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II/323/   OGLE-III Bulge Photometric Catalog (Szymanski+ 2011)
Status:   f
Size:     5965Mb; records
Date:     Added: 12-Sep-2013
Title:    OGLE-III photometric maps of the Galactic Bulge fields
Authors:  Szymanski M.K., Udalski A., Soszynski I., Kubiak M., Pietrzynski G.,
          Poleski R., Wyrzykowski L., Ulaczyk K.
Ref:      Acta Astron. 61, 83
BibCode:  2011AcA....61...83S
Contents: Id.: OGLE
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          VI magnitudes
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Milky Way; Photometry; Positional data
Cite:     Szymanski et al. 2011 (II/323)
II/350/   VLT Survey Telescope ATLAS (Shanks+, 2015)
yCat:     2350
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.3Mb; 106,775,847 sources
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-22)
Title:    The VLT Survey Telescope ATLAS
Authors:  Shanks T., Metcalfe N., Chehade B., Findlay J.R., Irwin M.J.,
          Gonzalez-Solares E., Lewis J.R., Yoldas A.K., Mann R.G., Read M.A.,
          Sutorius E.T.W., Voutsinas S.
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 451, 4238 (2015)
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.451.4238S
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          VISTA U G R I Z bands
          mag, sigma, amaj, ell, PA, Class
Category: OC
qProgram: !ext-tsv/ -source=VST_ATLAS_D_R3 --dir=mirror
          -out.max=999999999 -c @-c -c.rm @-c.rm | -recno @recno -print_r_ecno
Keyword:  Surveys; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Shanks et al. 2015 (II/350)
II/351/   VISTA Magellanic Survey (VMC) catalog (Cioni+, 2011)
yCat:     2351
Status:   f-v
Size:     802Kb; 13857646 sources
Date:     Added: 14-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-08)
Acronym:  VMC; J/A+A/527/A116
Title:    VISTA Magellanic Survey: band-merged master source catalog (YJKs)
Authors:  Cioni et al., The VMC Collaboration
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 527, A116 (2011)
BibCode:  2011A&A...527A.116C
Contents: Id.: VMC
          alpha, delta (J2000)
Category: OC
qProgram: !ext-tsv/ -source=VMC_CAT_D_R4 --mirror
          -out.max=9999999999 -c @-c -c.rm @-c.rm
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Photometry, infrared; Surveys
Cite:     Cioni et & The VMC Collaboration 2011 (II/351)
II/352/   The VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS) catalog (McMahon+, 2013)
yCat:     2352
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.3Mb; 590835393 records
Date:     Added: 16-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Acronym:  VHS
Title:    VISTA Hemisphere Survey band-merged multi-waveband catalogues (VHS)
Authors:  McMahon et al., The VHS Collaboration
Ref:      Msngr 154, 35-37 (2013)
BibCode:  2013Msngr.154...35M
Contents: Id.: VHS
          alpha, delta (J2000)
Category: OC
qProgram: !ext-tsv/ -source=VHS_DR3 --mirror -out.max=9999999999 -c
          @-c -c.rm @-c.rm
Keyword:  Photometry, infrared; Surveys
Cite:     McMahon et & The VHS Collaboration 2013 (II/352)
V/151/    VANDELS High-Redshift Galaxy Evolution (McLure+, 2017)
yCat:     5151
Status:   f-v
Size:     154Kb; 879 sources
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Acronym:  VANDELS
Title:    VANDELS High-Redshift Galaxy Evolution: Spectroscopic and Photometric
          Redshifts in the CANDELS UDS and CDFS Fields
Authors:  McLure R., Pentericci L., VANDELS Team
Ref:      The Messenger, vol. 167, 31-35 (2017)
BibCode:  2017Msngr.167...31M
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          imag zmag Hmag
          zph, zsp
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Photometry, SDSS; Photometry, infrared; Redshifts
Cite:     McLure et al. 2017 (V/151)
VII/225B/ The Canada-France Redshift Survey (CFRS) (Lilly+, 1995)
yCat:     7225
Status:   f-v ; fully Integrated in Simbad
Size:     106Kb; 1010 sources
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2001 (VizieR: 2017-11-09)
Acronym:  CFRS
Title:    The Canada-France Redshift Survey
Popular:  124
Authors:  Lilly S.J., Le Fevre O., Crampton D., Hammer F., Tresse L.
Ref:      Astrophys. J. 455, 50; 455, 60; 455, 75; 455, 88; 455, 96
BibCode:  1995ApJ...455...50L
Contents: Id.: CFRS
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          I_AB_, (V-I)_AB_, Q
          z, confidence class
Category: OC
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts
Cite:     Lilly et al. 1995 (VII/225B)
B/astorb/ Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
yCat:     102032
Status:   T-f-v
Size:     201Mb; 506411 planets
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Acronym:  astorb
Title:    The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, version 2017-Dec-03
Popular:  177
Authors:  Bowell E.
Ref:      Lowell Observatory
Contents: _Minor Planets_: Number, Name
          Magnitude elements
          Class, diameter
          a, e, i, Omega, omega, M
          Ephemeris uncertainties
          N_arc_, N_obs_
Remark:   Weekly updated
          See also B/comets
qProgram: astorb vcds1@VIZIR
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Minor planets
Cite:     Bowell 2014 (B/astorb)
B/eso/    ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2016)
yCat:     102011
Status:   f-v
Size:     9265Mb; 7779111 obs.
Date:     Added: 10-Sep-2002 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Acronym:  logESO; ESOSAC
Title:    The ESO SCience Archive Catalog
Popular:  55438
Authors:  European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Contents: Id.: Dataset, Target
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, exposure time
          Program, Instrument setup
Category: OC
qProgram: eso_arc vcds1@VIZIR
Keyword:  Observatory log
          ESO; Obs_Log
Cite:     European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1991 (B/eso)
B/vsx/    AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
yCat:     102027
Status:   f-v
Size:     84Mb; 474526 variables
Date:     Added: 15-Jun-2009 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Acronym:  VSX
Title:    The AAVSO International Variable Star Index
Popular:  82512
Authors:  Watson C., Henden A.A., Price A.
Ref:      AAVSO
Contents: Id.: OID (VSX)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Varibility Class
          P, T_0_, m_max_, m_min_
Remark:   See also B/gcvs
Category: CCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR
Keyword:  Stars, variable
Cite:     Watson et al. 2006 (B/vsx)
B/wds/    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
yCat:     102026
Status:   f-v
Size:     22Mb; 142202 binaries
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2009 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Acronym:  WDS
Title:    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS)
Popular:  47049
Authors:  Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
Ref:      Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)
BibCode:  2001AJ....122.3466M
Contents: Id.: WDS, discoverer, DM
          alpha, delta (2000)
          Dates of first and last observations
          rho, theta, N(obs)
          m_A_, m_B_, Sp., mu
          Notes & References
          Discoverers lists
Remark:   Living edition
          Supersedes I/237
Category: GCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR catid=102026
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data
          Positional_Data; Multiple_Stars
Cite:     Mason et al. 2001 (B/wds)
J/A+A/542/A48/ AMBRE project. FEROS archived spectra (Worley+, 2012)
yCat:     35420048
Status:   f-v
Size:     5.68Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    The AMBRE project: stellar parameterisation of the ESO: FEROS archived
Authors:  Worley C.C., de Laverny P., Recio-Blanco A., Hill V., Bijaoui A.,
          Ordenovic C.
BibCode:  2012A&A...542A..48W
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 542, A48 (2012)
Files:    ambredr1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, fundamental; Spectroscopy; Radial velocities; ; ; Effective
          temperatures; Abundances
Cite:     Worley et al. 2012 (J/A+A/542/A48)
                                                          (files names inverted)
J/A+A/587/A65/ Visible and near-infrared solar spectra (Reiners+, 2016)
yCat:     35870065
Status:   f-v
Size:     323.27Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2017-11-30)
Title:    The IAG solar flux atlas: Accurate wavelengths and absolute convective
          blueshift in standard solar spectra.
Popular:  37
Authors:  Reiners A., Mrotzek N., Lemke U., Hinrichs J., Reinsch K.
