J/other/AstBu/72.150    RATAN COLD Reined (RCR) catalogue     (Zhelenkova+ 2018)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/AstBu/72.150 RATAN COLD Reined (RCR) catalogue (Zhelenkova+ 2018) ================================================================================ Ratan-600 7.6-cm deep sky strip surveys at the declination of the SS433 source during the 1980-1999 Period. Data reduction and the catalog of radio sources in the right-ascension interval 2h < R.A. < 7h and additional source detections. Zhelenkova O.P., Soboleva N.S., Temirova A.V., Bursov N.N. <Astrophys. Bull. 72, 150-164 (2017)> =2017AstBu..72..150Z Zhelenkova O.P., Majorova E.K. <Astrophys. Bull. 71, 14-23 (2016); 73, 142-161 (2018)> =2016AstBu..71...14Z =2018AstBu..73..142Z ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Radio sources Keywords: radio continuum: general - surveys - radio sources: general - radio sources: identifications Abstract: We present the additional list of radio sources of the RCR (RATAN Cold Refined) catalog. The sources was obtained on the observation data of the COLD experiment which included a series of surveys carried out in 1980-1999 on the RATAN-600 radio telescope. This part of RCR catalogue contains the right ascensions, integrated flux densities at 7.6cm (3.94GHz) and their spectral indices 3.94 and 0.5GHz of 269 objects detected in the right-ascension interval 2h<R.A.<7h and also additional 24 radio sources found in only one survey and 3 transient candidates in the right-ascension interval 2h<R.A.<17h. We constructed radio spectra of the sources using data of the catalogues from CATS and VizieR databases which the strip of COLD surveys overlays, and, in cases of weak sources, for this purpose we used the flux density values estimated from VLSSr, GLEAM, TGSS, and GB6 survey maps. 6% of the sources, which are mostly weaker than 30 mJy at 3.94GHz, have flux density data only at two frequencies - 1.4 and 3.94GHz. About 30% of these sources have flat or inverse spectra (alpha>-0.5) at 3.94GHz. We verified the reliability of identifications of the sources detected in the scans by comparing the coordinates and integrated flux densities with the corresponding parameters of the sources of the NVSS catalogue. In the central 10'-part of the strip at 10mJy level completness of the catalogue is about 90% and we found no objects that lack in decimeter-wave catalogues. Description: From 1980 till 1999 a few surveys of 40'-width sky strip, centred on SS433 declination have been carried out in the experiment COLD on the radio telescope RATAN-600. On a basis of the given observations 1980-1981 on 7.6 cm wavelength (3.94 GHz) has been obtained the RC (RATAN Cold) catalogue (Parijskij et al. 1991A&AS...87....1P, 1992A&AS...96..583P). Re-processing of the surveys data in the range of 2h<R.A.<7h is conducted for improvement of coordinates and flux densities of the RC catalogue sources The NVSS catalogue was used as reference one. We use two methods of the data reduction (see Soboleva et al. 2010AstBu...65...42S) and results for 2h<R.A.<7h interval published in two papers 2018AstBu...72..142Z and 2017AstBu...72..150Z. The inference on the possibility of search for variable sources and transients using the data from the RATAN-600 blind surveys was drawn. We found additional 24 sources (Zhelenkova O.P., Majorova E.K. 2016AstBu...71...14Z) which are associated with the NVSS objects and detected in only one survey of the Cold experiment but they were not in the RCR catalog before and also 3 transient candidates. We include these sources in the catalogue.

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