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drwxr-xr-x 71 cats archive 4096 Sep 7 12:20 [Up] -rw-r--r-- 1 cats archive 67 Feb 21 2009 .message -rw-r--r-- 1 cats archive 1579 Sep 27 2007 ReadMe drwxr-xr-x 2 cats archive 4096 May 26 16:25 26.282 drwxr-xr-x 2 cats archive 193 May 26 16:25 26.367
Beginning of ReadMe : File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/other/APh/26.282/ReadMe: 253x80 32b 11b AGN neutrino source candidates (Achterberg+, 2006) J/other/APh/26.282/tableb1.dat: 11 3b 2b Strongest IR sources in blazar catalog J/other/APh/26.282/tableb2.dat: 14 4b 3b ROSAT sources identified with strong radio blazars J/other/APh/26.282/tableb3.dat: 3x 2b 2b HEAO-A sources identified with strong radio blazars J/other/APh/26.282/tableb4.dat: 22 4b 3b 3EG sources identified with strong radio blazars J/other/APh/26.282/tableb5.dat: 25 3b 2b Unidentified and weakly identified extragalactic J/other/APh/26.282/tableb6.dat: 5x 2b 2b TeV blazars with delta>10deg J/other/APh/26.282/tableb7.dat: 25 4b 3b GPS and CSS sources fulfilling our selection rules J/other/APh/26.282/tableb8.dat: 24 4b 2b FR-I radio galaxies J/other/APh/26.282/tableb9.dat: 25 4b 2b FR-II radio galaxies J/other/APh/26.282/tableb10.dat: 2 3b 2b Radio-weak quasars from the BQS sorted according J/other/APh/26.282/tableb11.dat: 5 2b 2b Nearby intrinsically weak sources J/other/APh/26.282 =====>: 43829506 67b 36b Total File: NrecxLrec Unix Z Explanation J/other/APh/26.367/ReadMe: 68x80 9b 0b GRB from RICE data (Besson+, 2007) J/other/APh/26.367/appen.dat: 107x 8b 4b GRBs recorded in southern hemisphere, with J/other/APh/26.367 =====>: 175 8543 17b 4b Total

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