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      A+A   = Astron. Astrophys.
      A+AS  = Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser.
      AJ    = Astron. J.
      AN    = Astron. Nachrichten
      AZh   = Astron. Zhurnal (Russian)
      AcA   = Acta Astronomica
      ApJ   = Astrophys. J.
      ApJS  = Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser.
      BaltA = Baltic Astronomy
      MNRAS = Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.
      PASJ  = Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan
      PASP  = Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific
      PAZh  = Pis'ma v Astronomicheskii Zhurnal (Astronomy Letters)
      other = a few other astronomical publications, written  
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Beginning of ReadMe : == Version of 25-Sep-2021 ================================================================================ Large Tables from astronomical publications are stored in a 3-level directory structure of general form Abbr/Volume/First_Page where Abbr takes the values A+A = Astron. Astrophys. A+AS = Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. AJ = Astron. J. AZh = Astron. Zhurnal (Russian) ApJ = Astrophys. J. ApJS = Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. MNRAS = Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. PASP = Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific PAZh = Pis'ma v Astronomicheskii Zhurnal (Astronomy Letters) other = a few other astronomical publications ================================================================================ For requests of catalogues which are not publicly available, comments, suggestions, etc ... mail or email to the following addresses: ===================================================================== Internet: SPAN: SIMBAD::question Phone: +33 88 35 84 11 Fax: +33 88 25 01 60 Post: CDS, Observatoire Astronomique 11, rue de l'Universite 67000 STRASBOURG, France ===================================================================== The following list summarizes all such files available. (excerpt from the "/pub/cats/cats.all" file) ================================================================================ J/A+A/8/315 ===> II/260 Ackermann red stars (Ackermann 1968) ================================================================================ J/A+A/14/164/ UBV sequences in Cen (Mcgruder+, 1971) Status: f Size: 8Kb; Date: Added: 03-Oct-201 Title: Three UBV sequence in Centaurus. Authors: Mcgruder C.H., Schnur G. BibCode: 1971A&A....14..164M Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 14, 164-166 (1971) Files: sequence.dat Keyword: Photometry, UBV; Photometry, sequences Cite: Mcgruder & Schnur 1971 (J/A+A/14/164) ================================================================================ J/A+A/17/47 ===> II/63A Balmer Lines Photometric Data (Mermilliod+ 1980) ================================================================================ J/A+A/17/326/ Positions of GV stars (Sanduleak+, 1972) Size: .; Date: Added: 19-Jan-2009 Title: Comparison of the Large Magellanic Cloud catalogue of Sanduleak and Fehrenbach-Duflot. Authors: Sanduleak N. BibCode: 1972A&A....17..326S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 17, 326-328 (1972) Files: Keyword: Cite: Sanduleak 1972 (J/A+A/17/326) ================================================================================ J/A+A/18/271/ Photometry of bright stars in LMC (Dachs+, 1972) Size: .; Date: Added: 20-Jan-2009 Title: Photometry of bright stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Authors: Dachs J. BibCode: 1972A&A....18..271D (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 18, 271-286 (1972) Files: Keyword: Cite: Dachs 1972 (J/A+A/18/271) ================================================================================ J/A+A/18/341/ Double stars of equal components (Stock+, 1972) Status: f Size: 71Kb; Date: Added: 10-May-200 Acronym: [SW72] Title: Double stars of equal components. Authors: Stock J., Wroblewski H. BibCode: 1972A&A....18..341S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 18, 341-349 (1972) Files: catalog.dat notes.dat Keyword: Stars, double and multiple; MK spectral classification Cite: Stock & Wroblewski 1972 (J/A+A/18/341) ================================================================================ J/A+A/18/428 ===> III/22 Rotation of Evolving A and F Stars (Danziger+ 1972) ================================================================================ J/A+A/35/393/ Westerbork Second Deep Survey (Katgert 1974) Status: T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 18-Apr-200 Acronym: 2W Title: A Second Deep Survey with the Westerbork telescope at 1415 and 610 MHz: an attempt to obtain deep identifications. Authors: Katgert J.K. BibCode: 1974A&A....35..393K Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 35, 393 (1974) Files: table4.dat Keyword: Radio sources; Surveys; Cite: Katgert 1974 (J/A+A/35/393) ================================================================================ J/A+A/39/159 ===> II/60 ================================================================================ J/A+A/41/413/ Coordinates and identifications in M24 (Moffat+, 1975) Size: .; Date: Added: 08-Sep-2009 Title: The bright star cloud in Sagittarius at l=12, b=1 deg. Authors: Moffat A.F.J., Vogt N. BibCode: 1975A&A....41..413M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 41, 413-422 (1975) Files: Keyword: Cite: Moffat & Vogt 1975 (J/A+A/41/413) ================================================================================ J/A+A/46/333 ===> VIII/7A Hat Creek High-Latitude