J/other/AstBu/76.163   Ori OB1 CP stars magnetic fields. V.    (Romanyuk+, 2021)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/AstBu/76.163 Ori OB1 CP stars magnetic fields. V. (Romanyuk+, 2021) ================================================================================ Magnetic Fields of CP Stars in the Orion OB1 Association. V. Stars of Subgroups (c) and (d). Romanyuk I.I., Semenko E.A., Moiseeva A.V., Yakunin I.A., Kudryavtsev D.O. <Astrophys. Bull., 76, 163-184 (2021)> =2021AstBu..76..163R (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Magnetic fields ; Spectroscopy ; Stars, Ap; Stars, Bp ; Stars, peculiar ; Stars, standard Keywords: magnetic field - stars: chemically peculiar Abstract: The paper presents the results of magnetic field measurements of 27 chemically peculiar stars in subgroups (c) and (d) of the Orion OB1 association. In total, more than 140 circularly polarized spectra were obtained and measured in the period from 2013 to 2020. An analysis of the results showed that 13 out of 24 CP stars in subgroup (c) have a magnetic field. At the same time, no field of a significant strength was found in any of the three CP stars in subgroup (d). We found that the occurrence of magnetic stars in subgroup (c), whose average age is approximately 5Myr, lies in the middle between the occurrence of magnetic stars in subgroups (a) with an age of 10 Myr and (b), whose age is about 2Myr. Our results indicate a sharp decrease in the occurrence of magnetic CP stars and a simultaneous decrease in their magnetic field with age. The data obtained with the example of the Orion OB1 association generally support the theory of the fossil origin of the magnetic field of chemically peculiar stars; however, the process of the field formation itself can have a number of features manifesting observationally. Description: We present magnetic field measurements for 27 chemically peculiar (CP) stars of subgroup (c,d) in the Orion OB1 association. Data was obtained at the Main Stellar Spectrograph of the Russian 6-m telescope. We got 151 zeeman spectra for 27 stars.

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