J/other/AstBu/73.310  Isolated galaxy pair limited to M<=-18.5  (Nottale+, 2018)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/AstBu/73.310 Isolated galaxy pair limited to M<=-18.5 (Nottale+, 2018) ================================================================================ A catalog of isolated galaxy pairs limited to absolute magnitude -18.5 drawn from HyperLEDA database. Nottale L., Chamaraux P. <Astrophys. Bull., 73, 310-317 (2018)> =2018AstBu..73..310N (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Clusters, galaxy ; Radial velocities Keywords: catalogues - galaxies: general - galaxies: groups: general Abstract: The present paper is devoted to the construction of a catalog of isolated galaxy pairs extracted from the HyperLEDA extragalactic database. The radial velocities of the galaxies in the pairs are in the range [3000, 16000]km/s. In order to get an unbiased pair catalog as complete as possible, we have limited the absolute magnitude of the galaxies to M<=-18.5). The criteria used to define the isolated galaxy pairs are the following: 1) Velocity criterion: radial velocity difference between the pair members DeltaV<500km/s; 2) Interdistance criterion: projected distance between the members r_p_<1Mpc; 3) Reciprocity criterion: each member is the closest galaxy to the other one, which excludes multiplets; 4) Isolation criterion: we define a pair as isolated if the ratio rho=r_3_/r_p_ of the projected distance of the pair to its closest galaxy (this one having a velocity difference lower than 500km/s with respect to the pair) and the members projected interdistance r_p is larger than 2.5. We have searched for these closest galaxies first in HyperLEDA M-limited source catalog, then in the full one. We have managed not to suppress the small number of pairs having close-by but faint dwarf galaxy companions. The galaxy pair catalog lists the value of rho for each isolated pair. This method allows the user of the catalog to select any isolation level (beyond the chosen limit rho>2.5). Our final catalog contains 13114 galaxy pairs, of which 57% are fairly isolated with rho>5, and 30% are highly isolated with rho>=10. Description: We present a catalog of 13114 isolated pairs of galaxies limited to absolute magnitude -18.5 selected from HyperLEDA database.

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