BibCode:  2016A&A...587A..65R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 587, A65 (2016)
Files:    spnir.dat spvis.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Sun; Spectra, infrared; Spectroscopy
          optical; IR; Spectroscopy; Sun
Cite:     Reiners et al. 2016 (J/A+A/587/A65)
                                            (Cygnus_OB2 109 light curve updated)
J/A+A/598/A108/ Variability survey of brightest stars (Laur+, 2017)
yCat:     35980108
Status:   f-v
Size:     14.51Mb;
Date:     Added: 08-Feb-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    Variability survey of brightest stars in selected OB associations.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  667
Authors:  Laur J., Kolka I., Eenmae T., Tuvikene T., Leedjarv L.
BibCode:  2017A&A...598A.108L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 598, A108 (2017)
Files:    lc/* table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
          table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat table10.dat table11.dat tablea11.dat
Keyword:  Stars, late-type; Stars, OB; Binaries, eclipsing; ; ; Stars, Be;
          Stars, variable
Cite:     Laur et al. 2017 (J/A+A/598/A108)
J/A+A/604/A119/ SHARDS S0 and E/S0 with anti-truncated disc (Borlaff+, 2017)
yCat:     36040119
Status:   f-v
Size:     37Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Evolution of the anti-truncated stellar profiles of S0 galaxies since
          z = 0.6 in the SHARDS survey. I. Sample and methods.
Authors:  Borlaff A., Eliche-Moral M.C., Beckman J.E., Ciambur B.C.,
          Perez-Gonzalez P.G., Barro G., Cava A., Cardiel N.
BibCode:  2017A&A...604A.119B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 604, A119 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Galaxy catalogs; Morphology; Photometry
Cite:     Borlaff et al. 2017 (J/A+A/604/A119)
J/A+A/604/A120/ omega Cen RR Lyrae and SX Phoenicis stars (Navarrete+, 2017)
yCat:     36040120
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Near-IR period-luminosity relations for pulsating stars in omega
          Centauri (NGC 5139).
Authors:  Navarrete C., Catelan M., Contreras Ramos R., Alonso-Garcia J., Gran
          F., Dekany I., Minniti D.
BibCode:  2017A&A...604A.120N
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 604, A120 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, variable; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Navarrete et al. 2017 (J/A+A/604/A120)
J/A+A/604/A53/ Final data release of ALLSMOG (Cicone+, 2017)
yCat:     36040053
Status:   f-v
Size:     57Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    The final data release of ALLSMOG: a survey of CO in typical local
          low-M_*_ star-forming galaxies.
Authors:  Cicone C., Bothwell M., Wagg J., Moller P., De Breuck C., Zhang Z.,
          Martin S., Maiolino R., Severgnini P., Aravena M., Belfiore F., Espada
          D., Flutsch A., Impellizzeri V., Peng Y., Raj M.A., Ramirez-Olivencia
          N., Riechers D., Schawinski K.
BibCode:  2017A&A...604A..53C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 604, A53 (2017)
Files:    tablec1.dat tablec2.dat tablec3.dat tablec4.dat tablec5.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Abundances; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Cicone et al. 2017 (J/A+A/604/A53)
J/A+A/607/A103/ Main-belt asteroids polarimetry. VI. (Gil-Hutton+, 2017)
yCat:     36070103
Status:   f-v
Size:     32Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-21)
Title:    Polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids. VI. New results from the
          second epoch of the CASLEO survey.
Authors:  Gil-Hutton R., Garcia-Migani E.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.103G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A103 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Minor planets; Polarization
Cite:     Gil-Hutton & Garcia-Migani 2017 (J/A+A/607/A103)
J/A+A/607/A107/ GRB 080810 Keck/HIRES spectrum (Wiseman+, 2017)
yCat:     36070107
Status:   f-v
Size:     7.80Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-22)
Title:    Gas inflow and outflow in an interacting high-redshift galaxy. The
          remarkable host environment of GRB 080810 at z = 3.35.
Media:    spectrum
Authors:  Wiseman P., Perley D. A., Schady P., Prochaska J. X., de Ugarte
          Postigo A., Kruehler T., Yates R. M., Greiner J
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.107W
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A107 (2017)
Files:    list.dat spectrum.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Wiseman et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A107)
J/A+A/607/A110/ AMIGA sample: CO properties (Lisenfeld+, 2017)
yCat:     36070110
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    The role of molecular gas in galaxy transition in compact groups.
Authors:  Lisenfeld U., Alatalo K., Zucker C., Appleton P.N., Gallagher S.,
          Guillard P., Johnson K.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.110L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A110 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Carbon monoxide; Galaxies, IR; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Lisenfeld et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A110)
J/A+A/607/A118/ Models for molecular transitions (Viti, 2017)
yCat:     36070118
Status:!  fv
Wize:     102Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    Molecular transitions as probes of the physical conditions of
          extragalactic environments.
Authors:  Viti S.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.118V
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A118 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
          table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat table10.dat table11.dat tablea1.dat
          tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat
Keyword:  Models; Molecular clouds; Abundances
Cite:     Viti 2017 (J/A+A/607/A118)
J/A+A/607/A124/ K-G-F dwarfs stellar granulation variability (Meunier+, 2017)
yCat:     36070124
Status:   f-v
Size:     42Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-24)
Title:    Variability in stellar granulation and convective blueshift with
          spectral type and magnetic activity. II. From young to old
          main-sequence K-G-F stars.
Authors:  Meunier N., Mignon L., Lagrange A.-M.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.124M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A124 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, dwarfs; Magnetic fields
Cite:     Meunier et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A124)
J/A+A/607/A126/ GalIMF version 1.0.0 (Yan+, 2017)
Status:   f
Size:     195Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Nov-2017
Title:    The optimally sampled galaxy-wide stellar initial mass function.
          Observational tests and the publicly available GalIMF code.
Authors:  Yan Z., Jerabkova T., Kroupa P.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.126Y
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A126 (2017)
Keyword:  Models; Galaxy catalogs
Cite:     Yan et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A126)
J/A+A/607/A127/ 2014-2017 photometry for ASASSN-13db (Sicilia-Aguilar+, 2017)
yCat:     36070127
Status:   f-v
Size:     33Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-24)
Title:    The 2014-2017 outburst of the young star ASASSN-13db.
Authors:  Sicilia-Aguilar A., Oprandi A., Froebrich D., Fang M., Prieto J.L.,
          Stanek K., Scholz A., Kochanek C.S., Henning T., Gredel R., Holoien
          T.S.W., Rabus M., Shappee B.J., Billington S.J., Campbell-White J.,
          Zegmott T.J.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.127S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A127 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Stars, pre-main sequence; Photometry
Cite:     Sicilia-Aguilar et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A127)
J/A+A/607/A131/ A520 galaxies redshifts (Deshev+, 2017)
yCat:     36070131
Status:   f-v
Size:     13.71Mb;
Date:     Added: 27-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-27)
Title:    Galaxy evolution in merging clusters: The passive core of the "Train
          Wreck" cluster of galaxies, A520.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Deshev B., Finoguenov A., Verdugo M., Ziegler B., Park C., Seong Hwang
          H., Haines C., Kamphuis P., Tamm A., Einasto M., Hwang N., Park B.-G.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.131D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A131 (2017)
Files:    spectra.fits table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, optical; Galaxies, photometry; ; ;
          Galaxies, spectra; Galaxy catalogs; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Redshifts;
Cite:     Deshev et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A131)
J/A+A/607/A132/ VLBA observations of the COSMOS field (Herrera Ruiz+, 2017)
yCat:     36070132
Status:   f-v
Size:     79Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    The faint radio sky: VLBA observations of the COSMOS field.
Authors:  Herrera Ruiz N., Middelberg E., Deller A., Norris R.P., Best P.N.,
          Brisken W., Schinnerer E., Smolcic V., Delvecchio I., Momjian E.,
          Bomans D., Scoville N.Z., Carilli C.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.132H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A132 (2017)
Files:    vlba_cat.dat vlba_mw.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Active gal. nuclei; Radio continuum
Cite:     Herrera Ruiz et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A132)
J/A+A/607/A135/ NGC 104, 6121 + 6809 AGB and RGB stars Na abundance (Wang+,
yCat:     36070135
Status:   f-v
Size:     103Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    Sodium abundances of AGB and RGB stars in Galactic globular clusters
          II. Analysis and results of NGC 104, NGC 6121, and NGC 6809.
Authors:  Wang Y., Primas F., Charbonnel C., Van der Swaelmen M., Bono G.,
          Chantereau W., Zhao G.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A.135W
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A135 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table5.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, giant; Abundances; Photometry; ; ; Radial
Cite:     Wang et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A135)
J/A+A/607/A48/ AGN data and absorption-line measurements (Richter+, 2017)
yCat:     36070048
Status:   f-v
Size:     156Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-13)
Title:    An HST/COS legacy survey of high-velocity ultraviolet absorption in
          the Milky Way's circumgalactic medium and the Local Group.
