Accesses to Astronomical Catalogues

The Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS) collects and distributes astronomical data catalogues, related to observations of stars and galaxies, other galactic and extragalactic objects, solar system bodies and atomic data. It is also a repository of the IAU Commission 27 Archive of Unpublished Observations of Variable Stars

A new version is available here

Access to Catalogues
Query the list of catalogues by keywords, author names, words, catalogue number ...

Alternative accesses:

Note: Some of the catalogues are not (yet) available on-line. These ones should be requested by electronic mail to:

Statistical Summary

  • 15685 catalogues available from CDS ...
  • ... of which 14974 are available on-line (as full ASCII or FITS files) ...
  • ... of which 14408 are also available through the VizieR browser.

Supplying your catalogue
Scientists producing new datasets or astronomical catalogues are encouraged to make their computer-readable material and documentation available for distribution to the worldwide astronomical community, by depositing a copy in one of the international astronomical data centers.

For a rapid insertion into the data center archives and into the VizieR facility, the authors are advised to have a look at the guidelines for the preparation and submission of catalogues.

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