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  K2 star parameters from Gaia & LAMOST (Hardegree-Ullman+, 2020)
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1.J/ApJS/247/28/table1(c)K2 stellar parameters (244337 rows)
2.J/ApJS/247/28/table3(c)Refined K2 planet parameters (816 rows)
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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (1)2M (char) Display the 2MASS data (Cutri+ 2003, II/246) within 3" (meta.ref.url)
  (1)Ag   [0.001/12.7] Reddening in the g band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)AH   [0/1.3] Reddening in the H band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)Ai   [0.001/7] Reddening in the i band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)AJ   [0/2.5] Reddening in the J band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)AKs   [0/0.7] Reddening in the Ks band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)Ar   [0.001/9.3] Reddening in the r band (Note 4)   (phys.absorption)
  (1)Camp   [1/18] K2 Campaigns (1 to 18; from 2014 May to July 2018) (;obs)
   (ALL)_DE deg (i) Positions (J2000) from Gaia (I/345) (declination part) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (1)Dist pc [10.6/17713] Gaia DR2 based distance (Note 3)   (pos.distance;pos.heliocentric)
  (1)e_Dist pc [0.01/4328] Lower uncertainty in Dist (stat.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)E_Dist pc [0.01/5686] Upper uncertainty in Dist (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_[Fe/H] [-] [0.003/0.6] Uncertainty in [Fe/H] (stat.error;phys.abund.Fe)
  (1)e_gmag mag [0/0.9] Uncertainty in gmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.B)
  (1)e_gMag mag [0.005/1.2] Lower uncertainty in gMag (stat.error;phot.mag)
  (1)E_gMag mag [0.005/1.2] Upper uncertainty in gMag (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_Hmag mag [0.005/0.4] Uncertainty in Hmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.H)
  (1)e_HMag mag [0.01/1.2] Lower uncertainty in HMag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.H)
  (1)E_HMag mag [0.01/0.9] Upper uncertainty in HMag (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_imag mag [0.001/0.9] Uncertainty in imag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.I)
  (1)e_iMag mag [0.005/1.2] Lower uncertainty in iMag (stat.error;phot.mag)
  (1)E_iMag mag [0.005/1.2] Upper uncertainty in iMag (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_Jmag mag [0.01/0.4] Uncertainty in Jmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.J)
  (1)e_JMag mag [0.01/1.1] Lower uncertainty in JMag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.J)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)E_JMag mag [0.01/0.9] Upper uncertainty in JMag (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_Kpmag mag [0.001/1] Uncertainty in Kpmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  (1)e_Ksmag mag [0.01/0.6] Uncertainty in Ksmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  (1)e_KsMag mag [0.01/1.1] Lower uncertainty in KsMag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  (1)E_KsMag mag [0.01/0.9] Upper uncertainty in KsMag (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_logg [cm/s2] [0.002/1] Lower uncertainty in logg (stat.error)
  (1)E_logg [cm/s2] [0.002/1] Upper uncertainty in logg (stat.error;stat.max)
   (ALL)e_Mstar Msun [0/233] Lower uncertainty in Mstar (stat.error)
   (ALL)E_Mstar Msun [0/320] Upper uncertainty in Mstar (stat.error;stat.max)
   (ALL)EPIC  (i) [201048855/251411166] EPIC identifier (;meta.main)
  (1)e_rmag mag [0/0.9] Uncertainty in rmag (stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.R)
  (1)e_rMag mag [0.005/1.2] Lower uncertainty in rMag (stat.error;phot.mag)
  (1)E_rMag mag [0.006/1.2] Upper uncertainty in rMag (stat.error;stat.max)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
   (ALL)e_Rstar Rsun [0.001/22] Lower uncertainty in Rstar (stat.error)
   (ALL)E_Rstar Rsun [0.001/35] Upper uncertainty in Rstar (stat.error;stat.max)
  (1)e_Teff K [3/596] Uncertainty in Teff (stat.error;phys.temperature.effective)