Authors:  Richter P., Nuza S.E., Fox A.J., Wakker B.P., Ben Bekhti N., Fechner
          C., Wendt M., Howk J.C., Muzahid S., Ganguly R., Charlton J.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..48R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A48 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea4.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Positional data; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Richter et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A48)
J/A+A/607/A56/ Distant clusters of galaxies in the 2XMM/SDSS (Rabitz+, 2017)
yCat:     36070056
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-14)
Title:    Distant clusters of galaxies in the 2XMM/SDSS footprint: follow-up
          observations with the LBT.
Authors:  Rabitz A., Lamer G., Schwope A., Takey A.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..56R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A56 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; X-ray sources; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Rabitz et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A56)
J/A+A/607/A60/ BD+46 442 optical spectra (Bollen+, 2017)
yCat:     36070060
Status:   f-v
Size:     159.07Mb;
Date:     Added: 14-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    Jet creation in post-AGB binaries: the circum-companion accretion disc
          around BD+46 442.
Media:    spectrum/fits
Authors:  Bollen D., Van Winckel H., Kamath D.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..60B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A60 (2017)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, spectroscopic; Line Profiles; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Bollen et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A60)
J/A+A/607/A72/ Absolute Refletivity of Jupiter and Saturn (Mendikoa+ 2017)
yCat:     36070072
Status:   f-v
Size:     123Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-17)
Title:    Temporal and spatial variations of the absolute reflectivity of
          Jupiter and Saturn from 0.38 to 1.7 mum with PlanetCam-UPV/EHU.
Authors:  Mendikoa I., Sanchez-Lavega A., Perez-Hoyos S., Hueso R., Rojas J.F.,
          Lopez-Santiago J.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..72M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A72 (2017)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tableb1.dat
          tableb2.dat tableb3.dat tableb4.dat tableb5.dat tableb6.dat
          tableb7.dat tableb8.dat
Keyword:  Solar system; Planets; Photometry
Cite:     Mendikoa et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A72)
J/A+A/607/A78/ APEX and IRAM spectra of CK Vul (Nova 1670) (Kaminski+, 2017)
yCat:     36070078
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.24Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    Organic molecules, ions, and rare isotopologues in the remnant of the
          stellar-merger candidate, CK Vulpeculae (Nova 1670).
Media:    spectrum/fits
Authors:  Kaminski T., Menten K.M., Tylenda R., Karakas A., Belloche A., Patel
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..78K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A78 (2017)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Novae; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Kaminski et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A78)
J/A+A/607/A86/ NGC 6334 and NGC 6357 OB stars spectra (Russeil+, 2017)
yCat:     36070086
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.31Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-28)
Title:    NGC 6334 and NGC 6357: Insights from spectroscopy of their OB star
Media:    spectrum/fits
Authors:  Russeil D., Adami C., Bouret J.C., Herve A., Parker Q.A., Zavagno A.,
          Motte F.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..86R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A86 (2017)
Files:    list.dat sp/* table2.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  H II regions; Spectral types; Stars, ages; Stars, distances; ; ;
          Stars, OB
Cite:     Russeil et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A86)
J/A+A/607/A91/ CS 29497-004 abundances (Hill+, 2017)
yCat:     36070091
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-21)
Title:    The Hamburg/ESO R-process Enhanced Star survey (HERES). XI. The highly
          r-process-enhanced star CS 29497-004.
Authors:  Hill V., Christlieb N., Beers T.C., Barklem P.S., Kratz K.-L.,
          Nordstrom B., Pfeiffer B., Farouqi K.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..91H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A91 (2017)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Spectroscopy; Abundances; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Hill et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A91)
J/A+A/607/A96/ HD 166734 ESPRESSO spectra (Mahy+, 2017)
yCat:     36070096
Status:   f-v
Size:     21.41Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-21)
Title:    A modern study of HD166734: a massive supergiant system.
Media:    spectrum/fits
Authors:  Mahy L., Damerdji Y., Gosset E., Nitschelm C., Eenens P., Sana H.,
          Klotz A.
BibCode:  2017A&A...607A..96M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 607, A96 (2017)
Files:    sp/* table.dat
Keyword:  Stars, early-type - Stars, supergiant; Binaries, eclipsing; ; ;
Cite:     Mahy et al. 2017 (J/A+A/607/A96)
J/A+A/608/A2/ MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey. II. (Inami+, 2017)
yCat:     36080002
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.46Mb;
Date:     Added: 29-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-29)
Acronym:  MUSE
Title:    The MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey: II. Spectroscopic redshifts
          and comparisons to color selections of high redshift galaxies.
Authors:  Inami H., Bacon R., Brinchmann J., Richard J., Contini T., Conseil S.,
          Hamer S., Akhlaghi M., Bouche N., Clement B., Desprez G., Drake A.B.,
          Hashimoto T., Leclercq F., Maseda M., Michel-Dansac L., Paalvast M.,
          Tresse L., Ventou E., Kollatschny W., Boogaard L.A., Finley H., Marino
          R.A., Schaye J., Wisotzki L.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A...2I
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A2 (2017)
Files:    combined.dat mosaic.dat udf10.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs - Redshifts - Galaxies, optical
Cite:     Inami et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A2)
J/A+A/608/A21/ Radio cubes of G82.65-2.00 (Saajasto+, 2017)
yCat:     36080021
Status:   f-v
Size:     5895.10Mb;
Date:     Added: 01-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-07)
Title:    Correlation of gas dynamics and dust in the evolved filament
Media:    cube/fits
Authors:  Saajasto M., Juvela M., Dobashi K., Shimoikura T., Ristorcelli I.,
          Montillaud J., Marshall D.J., Malinen J., Pelkonen V.-M., Feher O.,
          Rivera-Ingraham A., Toth L.V., Montier L., Bernard J-P., Onishi T.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..21S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A21 (2017)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Radio sources; Molecular clouds
Cite:     Saajasto et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A21)
J/A+A/608/A26/ TrES-3b UBVIz' light curves (Mackebrandt+, 2017)
yCat:     36080026
Status:   f-v
Size:     92Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-01)
Title:    Transmission spectroscopy of the hot Jupiter TrES-3b: Disproof of an
          overly large Rayleigh-like feature.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Mackebrandt F., Mallonn M., Ohlert J.M., Granzer T., Lalitha S.,
          Garcia Munoz A., Gibson N.P., Lee J.W., Sozzetti A., Turner J.D.,
          Vanko M., Strassmeier K.G.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..26M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A26 (2017)
Files:    list.dat phot/* vamosb.dat vamosv.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry, UBVRI; ; ;
          Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Mackebrandt et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A26)
J/A+A/608/A30/ APM 08279+5255 CO(4-3) spectrum (Feruglio+, 2017)
yCat:     36080030
Status:   f-v
Size:     8Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-07)
Title:    On the discovery of fast molecular gas in the UFO/BAL quasar APM
          08279+5255 at z=3.912.
Authors:  Feruglio C., Ferrara A., Bischetti M., Downes D., Neri R., Ceccarelli
          C., Cicone C., Fiore F., Gallerani S., Maiolino R., Menci N.,
          Piconcelli E., Vietri G., Vignali C., Zappacosta L.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..30F
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A30 (2017)
Files:    apm-co43.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Spectra, millimetric/submm; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Feruglio et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A30)
J/A+A/608/A33/ Inelastic manganese-hydrogen collisions data (Belyaev+, 2017)
yCat:     36080033
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.81Mb;
Date:     Added: 01-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-01)
Title:    Estimating inelastic heavy-particle-hydrogen collision data. II.
          Simplified model for ionic collisions and application to
          barium-hydrogen ionic collisions.
Authors:  Belyaev A.K., Yakovleva S.A
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..33B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A33 (2017)
Files:    double/* nd1000.dat nd2000.dat nd3000.dat nd4000.dat nd5000.dat
          nd6000.dat nd7000.dat nd8000.dat nd9000.dat nd10000.dat ns1000.dat
          ns2000.dat ns3000.dat ns4000.dat ns5000.dat ns6000.dat ns7000.dat
          ns8000.dat ns9000.dat ns10000.dat rt1000.dat rt2000.dat rt3000.dat
          rt4000.dat rt5000.dat rt6000.dat rt7000.dat rt8000.dat rt9000.dat
          rt10000.dat single/*
Keyword:  Atomic physics
Cite:     Belyaev & Yakovleva 2017 (J/A+A/608/A33)
J/A+A/608/A35/ K2-18 HARPS time-series (Cloutier+, 2017)
yCat:     36080035
Status:   f-v
Size:     11Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-05)
Title:    Characterization of the K2-18 multi-planetary system with HARPS: A
          habitable zone super-Earth and discovery of a second, warm super-Earth
          on a non-coplanar orbit.
