J/other/AstBu/72.391 CP stars magnetic fields catalog (2010) (Romanyuk+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/AstBu/72.391 CP stars magnetic fields catalog (2010) (Romanyuk+, 2017) ================================================================================ Results of magnetic field measurements performed with the 6-m telescope. IV. Observations in 2010. Romanyuk I.I., Semenko E.A., Kudryavtsev D.O., Moiseeva A.V., Yakunin I.A. <Astrophys. Bull., 72, 391-410 (2017)> =2017AstBu..72..391R (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, Ap; Stars, Bp ; Stars, peculiar ; Stars, standard ; Magnetic fields ; Spectroscopy Keywords: stars magnetic field - stars chemically peculiar Abstract: We present the results of measuring longitudinal magnetic fields (B_e_), rotation velocities (v_esini_), and radial velocities (V_r_) of 92 stars observed with the Main Stellar Spectrograph (MSS) of the 6-m BTA telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatory in 2010. Observations of standard stars without magnetic fields confirm the absence of systematic errors capable of introducing distortions into the longitudinal-field measurement results. Description: Data was obtained at the Main Stellar Spectrograph of the Russian 6-m telescope during 2010. We got 195 zeeman spectra for 92 stars.

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