  (1)[Fe/H] [-] [-2.5/0.7] Metallicity (Note 6)   (phys.abund.Z)
  (1)Gaia  Gaia DR2 identifier (
  (1)gmag mag [8/22] Apparent g band magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.B)
  (1)gMag mag [-2.5/14.3] Absolute g band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs)
  (1)Hmag mag [3.4/16.8] 2MASS H band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.H)
  (1)HMag mag [-5.4/10.6] Absolute H band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs;em.IR.H)
  (1)imag mag [6.4/19.1] Apparent i band magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.I)
  (1)iMag mag [-2.9/12.1] Absolute i band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs)
  (1)Jmag mag [4.3/17.4] 2MASS J band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.J)
  (1)JMag mag [-4.6/10.8] Absolute J band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs;em.IR.J)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)Kpmag mag [7/20] Kepler band magnitude (Note 2)   (phot.mag;em.opt)
  (1)Ksmag mag [3.1/16.4] 2MASS Ks band magnitude (phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  (1)KsMag mag [-5.6/10.5] Absolute Ks band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs;em.IR.K)
  (1)LAMOST  (n) LAMOST ObsID (
  (1)logg [cm/s2] [0.3/5.6] log of surface gravity (Note 6)   (phys.gravity)
   (ALL)Mstar Msun [-0.8/979] Stellar mass, solar units (Note 7)   (meta.unit;phys.mass)
  (1)Np  (n)Number of planet measurements for this star (link to Table 3) (meta.number)
  (1)PS  (n) Pan-STARRS objID (
   (ALL)_RA deg (i) Positions (J2000) from Gaia (I/345) (right ascension part) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1)rmag mag [7.3/21] Apparent r band magnitude (Note 1)   (phot.mag;em.opt.R)
  (1)rMag mag [-2.4/13.3] Absolute r band magnitude (Note 5)   (phys.magAbs)
   (ALL)Rstar Rsun [0.03/77] Stellar radius, solar units (Note 7)   (meta.unit;phys.size.radius)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
   (ALL)SpT (char) Spectral Type (Note 6)   (src.spType)
   (ALL)Teff K [3130/8498] Effective surface temperature (Note 6)   (phys.temperature.effective)
  (2)a au [0.005/0.4] Planet, semi-major axis (phys.angSize.smajAxis;src.orbital)
  (2)e_a au [4.2e-5/0.08] Lower uncertainty in a (stat.error)
  (2)E_a au [4e-5/0.2] Upper uncertainty in a (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_Fp Earth [0.1/2136602] Lower uncertainty in Fp (stat.error)
  (2)E_Fp Earth [0.1/4551392] Upper uncertainty in Fp (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_Lstar Lsun [0.002/485] Lower uncertainty in Lstar (stat.error)
  (2)E_Lstar Lsun [0.002/750] Upper uncertainty in Lstar (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_Per d [6.3e-7/20] Lower uncertainty in Per (stat.error)
  (2)E_Per d [6.3e-7/70] Upper uncertainty in Per (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_Rp Rgeo [0.06/481] Lower uncertainty in Rp (stat.error)
  (2)E_Rp Rgeo [0.04/927] Upper uncertainty in Rp (stat.error;stat.max)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (2)e_Rp/R*   [0.0004/0.2] Lower uncertainty in Rp/R* (stat.error)
  (2)E_Rp/R*   [0.0002/0.4] Upper uncertainty in Rp/R* (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)E_Teff K [11/138] Uncertainty in Teff (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)Fp Earth [0.7/3593074] Ratio of incident flux relative to Earth incident flux (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
  (2)ID  Planet candidate ID (;meta.main)
  (2)Lstar Lsun [0.01/833] Stellar luminosity (phys.luminosity)
  (2)PCat  (n)Display data from Crossfield+, 2016, J/ApJS/226/7 ; Kruse+, 2019, J/ApJS/244/11 and Mayo+, 2018, J/AJ/155/136 within 3" (meta.ref.url)
  (2)Per d [0.17/80] Period (time.period)
  (2)Planet (char) Confirmed Planet Name (
  (2)Rp Rgeo [0.6/823] Planet radius, Earth units (phys.size.radius)
  (2)r_Per   [1/7] Reference for period and Rp/R* (Note 1)   (meta.ref;pos.frame)
  (2)Rp/R*   [0.006/0.8] Ratio, Planet/Star radius (phys.size;arith.ratio)
  (2)Simbad (char) ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
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