Authors:  Cloutier R., Astudillo-Defru N., Doyon R., Bonfils X., Almenara J.M.,
          Benneke B., Bouchy F., Delfosse X., Ehrenreich D., Forveille T., Lovis
          C., Mayor M., Menou K., Murgas F., Pepe F., Rowe J., Santos N.C., Udry
          S., Wuensche A.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..35C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A35 (2017)
Files:    tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Cloutier et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A35)
J/A+A/608/A36/ IGR J19552+0044 BV light curves and spectra (Tovmassian+, 2017)
yCat:     36080036
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.61Mb;
Date:     Added: 05-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-05)
Title:    IGR J19552+0044: a new asynchronous short period polar. Filling the
          gap between intermediate and ordinary polars.
Media:    spectrm/fitsspectrum
Authors:  Tovmassian G.H., Gonzalez-Buitrago D., Thorstensen J., Kotze E.,
          Breytenbach H., Schwope A., Bernardini F., Zharikov S.V., Hernandez
          M.S., Buckley D.A.H., de Miguel E., Hambsch F.-J., Myers G., Goff W.,
          Cejudo D., Starkey D., Campbell T., Ulowetz J., Stein W., Nelson P.,
          Reichart D.E., Haislip J.B., Ivarsen K.M., LaCluyze A.P., Moore J.P.,
          Miroshnichenko A.S.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..36T
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A36 (2017)
Files:    iband.dat list.dat sp/* vband.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, cataclysmic; Photometry; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Tovmassian et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A36)
J/A+A/608/A39/ X-ATLAS X-ray sources photometric redshifts (Mountrichas+, 2017)
yCat:     36080039
Status:   f-v
Size:     995Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Title:    Estimating photometric redshifts for X-ray sources in the X-ATLAS
          field, using machine-learning techniques.
Authors:  Mountrichas G., Corral A., Masoura V.A., Georgantopoulos I., Ruiz A.,
          Georgakakis A., Carrera F.J., Fotopoulou S.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..39M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A39 (2017)
Files:    photoz.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Redshifts
Cite:     Mountrichas et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A39)
J/A+A/608/A46/ Constraining cosmic scatter (Reggiani+, 2017)
yCat:     36080046
Status:   f-v
Size:     40Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-05)
Title:    Constraining cosmic scatter in the Galactic halo through a
          differential analysis of metal-poor stars.
Authors:  Reggiani H., Melendez J., Kobayashi C., Karakas A., Placco V.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..46R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A46 (2017)
Files:    linelist.dat tablea.dat
Keyword:  Stars, population II; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Reggiani et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A46)
J/A+A/608/A48/ HAE229 CO (1-0) ATCA datacube (Dannerbauer+, 2017)
yCat:     36080048
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.31Mb;
Date:     Added: 06-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-07)
Title:    The implications of the surprising existence of a large massive CO
          disk in a distant protocluster.
Media:    cube/fits
Authors:  Dannerbauer H., Lehnert M.D., Emonts B., Ziegler B., Altieri B., De
          Breuck C., Hatch N., Kodama T., Koyama Y., Kurk J.D., Matiz T., Miley
          G., Narayanan D., Norris R.P., Overzier R., Roettgering H.J.A.,
          Sargent M., Seymour N., Tanaka M., Valtchanov I., Wylezalek D.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..48D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A48 (2017)
Files:    HAE229_cube.fits list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, radio; Photometry, H-alpha; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Dannerbauer et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A48)
J/A+A/608/A63/ HADES VI: GJ 3942b (Perger+, 2017)
yCat:     36080063
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-07)
Title:    HADES RV Programme with HARPS-N at TNG. VI. GJ 3942b behind dominant
          activity signals.
Authors:  Perger M., Ribas I., Damasso M., Morales J.C., Affer L., Suarez
          Mascareno A., Micela G., Maldonado J., Gonzalez Hernandez J.I., Rebolo
          R., Scandariato G., Leto G., Zanmar Sanchez R., Benatti S., Bignamini
          A., Borsa F., Carbognani A., Claudi R., Desidera S., Esposito M.,
          Lafarga M., Martinez Fiorenzano A.F., Herrero E., Molinari E.,
          Nascimbeni V., Pagano I., Pedani M., Poretti E., Rainer M., Rosich A.,
          Sozzetti A., Toledo-Padron B.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..63P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A63 (2017)
Files:    table9.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Radial velocities; ; ;
          Spectroscopy; Line Profiles
Cite:     Perger et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A63)
J/A+A/608/A66/ IR photometry in UKIDSS sigma Orionis stars (Elliott+, 2017)
yCat:     36080066
Status:   f-v
Size:     125Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-07)
Title:    A deep staring campaign in the sigma Orionis cluster. Variability in
          substellar members.
Authors:  Elliott P., Scholz A., Jayawardhana R., Eisloffel J., Hebrard E.M.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..66E
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A66 (2017)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Associations, stellar; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Elliott et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A66)
J/A+A/608/A68/ TeV and non-TeV BL Lacs MWL properties (Fallah Ramazani+, 2017)
yCat:     36080068
Status:   f-v
Size:     54Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-08)
Title:    Empirical multi-wavelength prediction method for very high energy
          gamma-ray emitting BL Lacertae objects.
Authors:  Fallah Ramazani V., Lindfors E., Nilsson K.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..68F
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A68 (2017)
Files:    nontev.dat refs.dat tev.dat
Keyword:  BL Lac objects; X-ray sources; Gamma rays; Radio sources; ; ;
          Redshifts; Galaxies, optical
Cite:     Fallah Ramazani et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A68)
J/A+A/608/A71/ J,H,K spectroscopy of HD 106906 b (Daemgen+, 2017)
yCat:     36080071
Status:   f-v
Size:     136Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-08)
Title:    High signal-to-noise spectral characterization of the planetary-mass
          object HD 106906b.
Authors:  Daemgen S., Todorov K., Quanz S.P., Meyer M.R., Mordasini C., Marleau
          G.-D., Fortney J.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A..71D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A71 (2017)
Files:    hband.dat jband.dat kband.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Daemgen et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A71)
J/A+A/608/A8/ MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey. VIII (Leclercq+, 2017)
yCat:     36080008
Status:   f-v
Size:     32Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-29)
Acronym:  MUSE
Title:    The MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey: VIII. Extended Lyman-alpha
          haloes around high-z star-forming galaxies.
Authors:  Leclercq F., Bacon R., Wisotzki L., Mitchell P., Garel T., Verhamme
          A., Blaizot J., Hashimoto T., Herenz E.C., Conseil S., Cantalupo S.,
          Inami H., Contini T., Richard J., Maseda M., Schaye J., Marino R.A.,
          Akhlaghi M., Brinchmannand J., Carollo M.
BibCode:  2017A&A...608A...8L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 608, A8 (2017)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, optical; Diffuse clouds; Spectrophotometry
Cite:     Leclercq et al. 2017 (J/A+A/608/A8)
J/AJ/152/113/ Pleiades members with K2 light curves. I. Periods (Rebull+, 2016)
yCat:     51520113
Status:   f-v
Size:     384Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Dec-2016 (VizieR: 2017-11-15)
Title:    Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. I. Data and first results.
Popular:  434
Authors:  Rebull L.M., Stauffer J.R., Bouvier J., Cody A.M., Hillenbrand L.A.,
          Soderblom D.R., Valenti J., Barrado D., Bouy H., Ciardi D.,
          Pinsonneault M., Stassun K., Micela G., Aigrain S., Vrba F., Somers
          G., Christiansen J., Gillen E., Collier Cameron A.
BibCode:  2016AJ....152..113R
Ref:      Astron. J., 152, 113-113 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Rotational velocities; Cross identifications
Cite:     Rebull et al. 2016 (J/AJ/152/113)
J/AJ/154/105/ Parameters of 529 Kepler eclipsing binaries (Kjurkchieva+, 2017)
yCat:     51540105
Status:   f-v
Size:     96Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-29)
Title:    Orbital parameters of the eclipsing detached Kepler binaries with
          eccentric orbits.