H I Survey (Heiles+ 1974-1976) ================================================================================ J/A+A/60/221 ===> VII/50 CO Radial Velocities Toward Galactic H II Regions (Blitz+ 1982) ================================================================================ J/A+A/78/687 ===> III/46 Ap and Am Stars (Bertaud+ 1974; Bidelman+ 1973) ================================================================================ J/A+A/82/253 ===> II/63A Balmer Lines Photometric Data (Mermilliod+ 1980) ================================================================================ J/A+A/85/329/ 4.85GHz extragalactic sources (Pauliny-Toth+ 1980) Status: T-f Size: 12Kb; Date: Added: 18-Mar-199 Title: A deep survey of selected regions for extragalactic sources at 4.85GHz Authors: Pauliny-Toth I.I.K., Steppe H., Witzel A. BibCode: 1980A&A....85..329P (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 85, 329 (1980) Files: table2 Keyword: Radio sources Cite: Pauliny-Toth et al. 1980 (J/A+A/85/329) ================================================================================ J/A+A/108/256 ===> VII/32 ================================================================================ J/A+A/109/181 ===> VI/87 Planetary Ephemerides (Chapront+ 1996) ================================================================================ J/A+A/113/61/ HI data for 392 spiral galaxies (Bottinelli+, 1982) Status: f Size: 36Kb; Date: Added: 27-Jun-200 Title: Study of spiral galaxies from 392 new measurements of 21-cm line data. Authors: Bottinelli L., Gouguenheim L., Paturel G. BibCode: 1982A&A...113...61B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 113, 61 (1982) Files: table2.dat Keyword: Galaxies, radio; H I data; Morphology Cite: Bottinelli et al. 1982 (J/A+A/113/61) ================================================================================ J/A+A/114/278 ===> VI/81 Planetary Solutions VSOP87 (Bretagnon+, 1988) ================================================================================ J/A+A/123/39 ===> V/23 ================================================================================ J/A+A/124/50 ===> VI/79 Lunar Solution ELP 2000-82B (Chapront-Touze+, 1988) ================================================================================ J/A+A/125/359 ===> III/231 The Tycho-2 Spectral Type Catalog (Wright+, 2003) ================================================================================ J/A+A/130/191 ===> I/169 ================================================================================ J/A+A/171/261/ Radio Recombination Lines of Southern HII Regions (Caswell+ 1987) Status: T-f Size: 57Kb; Date: Added: 13-Apr-200 Title: Southern HII Regions: an extensive study of radio recombination line emission Authors: Caswell J.L., Haynes R.F. BibCode: 1987A&A...171..261C Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 171, 261 (1987) Files: table1.dat Keyword: H II regions; Radial velocities; Radio lines; Radio sources Cite: Caswell & Haynes 1987 (J/A+A/171/261) ================================================================================ J/A+A/177/131/ CaII and MgII excess flux density in cool stars (Rutten, 1987) Status: f Size: 42Kb; Date: Added: 27-Jun-200 Title: Magnetic structure in cool stars. XII. Chromospheric activity and rotation of giants and dwarfs. Authors: Rutten R.G.M. BibCode: 1987A&A...177..131R Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 177, 131 (1987) Files: refs.dat table2.dat table3.dat Keyword: Stars, late-type; Stars, dwarfs; Stars, giant; ; ; Magnitudes, absolute Cite: Rutten 1987 (J/A+A/177/131) ================================================================================ J/A+A/177/217/ Teff and Luminosity from MK spectral class (De Jager+ 1987) Size: .; Date: Added: 10-Sep-2014 Title: A new determination of the statistical relations between stellar spectral and luminosity classes and stellar effective temperature and lumonosity. Authors: De Jager C., Nieuwenhuijzen H. BibCode: 1987A&A...177..217D Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 177, 217-227 (1987) Files: Keyword: Cite: De Jager & Nieuwenhuijzen 1987 (J/A+A/177/217) ================================================================================ J/A+A/186/1 ===> VI/47 ================================================================================ J/A+A/190/342 ===> VI/79 Lunar Solution ELP 2000-82B (Chapront-Touze+, 1988) ================================================================================ J/A+A/202/309 ===> VI/81 Planetary Solutions VSOP87 (Bretagnon+, 1988) ================================================================================ J/A+A/214/68 ===> II/144 Brightest stars in the field of M31 (Berkhuijsen+ 1988) ================================================================================ J/A+A/216/44/ Walraven photometry in Sco-Cen association (De Geus+, 1989) Status: f Size: 34Kb; Date: Added: 29-Jan-200 Title: Physical parameters of stars in the Scorpio-Centaurus OB association. Authors: De Geus E.J., De Zeeuw P.T., Lub J. BibCode: 1989A&A...216...44D Ref: Astron. Astrophys., 216, 44-61 (1989) Files: table3a.dat table3b.dat table3c.dat Keyword: Associations, stellar; Photometry, VBLUW; Effective temperatures Cite: De Geus et al. 1989 (J/A+A/216/44) ================================================================================ J/A+A/222/69 ===> II/180 uvby-beta photometry of metal-poor stars (Schuster+ 1989) ================================================================================ J/A+A/227/82/ JHKLM photometry of 'IRAS-discovered' stars (Epchtein+, 1990) Status: f Size: 46Kb; Date: Added: 23-Oct-200 Title: Carbon star