental file ("morxsupp.dat") of 118,200 anonymous SDSS galaxies with radio/X-ray associations has been added to the MORX files. Those SDSS data came to hand just as MORX was in press, so are included as this supplement. The file format is the same as MORX, and their combined count is 1,121,055 optical objects. If citing, just cite as MORX.

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