Authors:  Kjurkchieva D., Vasileva D., Atanasova T.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154..105K
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 105-105 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Binaries, orbits; Effective temperatures; ; ;
          Stars, masses; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Kjurkchieva et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/105)
J/AJ/154/72/ Coordinates and photometry of stars in Haffner 16 (Davidge, 2017)
yCat:     51540072
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    Haffner 16 redux: revisiting a young cluster in the outer galaxy.
Authors:  Davidge T.J.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...72D
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 72-72 (2017)
Files:    table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Davidge 2017 (J/AJ/154/72)
J/AJ/154/76/ Masses of 30 large subject asteroids (Baer+, 2017)
yCat:     51540076
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    Simultaneous mass determination for gravitationally coupled asteroids.
Authors:  Baer J., Chesley S.R.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...76B
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 76-76 (2017)
Files:    ast.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Solar system; Minor planets
Cite:     Baer & Chesley 2017 (J/AJ/154/76)
J/AJ/154/81/ BVRI photometry of luminous stars in M31 and M33 (Martin+, 2017)
yCat:     51540081
Status:   f-v
Size:     245Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    Multi-epoch BVRI photometry of luminous stars in M31 and M33.
Authors:  Martin J.C., Humphreys R.M.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...81M
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 81-81 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Stars, nearby; Stars, luminous; ; ; Stars,
          supergiant; Photometry, UBVRI; Stars, variable
Cite:     Martin & Humphreys 2017 (J/AJ/154/81)
J/AJ/154/85/ CTIO/DECam photometry of RR Lyrae stars in M5 (Vivas+, 2017)
yCat:     51540085
Status:   f-v
Size:     5.20Mb;
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-14)
Title:    Absolute magnitudes and colors of RR Lyrae stars in DECam passbands
          from photometry of the globular cluster M5.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Vivas A.K., Saha A., Olsen K., Blum R., Olszewski E.W., Claver J.,
          Valdes F., Axelrod T., Kaleida C., Kunder A., Narayan G., Matheson T.,
          Walker A.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...85V
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 85-85 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, nearby; Stars, variable; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Vivas et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/85)
J/AJ/154/96/ Groups of galaxies from from SDSS-DR7 (de Carvalho+, 2017)
yCat:     51540096
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-17)
Title:    Investigating the relation between galaxy properties and the
          Gaussianity of the velocity distribution of groups and clusters.
Authors:  de Carvalho R.R., Ribeiro A.L.B., Stalder D.H., Rosa R.R., Costa A.P.,
          Moura T.C.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...96D
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 96-96 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts; X-ray sources
Cite:     de Carvalho et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/96)
J/AcA/63/379/ OGLE-III variable stars in Galactic disk area (Pietrukowicz+,
yCat:     120630379
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.07Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    Large variety of new pulsating stars in the OGLE-III Galactic disk
Media:    spectrumtimeSerie
Authors:  Pietrukowicz P., Dziembowski W.A., Mroz P., Soszynski I., Udalski A.,
          Poleski R., Szymanski M.K., Kubiak M., Pietrzynski G., Wyrzykowski L.,
          Ulaczyk K., Kozlowski S., Skowron J.
BibCode:  2013AcA....63..379P
Ref:      Acta Astron., 63, 379 (2013)
Files:    cep.dat dsct.dat ident.dat lpv.dat phot/* rrlyr.dat spectra/*
          t2cep.dat unclass.dat wd.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Galactic plane; Photometry, VRI; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Pietrukowicz et al. 2013 (J/AcA/63/379)
J/ApJ/779/65/ Photometry of LBGs, LAEs and GNBs at z 2.85 (Mostardi+, 2013)
yCat:     17790065
Status:   f-v
Size:     30Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Narrowband Lyman-continuum imaging of galaxies at z 2.85.
Authors:  Mostardi R.E., Shapley A.E., Nestor D.B., Steidel C.C., Reddy N.A.,
          Trainor R.F.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...779...65M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 779, 65 (2013)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, UBV; Photometry, ultraviolet; ; ;
Cite:     Mostardi et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/779/65)
J/ApJ/807/139/ Physical parameters of compact SFGs in COSMOS field (Fang+, 2015)
yCat:     18070139
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    Physical properties of compact star-forming galaxies at z 2-3.
Authors:  Fang G., Ma Z., Kong X., Fan L.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...807..139F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 807, 139 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Redshifts; Colors; Galaxies, photometry; ; ;
Cite:     Fang et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/807/139)
J/ApJ/808/136/ UV counterparts in HI clouds using ALFA surveys (Donovan+, 2015)
yCat:     18080136
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    Finding gas-rich dwarf galaxies betrayed by their ultraviolet
Authors:  Donovan Meyer J., Peek J.E.G., Putman M., Grcevich J.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...808..136D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 808, 136 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Diffuse clouds; H I data; Photometry, ultraviolet
Cite:     Donovan Meyer et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/808/136)
J/ApJ/810/158/ M,L,T dwarfs fundamental parameters and SEDs (Filippazzo+, 2015)
yCat:     18100158
Status:   f-v
Size:     178Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    Fundamental parameters and spectral energy distributions of young and
          field age objects with masses spanning the stellar to planetary
Authors:  Filippazzo J.C., Rice E.L., Faherty J., Cruz K.L., Van Gordon M.M.,
          Looper D.L.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...810..158F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 810, 158 (2015)
Files:    refs1.dat refs7.dat table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
          table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Stars, dwarfs; Spectral types; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Photometry,
          UBVRIJKLMNH; Parallaxes, trigonometric; Stars, ages
Cite:     Filippazzo et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/810/158)
J/ApJ/817/73/ QSOs and RR Lyrae in Pan-STARRS1 3pi Data (Hernitschek+ 2016)
yCat:     18170073
Status:   f-v
Size:     18.1Gb;
Date:     Added: 09-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2017-11-30)
Title:    Finding, Characterizing, and Classifying variable sources in
          multi-epoch sky surveys: QSOs and RR Lyrae in PS1 3pi data
Authors:  Hernitschek N., Schlafly E.F., Sesar B., Rix H.-W., Hogg D.W., Ivezic
          Z., Grebel E.K., Bell E.F., Martin N.F., Burgett W.S., Flewelling H.,
          Hodapp K.W., Kaiser N., Magnier E.A., Metcalfe N., Wainscoat R.J.,
          Waters C.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...73H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 73 (2016)
Files:    catalog.dat catpv3.dat catpv3.fits list.dat table4.fits
Keyword:  Surveys; Stars, variable; QSOs
Cite:     Hernitschek et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/73)
J/ApJ/817/79/ Properties of emission-line galaxies (Hagen+, 2016)
yCat:     18170079
Status:   f-v
Size:     41Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    HST emission line galaxies at z   2: comparing physical properties of
          Lyman alpha and optical emission line selected galaxies.
Authors:  Hagen A., Zeimann G.R., Behrens C., Ciardullo R., Grasshorn Gebhardt
          H.S., Gronwall C., Bridge J.S., Fox D.B., Schneider D.P., Trump J.R.,
          Blanc G.A., Chiang Y.-K., Chonis T.S., Finkelstein S.L., Hill G.J.,
          Jogee S., Gawiser E.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...79H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 79 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, optical; Morphology; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Hagen et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/79)
J/ApJ/822/97/ Rotation-Activity Correlations in K-M dwarfs. I. (Houdebine+,
yCat:     18220097
Status:   f-v
Size:     113Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    Rotation-activity correlations in K and M dwarfs. I. Stellar
          parameters and compilations of v.sin(i) and P/sin(i) for a large
          sample of late-K and M dwarfs.
Authors:  Houdebine E.R., Mullan D.J., Paletou F., Gebran M.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...822...97H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 822, 97-97 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Stars, M-type; Effective temperatures; Abundances; ; ; Spectral types;
          Rotational velocities; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Houdebine et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/822/97)
J/ApJ/828/21/ ZFIRE v1.0 data release (Nanayakkara+, 2016)
yCat:     18280021
Status:   f-v
Size:     185Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Jun-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-28)
Title:    ZFIRE: a KECK/MOSFIRE spectroscopic survey of galaxies in rich
          environments at z 2.
