J/other/AstBu/72.111  Galaxies in Hercules-Bootes region   (Karachentsev+, 2017)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/other/AstBu/72.111 Galaxies in Hercules-Bootes region (Karachentsev+, 2017) ================================================================================ Nearby groups of galaxies in the Hercules-Bootes constellations Karachentsev I.D., Kashibadze O.G., Karachentseva V.E. <Astrophys. Bull., 72, 111-121 (2017)> =2017AstBu..72..111K (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Redshifts ; Morphology Keywords: galaxies: kinematics and dynamics - galaxies: distances and redshifts - galaxies: groups Abstract: We consider a sample of 412 galaxies with radial velocities V_LG_<2500km/s situated in the sky region of RA=13.0h-19.0h, Dec=+10deg...+40deg between the Local Void and the Supergalactic plane. One hundred and eighty-one of them have individual distance estimates. Peculiar velocities of the galaxies as a function of Supergalactic latitude SGB show signs of Virgocentric infall at SGB<10deg and motion from the Local Void at SGB>60deg. A half of the Hercules-Bootes galaxies belong to 17 groups and 29 pairs, with the richest group around NGC5353. A typical group is characterized by the velocity dispersion of 67km/s, the harmonic radius of 182kpc, the stellar mass of 4.3x10^10^M_sun_ and the virial- to-stellar mass ratio of 32. The binary galaxies have the mean radial velocity difference of 37km/s, the projected separation of 96kpc, the mean integral stellar mass of 2.6x10^9^M_sun_ and the mean virial-to-stellar mass ratio of about 8. The total dark-matter-to-stellar mass ratio in the considered sky region amounts to 37 being almost the same as that in the Local Volume. Description: The table contains original observational data on 412 galaxies in the Hercules-Bootes region with radial velocities of V_LG_<2500km/s. The main source of data is the NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) with additions from the HyperLEDA Database. Each object with a radial velocity estimate was visually inspected, and a large number of false "galaxies" with radial velocities of around zero was discarded. For many galaxies, we have refined the morphological types and integral B-magnitudes. The resulting sample includes 181 galaxies with individual distance estimates.

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