envelopes: near-IR photometry, mass loss and evolutionary status of a sample of IRAS stars. Authors: Epchtein N., Le Bertre T., Lepine J.R.D. BibCode: 1990A&A...227...82E Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 227, 82 (1990) Files: table1a.dat table3.dat Keyword: Stars, carbon; Infrared sources; Photometry, infrared Cite: Epchtein et al. 1990 (J/A+A/227/82) ================================================================================ J/A+A/229/362/ Small-scale structures in HI hole of M33 (Deul+, 1990) Status: f Size: 28Kb; Date: Added: 27-Jun-200 Acronym: [DD90] Title: Small-scale structures in the HI distribution of M 33. Authors: Deul E.R., den Hartog R.H. BibCode: 1990A&A...229..362D Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 229, 362 (1990) Files: table1.dat table2.dat Keyword: Interstellar medium; H I data; Morphology Sources: (table1): [DD90] @[DD90] Cite: Deul & den Hartog 1990 (J/A+A/229/362) ================================================================================ J/A+A/230/307 ===> III/212 Spectra of V568 Cyg in Period 1982-1988 (Coluzzi, 1990) ================================================================================ J/A+A/235/185/ OT 1809+31 quiescent candidates UBVR photometry (Motch+ 1990) Status: T-f Size: 9Kb; Date: Added: 02-May-199 Title: Quiescent candidates for the repeating optical transient OT 1809+31 Authors: Motch C., Hudec R., Christian C. BibCode: 1990A&A...235..185M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 235, 185 (1990) Files: table2 Keyword: Stars, variable; Photometry, UBV; Gamma rays Cite: Motch et al. 1990 (J/A+A/235/185) ================================================================================ J/A+A/240/262/ UBVR photometry of the open cluster King 2 (Aparicio+ 1990) Status: f Size: 50Kb; Date: Added: 27-Jun-200 Title: CCD UBVR photometry of the old rich open cluster King 2: comparison with theoretical models. Authors: Aparicio A., Bertelli G., Chiosi C., Garcia-Pelayo J.M. BibCode: 1990A&A...240..262A Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 240, 262 (1990) Files: table3.dat Keyword: Clusters, open; Photometry, CCD; Photometry, UBVRI Cite: Aparicio et al. 1990 (J/A+A/240/262) ================================================================================ J/A+A/241/551/ Radio continuum in Cygnus X region (Wendker+ 1991) Status: N-T-f Size: 28Kb; Date: Added: 23-Feb-199 Acronym: 18P; 19P Title: The Cygnus X region. XVIII. A detailed investigation of radio continuum structure on large and small scales Authors: Wendker H.J., Higgs L.A., Landecker T.L. BibCode: 1991A&A...241..551W Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 241, 551 (1991) Files: table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat Keyword: Radio sources; Supernova remnants Cite: Wendker et al. 1991 (J/A+A/241/551) ================================================================================ J/A+A/242/401/ Walraven photometry of WX Hyi (Kuulkers+ 1991) Status: N-T-f Size: 306Kb; Date: Added: 11-Feb-199 Title: Walraven photometry of WX Hyi during quiescence and outburst. Authors: Kuulkers E., Hollander A., Oosterbroeck T., van Paradijs J. BibCode: 1991A&A...242..401K Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 242, 401 (1991) Files: wx-hyi.dat Keyword: Stars, variable; Photometry, VBLUW; Binaries, cataclysmic Cite: Kuulkers et al. 1991 (J/A+A/242/401) ================================================================================ J/A+A/243/386/ Hyades members distances (Schwan 1991) Status: T-f Size: 45Kb; Date: Added: 15-Oct-199 Title: The distance and main sequence of the Hyades cluster based on 145 stars with highly accurate proper motions obtained from work on the catalogues FK5 and PPM. Authors: Schwan H. BibCode: 1991A&A...243..386S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 243, 386 (1991) Files: table1 table2 Keyword: Proper motions; Space velocities; Stars, distances; ; ; Clusters, open Cite: Schwan 1991 (J/A+A/243/386) ================================================================================ J/A+A/250/370/ Far-UV excess object survey (Bixler+ 1991) Status: T-f Size: 25Kb; Date: Added: 25-Oct-199 Title: A high galactic latitude survey of far-ultraviolet excess objects Authors: Bixler J.V., Bowyer S., Laget M. BibCode: 1991A&A...250..370B (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 250, 370 (1991) Files: appena appenc append appene appenf table3 Keyword: Spectra, ultraviolet; Stars, subdwarf; Photometry Cite: Bixler et al. 1991 (J/A+A/250/370) ================================================================================ J/A+A/256/121 ===> III/191 Radial Velocities of Nearby Stars (Tokovinin, 1992) ================================================================================ J/A+A/258/217 ===> I/197A Tycho Input Catalogue, Revised version (Egret+ 1992) ================================================================================ J/A+A/258/243/ HRV of Abell 151 galaxies (Proust+, 1992) Status: f Size: 9Kb; Date: Added: 13-Sep-200 Title: The cluster of galaxies Abell 151. Authors: Proust D., Quintana H., Mazure A., da Souza R., Sodre L., Capelato H.V. BibCode: 1992A&A...258..243P Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 258, 243 (1992) Files: table1.dat Keyword: Clusters, galaxy; Radial velocities; Magnitudes; Morphology Cite: Proust et al. 1992 (J/A+A/258/243) ================================================================================ J/A+A/258/423/ Spectrum of KQ Pup (Muratorio+ 1992) Status: N-T-f Size: 36Kb; Date: Added: 19-Feb-199 Title: The spectrum of the VV Cep star KQ Puppis (Boss 1985). IV. The Fe II spectrum, level