Media:    spectrum/fits
Authors:  Nanayakkara T., Glazebrook K., Kacprzak G.G., Yuan T., Tran K.-V.,
          Spitler L., Kewley L., Straatman C., Cowley M., Fisher D., Labbe I.,
          Tomczak A., Allen R., Alcorn L.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...828...21N
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 828, 21-21 (2016)
Files:    spcos.dat spectra/* spuds.dat zfirecos.dat zfireuds.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, IR; Spectra, infrared; Redshifts; ;
Cite:     Nanayakkara et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/828/21)
J/ApJ/834/101/ Keck/MOSFIRE spectroscopy of ZFOURGE galaxies (Tran+, 2017)
yCat:     18340101
Status:   f-v
Size:     16Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Jun-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-28)
Title:    ZFIRE: similar stellar growth in Halpha-emitting cluster and field
          galaxies at z 2.
Authors:  Tran K.-V.H., Alcorn L.Y., Kacprzak G.G., Nanayakkara T., Straatman
          C., Yuan T., Cowley M., Dave R., Glazebrook K., Kewley L.J., Labbe I.,
          Martizzi D., Papovich C., Quadri R., Spitler L.R., Tomczak A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...834..101T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 834, 101-101 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Spectra, infrared; Redshifts; Photometry, H-alpha
Cite:     Tran et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/834/101)
                                              (Coordinates in table 1 corrected)
J/ApJ/834/186/ Metallicity of MPA-JHU SDSS-DR7 dwarf galaxies (Douglass+, 2017)
yCat:     18340186
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Jul-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-17)
Title:    Determining the large-scale environmental dependence of gas-phase
          metallicity in dwarf galaxies.
Popular:  6
Authors:  Douglass K.A., Vogeley M.S.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...834..186D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 834, 186-186 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Abundances; Redshifts
Cite:     Douglass & Vogeley 2017 (J/ApJ/834/186)
J/ApJ/835/104/ SAMI Galaxy Survey: rotators classification (van de Sande+, 2017)
yCat:     18350104
Status:   f-v
Size:     49Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Aug-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-29)
Title:    The SAMI Galaxy Survey: revisiting Galaxy classification through
          high-order stellar kinematics.
Authors:  van de Sande J., Bland-Hawthorn J., Fogarty L.M.R., Cortese L.,
          D'Eugenio F., Croom S.M., Scott N., Allen J.T., Brough S., Bryant
          J.J., Cecil G., Colless M., Couch W.J., Davies R., Elahi P.J., Foster
          C., Goldstein G., Goodwin M., Groves B., Ho I.-T., Jeong H., Jones
          D.H., Konstantopoulos I.S., Lawrence J.S., Leslie S.K., Lopez-Sanchez
          A.R., McDermid R.M., McElroy R., Medling A.M., Oh S., Owers M.S.,
          Richards S.N., Schaefer A.L., Sharp R., Sweet S.M., Taranu D., Tonini
          C., Walcher C.J., Yi S.K.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...835..104V
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 835, 104-104 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Surveys; Redshifts; Morphology
Cite:     van de Sande et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/835/104)
                                              (Tables6,7,8 updated from erratum)
J/ApJ/835/172/ Kepler asteroseismic LEGACY sample. I. Oscillations (Lund+, 2017)
yCat:     18350172
Status:   f-v
Size:     506Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Aug-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-27)
Title:    Standing on the shoulders of dwarfs: the Kepler asteroseismic LEGACY
          sample. I. Oscillation mode parameters.
Authors:  Lund M.N., Silva Aguirre V., Davies G.R., Chaplin W.J.,
          Christensen-Dalsgaard J., Houdek G., White T.R., Bedding T.R., Ball
          W.H., Huber D., Antia H.M., Lebreton Y., Latham D.W., Handberg R.,
          Verma K., Basu S., Casagrande L., Justesen A.B., Kjeldsen H.,
          Mosumgaard J.R.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...835..172L
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 835, 172-172 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Stars, dwarfs
Cite:     Lund et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/835/172)
J/ApJ/837/106/ UV background photoionization + photoheating rates (Onorbe+,
yCat:     18370106
Status:   f-v
Size:     86Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    Self-consistent modeling of reionization in cosmological
          hydrodynamical simulations.
Authors:  Onorbe J., Hennawi J.F., Lukic Z.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..106O
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 106-106 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Models; Ultraviolet; Redshifts
Cite:     Onorbe et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/106)
J/ApJ/837/118/ NIR knots in the Cas A supernova remnant (Lee+, 2017)
yCat:     18370118
Status:   f-v
Size:     196Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-23)
Title:    Near-infrared knots and dense Fe ejecta in the Cassiopeia A supernova
Authors:  Lee Y.-H., Koo B.-C., Moon D.-S., Burton M.G., Lee J.-J.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..118L
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 118-118 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Supernova remnants; Spectra, infrared; Radial velocities; ; ;
          Extinction; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Lee et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/118)
J/ApJ/837/120/ Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS) revisited (Graur+, 2017)
yCat:     18370120
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.96Mb;
Date:     Added: 23-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    LOSS revisited. I. Unraveling correlations between supernova rates and
          galaxy properties, as measured in a reanalysis of the Lick Observatory
          Supernova Search.
Media:    spectrum
Authors:  Graur O., Bianco F.B., Huang S., Modjaz M., Shivvers I., Filippenko
          A.V., Li W., Eldridge J.J.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..120G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 120 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table4a.dat table4b.dat table4c.dat table4d.dat table4e.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Surveys; Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts; ; ; Stars, masses
Cite:     Graur et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/120)
J/ApJ/837/130/ Collinder 261 Chandra sources + optical counterparts (Vats+,
yCat:     18370130
Status:   f-v
Size:     36Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-23)
Title:    A Chandra X-ray census of the interacting binaries in old open
          clusters - Collinder 261.
Authors:  Vats S., van den Berg M.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..130V
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 130-130 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; X-ray sources; Photometry, UBV; ; ; Cross
          identifications; Binaries, X-ray; Binaries, cataclysmic
Cite:     Vats & van den Berg 2017 (J/ApJ/837/130)
J/ApJ/837/131/ Space telescope RM project. V. NGC5548 sp. monitoring (Pei+,
yCat:     18370131
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-28)
Title:    Space Telescope and optical reverberation mapping project. V. Optical
          spectroscopic campaign and emission-line analysis for NGC 5548.
Authors:  Pei L., Fausnaugh M.M., Barth A.J., Peterson B.M., Bentz M.C., De Rosa
          G., Denney K.D., Goad M.R., Kochanek C.S., Korista K.T., Kriss G.A.,
          Pogge R.W., Bennert V.N., Brotherton M., Clubb K.I., Dalla Bonta E.,
          Filippenko A.V., Greene J.E., Grier C.J., Vestergaard M., Zheng W.,
          Adams S.M., Beatty T.G., Bigley A., Brown J.E., Brown J.S., Canalizo
          G., Comerford J.M., Coker C.T., Corsini E.M., Croft S., Croxall K.V.,
          Deason A.J., Eracleous M., Fox O.D., Gates E.L., Henderson C.B.,
          Holmbeck E., Holoien T.W.-S., Jensen J.J., Johnson C.A., Kelly P.L.,
          Kim S., King A., Lau M.W., Li M., Lochhaas C., Ma Z., Manne-Nicholas
          E.R., Mauerhan J.C., Malkan M.A., McGurk R., Morelli L., Mosquera A.,
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          Brandt W.N., Breeveld A.A., Cackett E.M., Carini M.T., Crenshaw D.M.,
          De Lorenzo-caceres A., Dietrich M., Edelson R., Efimova N.V., Ely J.,
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          J.M., Grupe D., Gupta A., Hall P.B., Hicks S., Horenstein D., Horne
          K., Hutchison T., Im M., Joner M.D., Jones J., Kaastra J., Kaspi S.,
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          C., Musso R., Nazarov S.V., Netzer H., Norris R.P., Nousek J.A.,
          Okhmat D.N., Papadakis I., Parks J.R., Pott J.-U., Rafter S.E., Rix
          H.-W., Saylor D.A., Schnulle K., Sergeev S.G., Siegel M., Skielboe A.,
          Spencer M., Starkey D., Sung H.-I., Teems K.G., Turner C.S., Uttley
          P., Villforth C., Weiss Y., Woo J.-H., Yan H., Young S., Zu Y.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..131P
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 131-131 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Pei et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/131)
J/ApJ/837/15/ WISE IR excesses among main sequence stars (Da Costa+, 2017)
yCat:     18370015
Status:   f-v
Size:     47Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    On the incidence of WISE Infrared excess among solar analog, twin, and
          sibling stars.
