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  WISE/DEIMOS Redshift Catalog DR2 & extended data (Lake+, 2018)
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1.J/ApJ/866/44/table4(c)WISE/DEIMOS Redshift Catalog DR2 (842 rows)
2.J/ApJ/866/44/table8(c)The WISE/DEIMOS (Lake+ 2012, J/AJ/143/7) Extended Data (208 rows)
3.J/ApJ/866/44/table9(c)The 6dFGS (Jones+ 2009, VII/259) Extended Data (27373 rows)
4.J/ApJ/866/44/table10(c)The SDSS (Strauss+ 2002AJ....124.1810S and Ahn+ 2014ApJS..211...17A –see V/147) Extended Data (477133 rows)
5.J/ApJ/866/44/table11(c)The GAMA (Liske+ 2015, J/MNRAS/452/2087) Extended Data (44489 rows)
6.J/ApJ/866/44/table12(c)The AGES (Kochanek+ 2012, J/ApJS/200/8) Extended Data (5751 rows)
7.J/ApJ/866/44/table13(c)The zCOSMOS (Lilly+ 2009, J/ApJS/184/218) Extended Data (1224 rows)
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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (1)Class (char) Description of the source spectrum (Note 7)   (src.morph)
  (1)Cont  (n) [-1/1] Continuum flux detected (Note 10)   (meta.code)
   (ALL)DEJ2000 deg (i) Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (1)E (char) Display the extended data for this source (link to Table 8) (meta.ref.url)
  (1)e_z  (n) [1.2e-5/1200] Uncertainty in z from SpecPro (stat.error;src.redshift)
  (1)Feature (char) Identified spectroscopic feature(s) (meta.note)
  (1)Mask   [1/11] DEIMOS slitmask (Note 4)   (;instr)
  (1)Name (char) Official designation (Note 1)   (;meta.main)
  (1)q_z  (n) [-1/4] Quality flag on z (4=best confidence) (Note 6)   (meta.code.qual;src.redshift)
  (1)R  (n) [0/1] Flag indicating source was "real" (Note 9)   (meta.code.error)
   (ALL)RAJ2000 deg (i) Right Ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  (1)Slit   [0/85] Source slit in the mask (meta.note)
  (1)Spec (char) Best SpecPro template found (Note 8)   (meta.note)
  (1)TG   [2/5] Source target group (Note 3)   (meta.code)
  (1)W1mag mag (n) [11.4/18.4] WISE 3.4um band Vega magnitude (Note 2)   (phot.mag;em.IR.3-4um)
   (1+2)WDID  (i) [1/851] Unique integer assigned to source (
  (1)WISEA (char) Display data from AllWISE (Cutri+, 2013, II/328) within 1" (meta.ref.url)
  (1)z  (n) [-0.01/3.4] Redshift (Note 5)   (src.redshift)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)AGN 10+10Lsun [0/46.2] AGN template scale (Note G1)   (
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)ALLWISE (char) ALLWISE survey match identifier (;meta.main)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)chi2   [0/1200] Model Χ2 from equation 2; see text (stat.param;meta.modelled)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)E(B-V) mag [0/13.1] Excess (B-V) extinction applied to AGN template (phot.color.excess)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)Ell 10+10Lsun [0/81] Elliptical template scale (Note G1)   (

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)Fit (char) Describes if E(B-V) was allowed to vary ("main"=allowed to vary or "alt"=not allowed) (meta.code)
  (2)GALEX (char) GALEX gr7 match objid number (
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)Irr 10+10Lsun [0/44.4] Irregular template scale (Note G1)   (
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)Ndf   [-3/4] Number of degrees of freedom (Number of filters minus five) (meta.number)
  (2)objID (char) SDSS dr10 match objID number (
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)Sbc 10+10Lsun [0/150] Sbc template scale (Note G1)   (
  (2+4+6+7)Sloan (char) Display the online SDSS data for the nearest object (meta.ref.url)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)zMax   [0.09/1.4] Closest z where galaxy satisfied lower flux cut (stat.param)
  (2+6)zMid   [0.08/1.2] z which satisfies middle flux cut (stat.param)
  (2+3+4+5+6+7)zMin   [0.01/0.2] Closest z where galaxy satisfied upper flux cut (stat.param)
  (3)6dFGS   [7/138144] 6dFGS survey (VII/259) SpecID number; <6dFGS gJHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS> in Simbad (;meta.main)
  (3)GALEX  (n) GALEX gr7 match identifier (
  (3)SimbadName (char) Designation understandable by the Simbad data-base (

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
  (4+6+7)objID  SDSS survey match objID number (Note 1)   (;meta.main)
  (5)GAMA  GAMA survey match identifier (;meta.main)
  (5+6+7)Simbad (char) ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
  (6)AGES   [6/40800] AGES row galaxy published in Kochanek+ (2012, J/ApJS/200/8) (Note 1)   (;meta.main)
  (6)NDWFS   [346042/3633765] NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS) match identifier (
  (7)COSMOS  (n) Capak+ 2007, II/284 match identifier (
  (7)SCOS  (n) SCOSMOS survey match identifier (
  (7)zCOSMOS   [700137/950036] zCOSMOS survey match identifier (;meta.main)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column(i)indexed column
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