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  Gas phase oxygen abundances for HII regions (Kreckel+, 2019)
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1.J/ApJ/887/80/table1(c)*Key parameters of our galaxy sample (Note) (8 rows)
2.J/ApJ/887/80/table2(c)HII region catalog (7173 rows)
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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (1)Area kpc2 [42/191] Survey area (phys.area)
  (1)Ares arcsec [0.5/1] Angular resolution (pos.angResolution)
  (1)_DE deg (i) Declination (J2000) from SIMBAD (not part of the original data) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (1)Dist Mpc [9.77/16.8] Distance (pos.distance;pos.heliocentric)
  (1)e_Dist Mpc [0.82/5.6] Dist uncertainty (stat.error)
   (ALL)Gal (char) (i) Galaxy name (;meta.main)
  (1)Inc deg [8.7/55] Inclination (src.orbital.inclination)
  (1)LEDA (char) ask the LEDA data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
  (1)logM [Msun] [9.6/10.6] Log of stellar mass (phys.mass)
  (1)logSFR [Msun/yr] [-0.31/0.74] Log of stellar formation rate (arith.rate;phys.SFR)
  (1)NED (char) ask the NED data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (1)Nreg   [223/1824] Number of HII regions (meta.number)
  (1)PA deg [1.6/179.8] Position angle (pos.posAng)
  (1)Pres pc [38/70] Physical resolution (pos.angResolution)
  (1)R25 arcmin [1.5/5.1] Galactic radius at 25mag/arcsec2 from HyperLeda (phys.angSize;pos.galactic)
  (1)_RA deg (i) Right Ascension (J2000) from SIMBAD (not part of the original data) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1)Simbad (char) ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
  (1)Type (char) Morphological type (src.morph.type)
  (2)12+log(0/H) [-] [8.1/8.7] log gas phase oxygen abundance (phys.abund)
  (2)DEJ2000 deg (i) [-59.3/15.82] Declination (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (2)e_12+log(0/H) [-] [0/0.21] Uncertainty in 12+log(0/H) (stat.error)
  (2)E(B-V) mag [0/1.7] The (B-V) color excess (phot.color.excess)
  (2)e_E(B-V) mag [0/0.08] Uncertainty in E(B-V) (stat.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2)e_Ha 10-20mW/m2 [530/200000] Uncertainty in Ha (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_Hb 10-20mW/m2 [340/140000] Uncertainty in Hb (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_LHa 10-7W [1.4e+34/4.3e+36] Uncertainty in LHa (Note 1)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_N2 10-20mW/m2 [170/88000] Uncertainty in N2 (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_O3-5007 10-20mW/m2 [110/50000] Uncertainty in O3-5007 (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_S2-6716 10-20mW/m2 [86/31000] Uncertainty in S2-6716 (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_S2-6731 10-20mW/m2 [70/25000] Uncertainty in S2-6731 (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)e_S3-9069 10-20mW/m2 [0/4700000] Uncertainty in S3-9069 (Note 2)   (stat.error)
  (2)Ha 10-20mW/m2 [2620/112000000] Integrated Hα line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)Hb 10-20mW/m2 [945/39200000] Integrated Hβ line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)ID  Region identifier within Gal (;meta.main)
  (2)LHa 10-7W [8.8e+35/1.9e+40] Hα line luminosity (Note 1)   (phys.luminosity;em.line.Halpha)
  (2)N2 10-20mW/m2 [1180/44800000] Integrated [NII](6548+6584Å) line fluxes (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)O3-5007 10-20mW/m2 [293/7070000] Integrated [OIII](5007Å) line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)Rad   [0/0.98] Radius normalized to the galactic radius at 25 mag/arcsec2 (phys.size.radius)
  (2)RAJ2000 deg (i) [24.13/353.64] Right Ascension (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (2)S2-6716 10-20mW/m2 [615/13500000] Integrated [SII](6716Å) line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)S2-6731 10-20mW/m2 [422/11000000] Integrated [SII](6731Å) line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)
  (2)S3-9069 10-20mW/m2 [0/4650000] Integrated [SIII](9069Å) line flux (Note 2)   (phot.flux;spect.line)

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 (i)indexed column
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