Authors:  Da Costa A.D., Canto Martins B.L., Leao I.C., Lima Jr J.E., Freire da
          Silva D., de Freitas D.B., de Medeiros J.R.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...15D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 15-15 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, G-type; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Da Costa et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/15)
J/ApJ/837/176/ Spectroscopic obs. of 2 red giant stars in omega Cen (Yong+,
yCat:     18370176
Status:   f-v
Size:     30Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    A chemical signature from fast-rotating low-metallicity massive stars:
          ROA 276 in omega Centauri.
Authors:  Yong D., Norris J.E., Da Costa G.S., Stanford L.M., Karakas A.I.,
          Shingles L.J., Hirschi R., Pignatari M.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837..176Y
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 176-176 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Equivalent widths; ; ; Clusters,
Cite:     Yong et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/176)
J/ApJ/837/30/ 25yrs monitoring of stellar orbits in the GC (Gillessen+, 2017)
yCat:     18370030
Status:   f-v
Size:     139Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    An update on monitoring stellar orbits in the Galactic Center.
Authors:  Gillessen S., Plewa P.M., Eisenhauer F., Sari R., Waisberg I., Habibi
          M., Pfuhl O., George E., Dexter J., von Fellenberg S., Ott T., Genzel
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...30G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 30-30 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Radial velocities; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Gillessen et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/30)
J/ApJ/837/40/ The MASSIVE survey. VI. Warm ionized gas. (Pandya+, 2017)
yCat:     18370040
Status:   f-v
Size:     13Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    The MASSIVE survey. VI. The spatial distribution and kinematics of
          warm ionized gas in the most massive local early-type galaxies.
Authors:  Pandya V., Greene J.E., Ma C.-P., Veale M., Ene I., Davis T.A.,
          Blakeslee J.P., Goulding A.D., McConnell N.J., Nyland K., Thomas J.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...40P
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 40-40 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Velocity dispersion; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Pandya et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/40)
J/ApJ/837/42/ N/O ratio of dwarf galaxies from SDSS (Douglass+, 2017)
yCat:     18370042
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-17)
Title:    Large-scale environmental dependence of the abundance ratio of
          nitrogen to oxygen in blue, star-forming galaxies fainter than L_*_.
Authors:  Douglass K.A., Vogeley M.S.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...42D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 42-42 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts; Magnitudes, absolute
Cite:     Douglass & Vogeley 2017 (J/ApJ/837/42)
J/ApJ/837/45/ 2006-2012 Rc-band + 4.8GHz obs. of AO 0235+164 (Fan+, 2017)
yCat:     18370045
Status:   f-v
Size:     61Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-17)
Title:    Variability and period analysis for BL Lac AO 0235+164.
Authors:  Fan J.H., Kurtanidze O., Liu Y., Liu X., Yang J.H., Richter G.M.,
          Nikolashvili M.G., Kurtanidze S.O., Wang H.T., Sasada M., Zhou A.Y.,
          Lin C., Yuan Y.H., Zhang Y.T., Costantin D.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...45F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 45-45 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  BL Lac objects; Photometry, RI; Radio continuum
Cite:     Fan et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/45)
J/ApJ/837/54/ Variable stars in the globular cluster DDO 216-A1 (Cole+, 2017)
yCat:     18370054
Status:   f-v
Size:     12Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-17)
Title:    DDO 216-A1: a central globular cluster in a low-luminosity
          transition-type galaxy.
Authors:  Cole A.A., Weisz D.R., Skillman E.D., Leaman R., Williams B.F.,
          Dolphin A.E., Johnson L.C., McConnachie A.W., Boylan-Kolchin M.,
          Dalcanton J., Governato F., Madau P., Shen S., Vogelsberger M.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...54C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 54-54 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, HST; Stars, variable; Clusters, globular
Cite:     Cole et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/54)
J/ApJ/837/88/ SPT-GMOS spectroscopy of gal. in massive clusters (Bayliss+, 2017)
yCat:     18370088
Status:   f-v
Size:     250Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    Velocity segregation and systematic biases in velocity dispersion
          estimates with the SPT-GMOS spectroscopic survey.
Authors:  Bayliss M.B., Zengo K., Ruel J., Benson B.A., Bleem L.E., Bocquet S.,
          Bulbul E., Brodwin M., Capasso R., Chiu I.-N., McDonald M., Rapetti
          D., Saro A., Stalder B., Stark A.A., Strazzullo V., Stubbs C.W.,
          Zenteno A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...88B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 88-88 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Spectroscopy; Redshifts; Equivalent widths; ; ;
          Velocity dispersion
Cite:     Bayliss et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/88)
J/ApJ/837/96/ Rotation-Activity Correlations in K-M dwarfs II. (Houdebine+,
yCat:     18370096
Status:   f-v
Size:     110Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    The rotation-activity correlations in K and M dwarfs. II. New
          constraints on the dynamo mechanisms in late-K and M dwarfs before and
          at the transition to complete convection.
Authors:  Houdebine E.R., Mullan D.J., Bercu B., Paletou F., Gebran M.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...837...96H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 837, 96-96 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Stars, M-type; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Houdebine et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/837/96)
J/ApJ/838/107/ Distances to RRab stars from WISE and Gaia (Sesar+, 2017)
yCat:     18380107
Status:   f-v
Size:     9Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-05)
Title:    A probabilistic approach to fitting period-luminosity relations and
          validating Gaia parallaxes.
Authors:  Sesar B., Fouesneau M., Price-Whelan A.M., Bailer-Jones C.A.L., Gould
          A., Rix H.-W.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..107S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 107-107 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Stars, distances; Infrared sources
Cite:     Sesar et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/107)
J/ApJ/838/11/ Member stars in the MW satellite Tucana III (Simon+, 2017)
yCat:     18380011
Status:   f-v
Size:     25Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-28)
Title:    Nearest neighbor: the low-mass Milky Way satellite Tucana III.
Authors:  Simon J.D., Li T.S., Drlica-Wagner A., Bechtol K., Marshall J.L.,
          James D.J., Wang M.Y., Strigari L., Balbinot E., Kuehn K., Walker
          A.R., Abbott T.M.C., Allam S., Annis J., Benoit-Levy A., Brooks D.,
          Buckley-Geer E., Burke D.L., Carnero Rosell A., Carrasco Kind M.,
          Carretero J., Cunha C.E., D'Andrea C.B., da Costa L.N., Depoy D.L.,
          Desai S., Doel P., Fernandez E., Flaugher B., Frieman J.,
          Garcia-Bellido J., Gaztanaga E., Goldstein D.A., Gruen D., Gutierrez
          G., Kuropatkin N., Maia M.A.G., Martini P., Menanteau F., Miller C.J.,
          Miquel R., Neilsen E., Nord B., Ogando R., Plazas A.A., Romer A.K.,
          Rykoff E.S., Sanchez E., Santiago B., Scarpine V., Schubnell M.,
          Sevilla-Noarbe I., Smith R.C., Sobreira F., Suchyta E., Swanson
          M.E.C., Tarle G., Whiteway L., Yanny B., (the DES Collaboration)
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...11S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 11-11 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Radial velocities; Equivalent widths; ; ;
          Abundances, [Fe/H]; Photometry, ugriz
Cite:     Simon et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/11)
J/ApJ/838/110/ Spectroscopic survey of ZwCl 0008.8+5215 (Golovich+, 2017)
yCat:     18380110
Status:   f-v
Size:     22Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    MC2: multiwavelength and dynamical analysis of the merging galaxy
          cluster ZwCl 0008.8+5215: an older and less massive Bullet Cluster.
Authors:  Golovich N., van Weeren R.J., Dawson W.A., Jee M.J., Wittman D.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..110G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 110-110 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts; Spectroscopy; Photometry, RI
Cite:     Golovich et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/110)
J/ApJ/838/115/ Asteroseismic analysis of 8 Kepler red giants (Arentoft+, 2017)
yCat:     18380115
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    Convective-core overshoot and suppression of oscillations: constraints
          from red giants in NGC 6811.
Authors:  Arentoft T., Brogaard K., Jessen-Hansen J., Silva Aguirre V., Kjeldsen
          H., Mosumgaard J.R., Sandquist E.L.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..115A
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 115-115 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Clusters, open; Photometry
Cite:     Arentoft et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/115)
J/ApJ/838/139/ Radio follow-up on 3FGL unassociated sources (Schinzel+, 2017)
yCat:     18380139
Status:   f-v
Size:     859Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    Radio follow-up on all unassociated gamma-ray sources from the third
          Fermi Large Area Telescope source catalog.
