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EIS: infrared observations of CDF-S and HDF-S (Olsen+, 2006)
Content of the file object in cat/*.cat fits files (69 rows)





1 1FIELD_POS Reference number to field parameters
2 2SeqNr Running object number
3 3MAG_ISOmag Isophotal magnitude
4 4MAGERR_ISOmag RMS error for isophotal magnitude
5 5MAG_ISOCORmag Corrected isophotal magnitude
6 6MAGERR_ISOCORmag RMS error for corrected isophotal magnitude
7 7MAG_APERmag Fixed aperture magnitude vector
8 8MAGERR_APERmag RMS error vector for fixed aperture mag.
9 9MAG_AUTOmag Kron-like elliptical aperture magnitude
10 10MAGERR_AUTOmag RMS error for AUTO magnitude
11 11KRON_RADIUS Kron apertures in units of A or B
12 12BackGrct Background at centroid position
13 13Levelct Detection threshold above background
14 14MaxValct Peak flux above background
15 15NPIXpix+2 Isophotal area above Analysis threshold
16 16Xpospix Object position along x
17 17Ypospix Object position along y
18 18ALPHA_J2000deg Right ascension of barycenter (J2000)
19 19DELTA_J2000deg Declination of barycenter (J2000)
20 20XM2pix+2 Variance along x
21 21YM2pix+2 Variance along y
22 22Corrpix+2 Covariance between x and y
23 23CXX_IMAGEpix-2 Cxx object ellipse parameter
24 24CYY_IMAGEpix-2 Cyy object ellipse parameter
25 25CXY_IMAGEpix-2 Cxy object ellipse parameter
26 26Apix Profile RMS along major axis
27 27Bpix Profile RMS along minor axis
28 28Thetadeg Position angle (CCW/x)
29 29A_WORLDdeg Profile RMS along major axis (world units)
30 30B_WORLDdeg Profile RMS along minor axis (world units)
31 31THETA_WORLDdeg Position angle (CCW/world-x)
32 32THETA_J2000deg Position angle (east of north) (J2000)
33 33ERRX2_IMAGEpix+2 Variance of position along x
34 34ERRY2_IMAGEpix+2 Variance of position along y
35 35ERRXY_IMAGEpix+2 Covariance of position between x and y
36 36ERRCXX_IMAGEpix-2 Cxx error ellipse parameter
37 37ERRCYY_IMAGEpix-2 Cyy error ellipse parameter
38 38ERRCXY_IMAGEpix-2 Cxy error ellipse parameter
39 39ERRA_IMAGEpix RMS position error along major axis
40 40ERRB_IMAGEpix RMS position error along minor axis
41 41ERRTHETA_IMAGEdeg Error ellipse position angle (CCW/x)
42 42ERRA_WORLDpix World RMS position error along major axis
43 43ERRB_WORLDpix World RMS position error along minor axis
44 44ERRTHETA_WORLDdeg Error ellipse pos. angle (CCW/world-x)
45 45ERRTHETA_J2000deg J2000 error ellipse pos. angle (east of north)
46 46MU_THRESHOLDmag/arcsec+2 Detection threshold above background
47 47ISOAREA_WORLDdeg+2 Isophotal area above Analysis threshold
48 48ISOAREAF_WORLDdeg+2 Isophotal area (filtered) above Detection thres
49 49Flag Extraction flags
50 50FWHM_IMAGEpix FWHM assuming a gaussian core
Result truncated to 50 rows
elapse time 0

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