IX/3   ==OBSOLETE version of Catalogue==
25-Jun-1983: Supersed by IX/6

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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/3 Selected Data from the Third UHURU X-Ray Catalog (Share, 1975) ================================================================================ Selected data from the third UHURU X-Ray Catalog Share G. <private communication (ca. 1975)> ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys Mission_Name: UHURU Description: The catalog of 161 X-ray sources was observed with Uhuru satellite. The night-time portions of 125 days of observations were included in the 3U catalog. The electronic version of the catalog contains only selected data of the 3U catalog published by Giacconi et al. (1974ApJS...27...37G): source locations in equatorial coordinates (1950 equinox) in decimal degree notation, and count rates measured with Uhuru from 2 to 6 keV corrected for elevation in the collimator fields of view. The comments given for the sources consist of general remarks which indicate peculiar X-ray properties, e.g., spectrum or time scales of variability, and a "counterparts" comment. Counterparts followed by a question mark "?" indicate either tentative identification or that the object is in or near the error region of the X-ray source. Also, comments with a question mark indicate possible correspondence.

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