IX/32 ROSAT Bright Survey (Fischer+, 1998-2000)

IX/32/note3.dat Notes from table3.dat (33 records)


I :Interacting Seyfert galaxy
C :Redshift determined by cross-correlation with a zero-velocity template spectrum
1 :Nass et al. (1996A&A...309..419N)
2 :Crawford et al. (1995MNRAS.274...75C)
3 :PKS 0205-720
4 :3C 59
5 :Object 'A' on the chart with BL Lac-type spectrum, object 'B' has faint, red
5 :spectrum without emission lines, probably a normal galaxy
6 :Identification inferred from the Digitized Sky Survey
7 :Very active companion galaxy 'B' with Seyfert-type spectrum, companion 'C' has
7 :Seyfert-type spectrum too, but at a redshift of 0.15, and does not belong to
7 :the group
8 :Galaxies 'A' and 'B" have redshifts of 0.087 and 0.088, respectively, and are
8 :probable cluster galaxies. No X-ray extent in the RASS, rather small Ca II break
8 :with contrast ~30%, therefore BL Lac classification not completely excluded
9 :1ES 0439-085
10:MRK 1218, Keel (1996, Cat. <J/ApJS/106/27>)
11:Uncalibrated, noisy spectrum without emission lines; single faint optical
11:counterpart only
13:ESO 509-G038
14:MRK 663
15:ESO 511-G030
16:H Balmer and HeI emission, no HeII
17:Spectrum of a normal galaxy, several faint galaxies around, no X-ray extent,
17:the brighter objects below the X-ray error circle are normal stars with no
17:indication for activity. The spectrum of the galaxy has a rather small contrast
17:of ~30 in the Ca II break, we cannot exclude therefore a BL Lac classification
18:HE 1522-0955
19:1ES 1544+820
20:UGC 10697
21:Point-like X-ray emission in RASS, extended in HRI-pointing
22:VV 697, IRAS 23532+2513, Zou et al. (1995A&A...304..369Z)