population and spectral synthesis Authors: Muratorio G., Viotti R., Friedjung M., Baratta G.B., Rossi C. BibCode: 1992A&A...258..423M Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 258, 423-431 (1992) Files: table1.dat Keyword: Binaries, spectroscopic; Spectroscopy; ; ; Spectra, ultraviolet; Equivalent widths Cite: Muratorio et al. 1992 (J/A+A/258/423) ================================================================================ J/A+A/264/557 ===> VI/77 Theoretical Stellar Fluxes (Kurucz+Buser, 1994) ================================================================================ J/A+A/265/32/ Radial structure of the galactic disc (Robin+ 1992) Status: N-T-f Size: 59Kb; Date: Added: 02-Mar-199 Title: The radial structure of the galactic disc Authors: Robin A.C., Creze M., Mohan V. BibCode: 1992A&A...265...32R Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 265, 32 (1992) Files: fields Keyword: Photometry, CCD Cite: Robin et al. 1992 (J/A+A/265/32) ================================================================================ J/A+A/265/77/ VBLUW Observations of TT Ari (Hollander+ 1992) Status: T-f Size: 65Kb; Date: Added: 11-Feb-199 Title: Quasi-periodic oscillations in TT Ari Authors: Hollander A., van Paradijs J. BibCode: 1992A&A...265...77H Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 265, 77 (1992) Files: tt-ari.dat Keyword: Stars, variable; Photometry, VBLUW; Binaries, cataclysmic Cite: Hollander & van Paradijs 1992 (J/A+A/265/77) ================================================================================ J/A+A/267/515/ Very cold C-rich circumstellar envelopes (Omont+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 57Kb; Date: Added: 22-Oct-199 Acronym: [OLF93] Title: Characterization and proportion of very cold C-rich circumstellar envelopes Authors: Omont A., Loup C., Forveille T., te Lintel Hekkert P., Habing H., Sivagnanam P. BibCode: 1993A&A...267..515O Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 267, 515, (1993) Files: table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat Keyword: Infrared sources; Radio lines; Stars, carbon Sources: (master): [OLF93] @No Cite: Omont et al. 1993 (J/A+A/267/515) ================================================================================ J/A+A/268/419/ HII Regions in NGC 4258 (Courtes+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 13-Mar-199 Title: Structure of the spiral arms of NGC 4258 in Halpha and at 2000Angstroems. Authors: Courtes G., Petit H., Hua C.T., Martin P., Blecha A., Huguenin D., Golay M. BibCode: 1993A&A...268..419C Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 268, 419 (1993) Files: table3 Keyword: Galaxies, photometry; H II regions Cite: Courtes et al. 1993 (J/A+A/268/419) ================================================================================ J/A+A/270/522 ===> VI/63 Earth Orbit, Precession and Insolation -20Myr to +10Myr (Laskar+ 1993) ================================================================================ J/A+A/271/515/ Atmospheric parameters of A and F stars I. (Smalley+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 31-Mar-199 Title: The atmospheric parameters of A and F stars. I. Comparison of various methods Authors: Smalley B., Dworetsky M.M. BibCode: 1993A&A...271..515S Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 271, 515 (1993) Files: beta.dat gamma.dat Keyword: Line Profiles Cite: Smalley & Dworetsky 1993 (J/A+A/271/515) ================================================================================ J/A+A/272/235/ Stars in the dark cloud L1251 (Kun+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 11Kb; Date: Added: 31-Mar-199 Title: Star formation in L1251: distance and members Authors: Kun M., Prusti T. BibCode: 1993A&A...272..235K Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 272, 235 (1993) Files: table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat Keyword: Nebulae; Stars, pre-main sequence; Photometry, photographic; ; ; Spectral types Cite: Kun & Prusti 1993 (J/A+A/272/235) ================================================================================ J/A+A/274/105/ UV to X bump of Seyfert 1 AGNs (Walter+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 29Kb; Date: Added: 20-Aug-199 Title: The ultraviolet to soft X-ray bump of Seyfert 1 type Active Galactic Nuclei Authors: WALTER R., FINK H. H. BibCode: 1993A&A...274..105W Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 274, 105 (1993) Files: table1 table2 tables Cite: WALTER & FINK 1993 (J/A+A/274/105) ================================================================================ J/A+A/274/335/ Abundances in normal late-B and HgMn stars (Smith+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 14Kb; Date: Added: 17-Jan-199 Title: Elemental abundances in normal late-B and HgMn stars from co-added IUE spectra. I . Iron-peak elements Authors: Smith K.C., Dworetsky M.M. BibCode: 1993A&A...274..335S Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 274,335 (1993) Files: table1 table2 Keyword: Line Profiles; Spectra, ultraviolet Cite: Smith & Dworetsky 1993 (J/A+A/274/335) ================================================================================ J/A+A/274/555/ Asymmetry of FeI lines in solar spectrum (Stathopoulou+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 13Kb; Date: Added: 17-Jan-199 Title: A study of the asymmetry of Fe I lines in the solar spectrum Authors: Stathopoulou M., Alissandrakis C.E. BibCode: 1993A&A...274..555S Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 274, 555 (1993) Files: table1.dat Keyword: Sun Cite: Stathopoulou & Alissandrakis 1993 (J/A+A/274/555) ================================================================================ J/A+A/274/895/ Radio observations of South. PN Candidates (Van de Steene+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 17Kb; Date: Added: 04-Feb-199 Title: Radio continuum observations of southern planetary nebulae candidates Authors: Van de Steene G.C.M., Pottasch S.R. BibCode: 1993A&A...274..895V Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 274, 895 (1993) Files: table2.dat table3.dat Keyword: Planetary nebulae; Radio sources Cite: Van de Steene & Pottasch 1993 (J/A+A/274/895) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/67/ Velocity Field of the outer Galaxy (Brand+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 19Kb; Date: Added: 20-Sep-199 Title: The Velocity Field of the outer Galaxy Authors: Brand J., Blitz L. BibCode: 1993A&A...275...67B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 67 (1993) Files: e1 Keyword: Milky Way; Galactic plane; Radial velocities Cite: Brand & Blitz 1993 (J/A+A/275/67) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/101/ Chemical evolution of the galactic disk I. (Edvardsson+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 46Kb; Date: Added: 16-Sep-199 Title: The chemical evolution of the galactic disk I. Analysis and results Authors: Edvardsson B., Andersen J., Gustafsson B., Lambert D.L., Nissen P.E., Tomkin J. BibCode: 1993A&A...275..101E (SIMBAD/NED RefCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 101 (1993) Files: stars.dat table8.dat Keyword: Abundances; Equivalent widths; Stars, ages Cite: Edvardsson et al. 1993 (J/A+A/275/101) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/163/ Luminous Carbon stars in Galactic Plane (Kastner+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 26Kb; Date: Added: 17-Jan-199 Title: Probing the AGB tip: luminous carbon stars in the galactic plane Authors: Kastner J.H., Forveille T., Zuckerman B., Omont A. BibCode: 1993A&A...275..163K Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 163 (1993) Files: table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat Keyword: Stars, peculiar; CO; Radio lines Cite: Kastner et al. 1993 (J/A+A/275/163) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/201/ Stroemgren photometry of Dwarf Novae (Echevarria+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 10Kb; Date: Added: 17-Jan-199 Title: Stroemgren photometry of dwarf novae Authors: Echevarria J., Costero R., Michel R. BibCode: 1993A&A...275..201E Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 201 (1993) Files: table1.dat table2.dat Keyword: Binaries, cataclysmic; Novae; Photometry, uvby, beta Cite: Echevarria et al. 1993 (J/A+A/275/201) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/484/ 1990-1992 Photometry of UU Her (Zsoldos+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 10Kb; Date: Added: 20-Sep-199 Title: The double-mode semiregular variable UU Herculis: 1990-1992 photometry Authors: Zsoldos E., Fernie J.D., Ferro A. Arellano, Seager S. BibCode: 1993A&A...275..484Z Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 484 (1993) Files: table1 table2 table3a table3b Keyword: Stars, variable; Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, uvby, beta Cite: Zsoldos et al. 1993 (J/A+A/275/484) ================================================================================ J/A+A/275/549/ Interstellar extinction curves (Jenniskens+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 14Kb; Date: Added: 02-Oct-199 Title: Environment dependence of interstellar extinction curves Authors: Jenniskens P., Greenberg J.M. BibCode: 1993A&A...275..549J Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 275, 549 (1993) Files: table Keyword: Extinction; Photometry, ultraviolet Cite: Jenniskens & Greenberg 1993 (J/A+A/275/549) ================================================================================ J/A+A/276/25/ ESO-SEST Key Program on CO in LMC and SMC (Israel+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 21Kb; Date: Added: 17-Jan-199 Title: Results of the ESO-SEST Key Programme on CO in the Magellanic Clouds. I. A survey of CO in the LMC and the SMC. Authors: Israel F.P., Johansson L.E.B., Lequeux J., Booth R.S., Nyman L.-A., Crane P., Rubio M., de Graauw T., Kutner M.L., Gredel R., Boulanger F., Garay G., Westerlund B.E. BibCode: 1993A&A...276...25I Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 274, 25 (1993) Files: table1 table2 table3 table4 Keyword: CO; Radio lines Cite: Israel et al. 1993 (J/A+A/276/25) ================================================================================ J/A+A/276/142/ Compositional differences among the A-type stars (Hill+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 16Kb; Date: Added: 20-Sep-199 Title: Compositional differences among the A-type stars. I. Six narrow lined stars. Authors: Hill G.M., Landstreet J.D. BibCode: 1993A&A...276..142H Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 276, 142 (1993) Files: table2 Keyword: Abundances; Cite: Hill & Landstreet 1993 (J/A+A/276/142) ================================================================================ J/A+A/276/345/ Photometry of variable LQ Hya (Jestu 1993) Status: T-f Size: 25Kb; Date: Added: 04-Nov-199 Title: A decade of photometry of LQ Hydrae Authors: Jestu L. BibCode: 1993A&A...276..345J Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 276, 345 (1993) Files: table1 table3 table4 Keyword: Photometry, UBV; Cite: Jestu 1993 (J/A+A/276/345) ================================================================================ J/A+A/276/389/ The spectrum of FG Sge in 1992 (Kipper+, 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 52Kb; Date: