J/other/PASA/31.24    Milky Way detached double-lined EB catalog   (Eker+, 2014)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/PASA/31.24 Milky Way detached double-lined EB catalog (Eker+, 2014) ================================================================================ The catalogue of stellar parameters from the detached double-lined eclipsing b inaries in the Milky Way. Eker Z., Bilir S., Soydugan F., Yaz Gokce E., Soydugan E., Tuysuz M., Semyuz T., Demircan O. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 31, 24 (2014)> =2014PASA...31...24E (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Binaries, eclipsing ; Milky Way ; Stars, masses ; Stars, diameters Keywords: astronomical data based: catalogues - stars: binaries: eclipsing - stars: fundamental parameters - stars: binaries: spectroscopic Abstract: The most accurate stellar astrophysical parameters were collected from the solutions of the light and the radial velocity curves of 257 detached double-lined eclipsing binaries in the Milky Way. The catalogue contains masses, radii, surface gravities, effective temperatures, luminosities, projected rotational velocities of the component stars, and the orbital parameters. The number of stars with accurate parameters increased 67% in comparison to the most recent similar collection by Torres, Andersen, & Gimenez (2010, Cat. J/other/A+ARv/18.67). Distributions of some basic parameters were investigated. The ranges of effective temperatures, masses, and radii are (K)<43000, 0.18<M/M_sun_<33, and 0.2<R/R_sun_<21.2, respectively. Being mostly located in one kpc in the Solar neighborhood, the present sample covers distances up to 4.6kpc within the two local Galactic arms, Carina-Sagittarius and Orion Spur. The number of stars with both mass and radius measurements better than 1% uncertainty is 93, better than 3% uncertainty is 311, and better than 5% uncertainty is 388. It is estimated from the Roche lobe filling factors that 455 stars (88.5% of the sample) are spherical within 1% of uncertainty. Description: The basic stellar (masses, radii, T_eff_, logg, vsini) and orbital (radial velocity amplitudes K1, K2, mass ratio q, orbital pe- riod Porb , orbital inclination i, semi-major axis a, eccentricity e) parameters have been collected from the published material through literature from the simultaneous solutions of light and radial velocity curves of 257 detached eclipsing and double-lined spectroscopic binaries in our Galaxy. The collections are complete by the date January 2, 2013.

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