IX/48              Allsky cross-matched 3XMMe catalogue          (Motch+, 2016)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/48 Allsky cross-matched 3XMMe catalogue (Motch+, 2016) ================================================================================ The ARCHES project. Motch C., Carrera F.J., Genova F., Jimenez-Esteban F., Lopez M., Michel L., Mingo B., Mints A., Nebot Gomez-Moran A., Pineau F.-X., Rosen S.R., Sanchez-Ayaso E. Schwope A., Solano E., Watson M. <Astronomical Data Analysis Software an Systems XXV, in press (2016)> =2016yCat.9048....0M ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; X-ray sources ; Cross identifications ; Energy distributions ; Active gal. nuclei ; Stars, emission Keywords: Abstract: ARCHES (Astronomical Resource Cross-matching for High Energy Studies) is a FP7-Space funded project whose aim is to provide the astronomical community with well-characterised multi-wavelength data in the form of spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for large samples of objects extracted from the 3XMM DR5 X-ray catalogue of serendipitous sources. The project has developed new tools implementing fully probabilistic simultaneous cross-correlation of several catalogues for unresolved sources. A cleaned and enhanced version of the 3XMM DR5 catalogue (the 3XMMe catalogue) has been cross-correlated using the ARCHES tool with a number of selected multi-wavelength archival catalogues. These catalogues cover wavelengths ranging from UV to far IR. They provide probabilities of associations, magnitude and fluxes from which spectral energy distributions can be extracted. Description: This catalogue is the result of the simultaneous and probabilistic cross-match of the 3XMMe catalogue with GALEX GR6/7, UCAC4, SDSS DR9, 2MASS, AllWISE plus the combined NVSS/FIRST made by Beatriz Mingo (arXiv:1607.06471) and the AKARI FIS catalogue. The cross-match is based on a chi-match with a type I error equal to 0.27% (meaning that we theoretically miss 0.27% of real associations). Each association contains at least one source from the 3XMMe catalogue plus at least one source from either GALEX GR6/7 (g) or UCAC4 (u) or SDSS DR9 (s) or 2MASS (t) or AllWISE (a). Probabilities of the five most likely association combinations are given in the catalogue. The catalogue is available from the ARCHES web site and the penultimate version can be browsed at http://xcatdb.unistra.fr/3xmmdr5/archesindex.html?mode=catalog

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