Frequently asked question

What type of search can be done ? what are the terms allowed ?

The vizier search analyses you query to search catalogues matching with your words. You can specify the term to search with the explicits fields which have a "quick" access (first author, keyword, etc.), or to select one in the full list of terms listed in "All search terms".

Here are some definitions and explanations of what you can learn from them :

Fields description

{{field.field}} {{field.desc}}

Which is the difference with a « Search » and the « Full Search » box ?

Tick the « Full Search » will expand the search to all search term

What is the « Highlight » box ?

Tick the « Highlight » box to see the items which matches the words of your query

How can I search an exact title ?

To search for an exact expression, quotes are required :
e.g. "Kepler Input Catalog"

How can I find the Gaia catalog without all Gaia related catalogs ?

To restrict the search to specific catalogs/surveys like Gaia, SDSS, 2MASS... you can use the filed alias
e.g. alias: Gaia
Returns catalogs (including DR1 and DR2) whereas « Gaia » alone gives a long list of catalogs.

How can I find all the catalogs which use 2MASS identifiers?

To retrieve the catalogs which use the name of the sources from a specific survey, you can use :
Return a long list of catalogs where the 2MASS names of the sources are given in at least one table of the catalog.

How can I retrieve measurements from specific facilities ?

To search for catalogs containing measurements from specific telescopes, you can look in the Description term :
e.g. description:Kepler Q17
Results catalogs having "Kepler" in the Description section AND "Q17" anywhere else…