Added: 11-Sep-199 Title: The spectrum of FG Sge in 1992 Authors: Kipper T., Kipper M. BibCode: 1993A&A...276..389K (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 276, 389 (1993) Files: table2 Keyword: Abundances Cite: Kipper & Kipper 1993 (J/A+A/276/389) ================================================================================ J/A+A/277/453/ OH maser survey of cool IRAS sources (David+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 24Kb; Date: Added: 04-Nov-199 Title: An OH satellite line maser survey of cool IRAS sources and circumstellar envelope evolution Authors: David P., Le Squeren A.M., Sivagnanam P. BibCode: 1993A&A...277..453D Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 277, 453 (1993) Files: refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat Keyword: Masers; Radio lines Cite: David et al. 1993 (J/A+A/277/453) ================================================================================ J/A+A/278/6/ BL Lac objects and OVV quasars (Xie+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 26Kb; Date: Added: 28-Oct-199 Title: The relation between BL Lac objects and OVV quasars, and the unified model of BL Lac objects, FR-I and FR-II(G) radio galaxies Authors: Xie G. Z., Zhang Y.H., FaN J.H., LIU F.K. BibCode: 1993A&A...278....6X Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 278, 6 (1993) Files: table1 table2 table3 table4 table5 table6 Keyword: BL Lac objects Cite: Xie et al. 1993 (J/A+A/278/6) ================================================================================ J/A+A/278/36/ M 31 new OB associations (Magnier+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 9Kb; Date: Added: 26-Sep-199 Title: Automated identification of OB associations in M 31 Authors: Magnier E.A., Battinelli P., Lewin W.H.G., Haiman Z., Van Paradijs J., Hasinger G., Pietsch W., Supper R., Trumper J. BibCode: 1993A&A...278...36M (SIMBAD/NED BibCode) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 278, 36 (1993) Files: table1 Keyword: Associations, stellar; Positional data Cite: Magnier et al. 1993 (J/A+A/278/36) ================================================================================ J/A+A/278/379/ X-ray Emission from Abell Clusters of Galaxies (Briel+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 20Kb; Date: Added: 04-Nov-199 Title: X-ray Emission from a Complete Sample of Abell Clusters of Galaxies Authors: Briel U.G., Henry J.P. BibCode: 1993A&A...278..379B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 278, 379 (1993) Files: table1 Keyword: X-ray sources; Clusters, galaxy Cite: Briel & Henry 1993 (J/A+A/278/379) ================================================================================ J/A+A/278/449/ Long-term photometry of FK Com (Jetsu+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 26Kb; Date: Added: 04-Nov-199 Title: Spot and flare activity of FK Comae Berenices: long-term photometry Authors: JETSU L., PELT J., TUOMINEN I. BibCode: 1993A&A...278..449J Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 278, 449 (1993) Files: table1 table2 table3 table4 Cite: JETSU et al. 1993 (J/A+A/278/449) ================================================================================ J/A+A/279/61/ Extinction and star Clusters in NGC 1275 (Norgaard-Nielsen+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 17Kb; Date: Added: 15-Nov-199 Title: The extinction and star clusters in NGC 1275 Authors: NORGAARD-NIELSEN H.U., GOUDFROOIJ P., JORGENSEN H.E., HANSEN L. BibCode: 1993A&A...279...61N Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 279, 61 (1993) Files: tables Cite: NORGAARD-NIELSEN et al. 1993 (J/A+A/279/61) ================================================================================ J/A+A/279/541/ Sub-mm observations of SNR IC 443 (van Dishoeck+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 14Kb; Date: Added: 20-Jan-199 Title: Submillimeter observations of the shocked molecular gas associated with the supernova remnant IC 443 Authors: Van Dishoeck E.F., Jansen D.J., Phillips T.G. BibCode: 1993A&A...279..541V Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 279, 541 (1993) Files: table1 table2 table3 Keyword: Supernova remnants; Radio lines Cite: Van Dishoeck et al. 1993 (J/A+A/279/541) ================================================================================ J/A+A/279/567/ Abundances of non-type I PNe in LMC (Freitas Pacheco+ 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 17-Feb-199 Title: Abundances of non-type I planetary nebulae in the LMC Authors: de Freitas Pacheco J.A., Costa R.D.D., Maciel W.J. BibCode: 1993A&A...279..567D Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 279, 567 (1993) Files: table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat Keyword: Planetary nebulae; Spectroscopy; Abundances Cite: de Freitas Pacheco et al. 1993 (J/A+A/279/567) ================================================================================ J/A+A/280/365/ H-alpha Survey of SMC (Le Coarer+ 1993) Status: T-f Size: 20Kb; Date: Added: 14-Dec-199 Title: H-alpha Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud Authors: LE COARER E., ROSADO M., GEORGELIN Y., VIALE A., GOLDES G. BibCode: 1993A&A...280..365L Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 280, 365 (1993) Files: table1 Cite: LE COARER et al. 1993 (J/A+A/280/365) ================================================================================ J/A+A/280/581/ Chemical abundances of PNe (Pasquali+, 1993) Status: N-T-f Size: 30Kb; Date: Added: 08-Dec-199 Title: Chemical behaviour of planetary nebulae and galactic abundance gradients Authors: Pasquali A., Perinotto M. BibCode: 