IX/16               Third Ariel X-Ray Catalogue (3A)      (Warwick+ 1981)
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Beginning of ReadMe : IX/16 Third Ariel X-Ray Catalogue (3A) (Warwick+ 1981) ================================================================================ The Ariel V (3A) catalogue of X-ray sources. I. Sources at low galactic latitude (|b|<10) II. Sources at high galactic latitude (|b|>10) Warwick R.S., Marshall N., Fraser G.W., Watson M.G., Lawrence A., Page C.G., Pounds K.A., Ricketts M.J., Sims M.R., Smith A.; McHardy I.M., Lawrence A., Pye J.J., Pounds K.A. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 197, 865 (1981); 197, 893 (1981)> =1981MNRAS.197..865W =1981MNRAS.197..893M =2015yCat.9016....0W =1991yCat.7058....0W ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys Description: This catalog lists the high and low latitude X-ray sources observed with the Sky Survey Instrument on board the ARIEL 5 satellite (UK 5) as published by Warwick et al. (1981MNRAS.197..865W) and McHardy et al. (1981MNRAS.197..893M). ARIEL 5 scanned the sky for 5.5yrs in the energy bands 2-18 keV with a time resolution of one orbit (100min approximately). The fields in the catalog list source name and up to three alternative names; the error box center and corners in decimal degrees; average, minimum, and maximum flux and their error; a variability code; identification; and comments.

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