J/other/JAVSO/48.201 Maintaining the Ephemeris of 20 CoRoT planets (Deeg+, 2020)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/JAVSO/48.201 Maintaining the Ephemeris of 20 CoRoT planets (Deeg+, 2020) ================================================================================ Maintaining the Ephemeris of 20 CoRoT Planets: Transit Minimum Times and Potential Transit Timing Variations. Deeg H.J., Klagyivik P., Armstrong J.D., Nespral D., Tal-Or L., Alonso R, Cabatic R., Chaffey C., Gauza B., Hoyer S., Lindsay C.J., Miles-Paez P., Rojo P., Tingley B. <J. Am. Assoc. Variable star obs., 48, 201 (2020)> =2020JAVSO..48..201D (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple ; Exoplanets ; Ephemerides ; Photometry, CCD Keywords: Planets, Extrasolar - Period Changes - Photometry, CCD Abstract: We present 33 transit minimum times of 20 transiting planets discovered by the CoRoT space mission, which have been obtained from ground-based observations since the mission's end in 2012, with the objective to maintain the ephemeris of these planets and to identify potential transit time variations. Twelve of the observed planets are in the CoRoT fields near the galactic center and the remaining eight planets are in the fields near the anticenter. We detect indications for significant transit timing variations in the cases of CoRoT 3b, 11b, 13b, 27b. For two more planets (CoRoT 18b and 20b) we conclude that timing offsets in early follow-up observations led to ephemeris in discovery publications that are inconsistent with timings from follow-up observations in later epochs. In the case of CoRoT-20b, this might be due to the influence from a further non-transiting planet. We also note that a significant majority (23 of 33) of our reported minimum times have negative O-C values, albeit most of them are within the expected uncertainty of the ephemeris. Description: 34 Ground based light curves of transits from 20 different planetary systems discovered by the CoRoT mission are provided. These light curves are the basis from which the reported transit timings have been measured from. The tabular light curves correspond to those that are plotted in Fig. 2 and in Appendices A and B of the paper. The metadata indicate the targets, the BJD of the first data points and the telescopes and filter used in the data acquisition.

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