1993A&A...280..581P Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 280, 581 (1993) Files: refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat Keyword: Planetary nebulae; Abundances Cite: Pasquali & Perinotto 1993 (J/A+A/280/581) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/L25 ===> I/207 Preliminary list from Tycho observations (TIC data) (Halbwachs+ 1994) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/15/ Asymmetries in radio source structures (Rys 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 14Kb; Date: Added: 14-Jan-199 Title: The asymmetries in radio source structures. I. A comparison of two classical models. Authors: RYS S. BibCode: 1994A&A...281...15R Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 15 (1994) Files: table1 table2 Keyword: Radio sources; Galaxies, radio Cite: RYS 1994 (J/A+A/281/15) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/161/ Radio emission from stars at 250GHz (Altenhoff+, 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 31Kb; Date: Added: 10-Feb-199 Title: Radio emission from stars: a survey at 250 GHz Authors: Altenhoff W.J., Thum C., Wendker H.J. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..161A Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 161 (1994) Files: table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat table10.dat Keyword: Stars, radio; Stars, OB; Stars, Wolf-Rayet; Stars, early-type; ; ; Stars, pre-main sequence; Stars, giant; Stars, supergiant; ; ; Stars, variable Cite: Altenhoff et al. 1994 (J/A+A/281/161) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/355/ X-ray AGN content of Molonglo 408MHz survey (Brinkmann+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 43Kb; Date: Added: 19-Jan-199 Title: The X-ray AGN content of the Molonglo 408 MHz survey: bulk properties of previously optically identified sources. Authors: BRINKMANN W., SIEBERT J., BOLLER T. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..355B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 355 (1994) Files: table2 Keyword: Active gal. nuclei; Radio sources; X-ray sources Cite: BRINKMANN et al. 1994 (J/A+A/281/355) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/375/ Small-size radio galaxies in clusters (Feretti+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 17Kb; Date: Added: 10-Feb-199 Title: Structures of small size radio galaxies in clusters; Morphology Authors: FERETTI L, GIOVANNINI G. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..375F Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 375 (1994) Files: table1 table2 table3 table4 Keyword: Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, radio Cite: FERETTI L & GIOVANNINI 1994 (J/A+A/281/375) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/465/ Chemical Composition of alf UMi and V473 Lyr (Andrievsky+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 33Kb; Date: Added: 14-Jan-199 Title: The chemical composition of the s-Cepheids. I. Alpha Ursae Minoris (Polaris) and HR 7308 (V473 Lyr): unique Cepheids of the Galaxy Authors: Andrievsky S.M., Kovtyukh V.V., Usenko I.A. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..465A Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 465 (1994) Files: annex.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat Keyword: Stars, variable; Equivalent widths; Spectroscopy Cite: Andrievsky et al. 1994 (J/A+A/281/465) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/811/ Long-term variations in V471 Tau (Ibanoglu+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 18Kb; Date: Added: 07-Feb-199 Title: Long-term luminosity variations and period changes in V471 Tau Authors: IBANOGLU C., KESKIN V., AKAN M.C., EVREN S., TUNCA Z. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..811I Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 811 (1994) Files: table1 table2 table4 Keyword: Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, UBV; Binaries, orbits Cite: IBANOGLU et al. 1994 (J/A+A/281/811) ================================================================================ J/A+A/281/817/ Model atmospheres for Vega (Castelli+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 45Kb; Date: Added: 26-Jan-199 Title: Model atmospheres for Vega Authors: CASTELLI F., KURUCZ R.L. BibCode: 1994A&A...281..817C Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 281, 817 (1994) Files: table1a table1b table2a table2b table3a table3b table4a table4b table5a table5b Keyword: Stars, standard; Models, atmosphere Cite: CASTELLI & KURUCZ 1994 (J/A+A/281/817) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/137/ Vilnius Photometry of HD211853 (Annuk 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 8Kb; Date: Added: 10-Feb-199 Title: Photometry of the Wolf-Rayet binary HD211853 in the Vilnius photometric system Authors: Annuk K. BibCode: 1994A&A...282..137A Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 282, 137 (1994) Files: table2.dat Keyword: Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, Vilnius Cite: Annuk 1994 (J/A+A/282/137) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/436/ Abundance gradients from disk PNs (Maciel+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 38Kb; Date: Added: 18-Feb-199 Title: Abundance gradients from disk planetary nebulae: O, Ne, S, and Ar Authors: Maciel W.J., Koeppen J. BibCode: 1994A&A...282..436M Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 282, 436 (1994) Files: refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat Keyword: Planetary nebulae; Abundances Cite: Maciel & Koeppen 1994 (J/A+A/282/436) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/663 ===> VI/66 Precession Formulae and Mean Elements for Moon and Planets (Simon+ 1994) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/831/ Spectroscopic orbits of three K dwarf stars (Tokovinin+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 10Kb; Date: Added: 01-Mar-199 Title: Duplicity in the solar neighbourhood. VII. Spectroscopic orbits of three K-dwarfs stars Authors: Tokovinin A.A., Duquennoy A., Halbwachs J.