IX/50        XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 3XMM-DR6  (XMM-SSC, 2016)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/50 XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 3XMM-DR6 (XMM-SSC, 2016) ================================================================================ The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. VII. The third XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue. Rosen S.R., Webb N.A., Watson, M.G., Ballet J., Barret D., Braito V., Carrera F.J., Ceballos M.T., Coriat M., Della Ceca R., Denkinson G., Esquej P., Farrell S.A., Freyberg M., Grise F., Guillout P., Heil L., Law-Green D., Lamer G., Lin D., Martino R., Michel L., Motch C., Nebot Gomez-Moran A., Page C.G., Page K., Page M., Pakull M.W., Pye J., Read A., Rodriguez P., Sakano M., Saxton R., Schwope A., Scott A.E., Sturm R., Traulsen I., Yershov V., Zolotukhin I. <XMM-SSC, Leicester, UK; Astron. Astrophys. 590, A1 (2016)> =2016yCat.9050....0R =2016A&A...590A...1R ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys Mission_Name: XMM Keywords: catalogs - astronomical data bases - surveys - X-rays: general Description: The 3XMM-DR6 catalogue contains source detections drawn from 9160 XMM-Newton EPIC observations, covering an energy interval from 0.2keV to 12keV. These observations were made between 2000 February 3 and 2015 June 4 and all datasets were publicly available by 2016 January 31, but not all public observations are included in this catalogue (see below for more information). Should you use the catalogue for your research and publish the results, please use the acknowledgement below and cite the paper describing 3XMM (Rosen, Webb, Watson et al., 2016A&A...590A...1R). This research has made use of data obtained from the 3XMM XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue compiled by the 10 institutes of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre selected by ESA. The following table gives an overview of the statistics of the catalogue in comparison with the 3XMM-DR4 catalogue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3XMM-DR6 3XMM-DR5 Increment ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of observations 9160 7781 1379 Number of 'clean' observations (i.e., observation class < 3) 5947 4735 1212 Observing interval 03-Feb-00 03-Feb-00 2.5yr 04-Jun-15 20-Dec-13 Sky coverage, taking overlaps into account ( >=1ks exposure) 982sq.deg 877sq.deg 105sq.deg Number of detections 678680 565962 112718 Number of 'clean' detections (i.e., summary flag < 3) 552991 456904 96087 Number of unique sources 468440 396910 71530 Number of 'cleanest' (summary flag = 0, not in high-background fields) extended detections 11066 9082 1984 Number of detections with spectra 149968 133032 16936 Number of detections with timeseries 149968 133025 16943 Number of detections where probability of timeseries being constant is <1x10^-5^ 5238 4668 570 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The production and content of the 3XMM catalogue is described in the the 3XMM-DR6 User Guide at http://xmmssc.irap.omp.eu/Catalogue/3XMM-DR6/3XMM-DR6_Catalogue_User_Guide.html The "slim" version of the catalogue (file "xmm3r6s.dat") contains one row per unique source, while the the main catalogue has one row per detection. This slim version includes 44 columns, essentially those containing information about the unique sources, while the full catalogue (file "xmm3r6.fit") describes all detections with 323 columns. The slim version also contains a column with links to the summary pages in the IRAP catalogue archive. In the case of sources with multiple detections the summary page of the best detection is selected (i.e., the detection with the largest exposure time, summed over all cameras), and the summary page gives cross-links to the other detections. A separate file "summary.dat" contains the key details about the observations used in the construction of the 3XMM-DR6 catalogue.

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