FORTRAN Generation

Conversion of standardized ReadMe file for catalog into FORTRAN code for reading data files line by line.

Note that special values are assigned to unknown or unspecified numbers (also called NULL numbers); when necessary, the coordinate components making up the right ascension and declination are converted into floating-point numbers representing these angles in degrees.

      program load_ReadMe
C  F77-compliant program generated by readme2f_1.81 (2015-09-23), on 2021-Jun-22
*  This code was generated from the ReadMe file documenting a catalogue
*  according to the "Standard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues"
*  currently in use by the Astronomical Data Centers (CDS, ADC, A&A)
*  (see full documentation at URL
*  Please report problems or questions to   

      implicit none
*  Unspecified or NULL values, generally corresponding to blank columns,
*  are assigned one of the following special values:
*     rNULL__    for unknown or NULL floating-point values
*     iNULL__    for unknown or NULL   integer      values
      real*4     rNULL__
      integer*4  iNULL__
      parameter  (rNULL__=--2147483648.)  	! NULL real number
      parameter  (iNULL__=(-2147483647-1))	! NULL int  number
      integer    idig			! testing NULL number

Cat. III/76A    Luminous Stars in the Northern Milky Way (LS) (Hardorp+ 1959-1965)
*Luminous Stars in the Northern Milky Way, Volumes I-VI
*     Hardorp J., Rohlfs K., Stock J., Slettebak A.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf I (1959)>
*     Stok J., Nassau J.J., Stephenson C.B.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf II (1960)>
*     Hardorp J., Theile I. Voigt H.H.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf III (1964)>
*     Nassau J.J., Stephenson C.B.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf IV (1963)>
*     Hardorp J., Theile I. Voigt H.H.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf V (1965)>
*     Nassau J.J., Stephenson C.B., Mac-Donnell D.J.
*    <Hamburg-Bergedorf VI (1965)>

C  Internal variables

      integer*4 i__

c - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

C  Declarations for 'notes.dat'	! Remarks originally in volumes II, IV and VI.

      integer*4 nr__
      parameter (nr__=167)	! Number of records
      character*80 ar__   	! Full-size record

      character*7   LS          ! *LS number, as in the file ls.dat
      integer*4     Vol         ! *[1/6]  Volume number, as in the file ls.dat
      character*71  Text        ! Text of note
*Note on LS, Vol:
*     Columns are repeated when the note requires several lines.


C  Loading file 'notes.dat'	! Remarks originally in volumes II, IV and VI.

C  Format for file interpretation

    1 format(A7,I1,1X,A71)

C  Effective file loading

      write(6,*) '....Loading file: notes.dat'
      do i__=1,167
c    ..............Just test output...........
c    .......End.of.Just test output...........
      end do