J/BaltA/9/646 Compiled Catalogue of Mira-type stars    (Kharchenko+, 2000)
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Beginning of ReadMe : J/BaltA/9/646 Compiled Catalogue of Mira-type stars (Kharchenko+, 2000) ================================================================================ The Compiled Catalogue of the astronomical data of the Mira-type stars. Kharchenko N.V., Kilpio E.Yu., Malkov O.Yu., Schilbach E. <Baltic Astronomy, 9, 646 (2000)> =2000BaltA...9..646K ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable ; Combined data ; Cross identifications Keywords: stars: fundamental parameters - stars: variables Description: The Compiled Catalogue of 1103 Mira type stars is created on the basis of the 4-th edition of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS-4, Cat. II/214) and present day large high-precision catalogues based on space (Hipparcos-Tycho family catalogues: Hipparcos, Tycho-1 I/239, Tycho-2 (I/259), ACT RC (Urban et al., 1998AJ....115.2161U), TRC (Cat. I/250) and ground-based (CMC11 I/256, PPM-N I/146, PPM-S I/193, PPM-add I/206, Kharchenko, 1992, Kinematics and physics of celestial bodies 8, 61) data. Equatorial coordinates were taken from the source catalogues in accordance with the following priority: Hipparcos, Tycho-2, Tycho-1, CMC11, PPM, Kharchenko 1992. The proper motions in the Hipparcos system are calculated for 1041 Miras as mean weighted values of the reduced data from the source catalogues. The radial velocities obtained from absorption lines for 786 Miras were taken from nine catalogues and lists of Feast (1963MNRAS.125..367F, 1966MNRAS.132..495F), Smak and Preston (1965ApJ...142..943S), Perry and Bidelman (1965PASP...77..214P), Feast et al. (1972MNRAS.158...23F), Dean (1976AJ.....81..364D), Barnes and Fekel (1977Obs....97....1B), Feast et al. (1980MNRAS.190..227F), Barbier-Brossat and Figon (2000, Cat. III/213). Some radial velocities were determined from emission lines and corrected using the following formula (Ikaunieks, 1971, Long period variable stars, Zinante, Riga): V_R(abs) - V_R(em) = 0.035 * Period. For 724 Miras both proper motions and radial velocities are available. Miras in the Compiled Catalogue are sorted in the same order as in GCVS-4.

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