-L., Mayor M. BibCode: 1994A&A...282..831T Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 282, 831 (1994) Files: table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat Keyword: Binaries, spectroscopic; Radial velocities; Stars, K-type Cite: Tokovinin et al. 1994 (J/A+A/282/831) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/899/ Teff and angular diameters from IRFM (Blackwell+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 36Kb; Date: Added: 14-Mar-199 Title: Stellar effective temperatures and angular diameters determined by the infrared flux method (IRFM): revisions using improved Kurucz LTE stellar atmospheres Authors: Blackwell D.E., Lynas-Gray A.E. BibCode: 1994A&A...282..899B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 282, 899 (1994) Files: table1 table2 table3 table4 table5 table6 table7 table8 table9 table10 table11 table12 table13 table14 Keyword: Effective temperatures; Stars, diameters; Photometry, infrared Cite: Blackwell & Lynas-Gray 1994 (J/A+A/282/899) ================================================================================ J/A+A/282/L9/ "flip-flop" in FK Com (Jetsu+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 11-Feb-199 Title: New "flip--flop" of FK Comae Berenices Authors: JETSU L., TUOMINEN I., GRANKIN K.N., MEL'NIKOV S.YU., SHEVCHENKO V.S. BibCode: 1994A&A...282L...9J Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 282, L9 (1994) Files: table1 table1.tex Keyword: Stars, variable; Photometry, UBVRI; Cite: JETSU et al. 1994 (J/A+A/282/L9) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/12/ Internal extinction at opt. and near-IR in spirals (Boselli+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 33Kb; Date: Added: 07-Mar-199 Title: Multifrequency windows on spiral galaxies. III. Internal extinction at optical and near infrared wavelengths Authors: BOSELLI A., GAVAZZI G. BibCode: 1994A&A...283...12B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 283, 12 (1994) Files: table2 table3 table4 Cite: BOSELLI & GAVAZZI 1994 (J/A+A/283/12) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/319/ Iron Project III. B-like ions (Zhang H.L.+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 293Kb; Date: Added: 01-Sep-199 Title: Atomic Data from the Iron Project III. Rate coefficients for electron impact excitation of Boron-like ions Ne VI, Mg VIII, Al IX, Si X, S XII, Ar XIV, Ca XVI and Fe XXII. Authors: Zhang H.L., Graziani M., Pradhan A.K. BibCode: 1994A&A...283..319Z (SIMBAD/NED Reference) Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 283, 319 (1994) Files: table table6 Keyword: Atomic physics Cite: Zhang et al. 1994 (J/A+A/283/319) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/759/ CIV QSO absorption systems (Petitjean+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 27Kb; Date: Added: 08-Apr-199 Title: CIV QSO absorption systems and properties of galactic haloes at high redshift Authors: Petitjean P., Bergeron J. BibCode: 1994A&A...283..759P Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 283, 759 (1994) Files: qso.dat table2.dat table3.dat Keyword: QSOs; Spectroscopy; Redshifts Cite: Petitjean & Bergeron 1994 (J/A+A/283/759) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/779 ===> VII/184 Survey of 108 E-S0 galaxies (Michard+, 1993-94) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/805/ Integrated spectral properties of star clusters (Bica+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 15Kb; Date: Added: 30-Mar-199 Title: Integrated spectral properties of star clusters in the the near-ultraviolet Authors: BICA E., ALLOIN D., SCHMITT H.R. BibCode: 1994A&A...283..805B Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 283, 805 (1994) Files: table1 table3 Cite: BICA et al. 1994 (J/A+A/283/805) ================================================================================ J/A+A/283/911/ Abundances in NGC 2243 and Mel 66 (Gratton+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 24Kb; Date: Added: 30-Mar-199 Title: Elemental abundances in the old open clusters NGC 2243 and Melotte 66 Authors: GRATTON R.G., CONTARINI G. BibCode: 1994A&A...283..911G Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 283, 911 (1994) Files: table1 Keyword: Clusters, open; Spectroscopy; Abundances Cite: GRATTON & CONTARINI 1994 (J/A+A/283/911) ================================================================================ J/A+A/284/233/ Association of HII regions and IRAS PSC sources (Codella+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 43Kb; Date: Added: 07-Apr-199 Title: HII Regions and IRAS PSC sources: the reliability of the association Authors: CODELLA C., FELLI M., NATALE V. BibCode: 1994A&A...284..233C Ref: Astron. Astrophys. 284, 233 (1994) Files: table1 Keyword: H II regions; Infrared sources Cite: CODELLA et al. 1994 (J/A+A/284/233) ================================================================================ J/A+A/284/515/ Long-term periodic variability in gamma Cas (Telting+ 1994) Status: N-T-f Size: 37Kb; Date: Added: 22-Apr-199 Title: Long-term periodic variability in UV absorption lines of the Be star gamma Cas: on the relation with V/R variations in the Hbeta line. Authors: TELTING J.H., KAPER L. BibCode: 1994A&A...284..515T


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