Authors:  Schinzel F.K., Petrov L., Taylor G.B., Edwards P.G.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..139S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 139-139 (2017)
Files:    outside.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Radio continuum; Cross identifications
Cite:     Schinzel et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/139)
J/ApJ/838/150/ The Taurus-Auriga ecosystem. I. (Kraus+, 2017)
yCat:     18380150
Status:   f-v
Size:     133Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    The greater Taurus-Auriga ecosystem. I. There is a distributed older
Authors:  Kraus A.L., Herczeg G.J., Rizzuto A.C., Mann A.W., Slesnick C.L.,
          Carpenter J.M., Hillenbrand L.A., Mamajek E.E.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..150K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 150-150 (2017)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
          table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Spectral types; Equivalent widths; Radial velocities; ; ; Rotational
          velocities; Molecular clouds; Extinction
Cite:     Kraus et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/150)
J/ApJ/838/152/ Deep NIR spectrum of the Orion Bar PDR (Kaplan+, 2017)
yCat:     18380152
Status:   f-v
Size:     16Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    Excitation of molecular hydrogen in the Orion Bar Photodissociation
          Region from a deep near-infrared IGRINS spectrum.
Authors:  Kaplan K.F., Dinerstein H.L., Oh H., Mace G.N., Kim H., Sokal K.R.,
          Pavel M.D., Lee S., Pak S., Park C., Oh J.S., Jaffe D.T.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838..152K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 152-152 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Interstellar medium; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Kaplan et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/152)
J/ApJ/838/25/ Hectochelle spectroscopy for 776 Kepler stars (Guo+, 2017)
yCat:     18380025
Status:   f-v
Size:     49Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    The metallicity distribution and hot Jupiter rate of the Kepler field:
          Hectochelle high-resolution spectroscopy for 776 Kepler target stars.
Authors:  Guo X., Johnson J.A., Mann A.W., Kraus A.L., Curtis J.L., Latham D.W.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...25G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 25-25 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Spectroscopy; Effective temperatures; Photometry; ; ;
          Stars, double and multiple
Cite:     Guo et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/25)
J/ApJ/838/44/ Abundances of the brightest member of Tuc III (Hansen+, 2017)
yCat:     18380044
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    An r-process enhanced star in the dwarf galaxy Tucana III.
Authors:  Hansen T.T., Simon J.D., Marshall J.L., Li T.S., Carollo D., Depoy
          D.L., Nagasawa D.Q., Bernstein R.A., Drlica-Wagner A., Abdalla F.B.,
          Allam S., Annis J., Bechtol K., Benoit-Levy A., Brooks D.,
          Buckley-Geer E., Carnero Rosell A., Carrasco Kind M., Carretero J.,
          Cunha C.E., da Costa L.N., Desai S., Eifler T.F., Fausti Neto A.,
          Flaugher B., Frieman J., Garcia-Bellido J., Gaztanaga E., Gerdes D.W.,
          Gruen D., Gruendl R.A., Gschwend J., Gutierrez G., James D.J., Krause
          E., Kuehn K., Kuropatkin N., Lahav O., Miquel R., Plazas A.A., Romer
          A.K., Sanchez E., Santiago B., Scarpine V., Smith R.C., Soares-Santos
          M., Sobreira F., Suchyta E., Swanson M.E.C., Tarle G., Walker A.R.,
          (the DES Collaboration)
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...44H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 44-44 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Equivalent widths; Stars, peculiar
Cite:     Hansen et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/44)
J/ApJ/838/45/ eta Carinae obs. around the 2014 X-ray minimum (Corcoran+, 2017)
yCat:     18380045
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    The 2014 X-ray minimum of eta Carinae as seen by Swift.
Authors:  Corcoran M.F., Liburd J., Morris D., Russell C.M.P., Hamaguchi K.,
          Gull T.R., Madura T.I., Teodoro M., Moffat A.F.J., Richardson N.D.,
          Hillier D.J., Damineli A., Groh J.H.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...45C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 45-45 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, X-ray
Cite:     Corcoran et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/45)
J/ApJ/838/49/ CO large-field observations of the G150 region (Xiong+, 2017)
yCat:     18380049
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-07)
Title:    CO(J=1-0) observations of a filamentary molecular cloud in the
          Galactic region centered at l=150deg, b=3.5deg.
Authors:  Xiong F., Chen X., Yang J., Fang M., Zhang S., Zhang M., Du X., Long
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...49X
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 49-49 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Carbon monoxide; Interstellar medium; Photometry, infrared; ; ; YSOs;
          Molecular clouds
Cite:     Xiong et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/49)
J/ApJ/838/54/ Accurate astrometry + RVs of 4 multiple systems (Tokovinin+, 2017)
yCat:     18380054
Status:   f-v
Size:     60Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-03)
Title:    Relative orbit orientation in several resolved multiple systems.
Authors:  Tokovinin A., Latham D.W.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...54T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 54-54 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Radial velocities; ; ; Binaries,
Cite:     Tokovinin & Latham 2017 (J/ApJ/838/54)
J/ApJ/838/61/ Candidate X-ray OB stars in MYStIX regions (Povich+, 2017)
yCat:     18380061
Status:   f-v
Size:     107Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    Candidate X-ray OB stars in MYStIX massive star-forming regions.
Authors:  Povich M.S., Busk H.A., Feigelson E.D., Townsley L.K., Kuhn M.A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...61P
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 61-61 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, infrared; Spectral types; H II regions; ; ; Clusters,
          open; Stars, OB; Extinction; X-ray sources
Cite:     Povich et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/61)
J/ApJ/838/73/ Surface gravities from Keck NIRSPEC BDSS (Martin+, 2017)
yCat:     18380073
Status:   f-v
Size:     82Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-05)
Acronym:  BDSS
Title:    Surface gravities for 228 M, L, and T dwarfs in the NIRSPEC Brown
          Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey.
Authors:  Martin E.C., Mace G.N., McLean I.S., Logsdon S.E., Rice E.L.,
          Kirkpatrick J.D., Burgasser A.J., McGovern M.R., Prato L.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...73M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 73-73 (2017)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Spectra, infrared; Equivalent widths; Spectral types; ; ; Stars, ages;
          Stars, late-type; Surveys
Cite:     Martin et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/73)
J/ApJ/838/80/ H-band polarimetric data of N4 background stars (Chen+, 2017)
yCat:     18380080
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-05)
Title:    A curved magnetic field in the ring-like shell of bubble N4.
Authors:  Chen Z., Jiang Z., Tamura M., Kwon J., Roman-Lopes A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...838...80C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 838, 80-80 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Polarization; Infrared sources
Cite:     Chen et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/838/80)
J/ApJ/848/34/ CATalog of Stellar Unified Properties (Hinkel+, 2017)
yCat:     18480034
Status:   f-v
Size:     519Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Dec-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-06)
Title:    A CATalog of Stellar Unified Properties (CATSUP) for 951 FGK-Stars
          within 30 pc.
Authors:  Hinkel N.R., Mamajek E.E., Turnbull M.C., Osby E., Shkolnik E.L.,
          Smith G.H., Klimasewski A., Somers G., Desch S.J.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...848...34H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 848, 34-34 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; X-ray sources; Radio sources; ; ; Photometry,
          ultraviolet; Abundances; Space velocities
Cite:     Hinkel et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/848/34)
J/MNRAS/436/3557/ HTRU survey: long-period pulsars polarimetry (Tiburzi+, 2013)
yCat:     74363557
Status:   f-v
Size:     13Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    The High Time Resolution Universe survey. IX. Polarimetry of
          long-period pulsars.
Authors:  Tiburzi C., Johnston S., Bailes M., Bates S.D., Bhat N.D.R., Burgay
          M., Burke-Spolaor S., Champion D., Coster P., D'Amico N., Keith M.J.,
          Kramer M., Levin L., Milia S., Ng C., Possenti A., Stappers B.W.,
          Thornton D., van Straten W.
BibCode:  2013MNRAS.436.3557T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 436, 3557-3572 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Pulsars; Polarization
Cite:     Tiburzi et al. 2013 (J/MNRAS/436/3557)
                                                          (tables 2 and 3 added)
J/MNRAS/438/2642/ LMC PNe multiwavelength photometry (Reid, 2014)
yCat:     74382642
Status:   f-v
Size:     106Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Jul-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-23)
Title:    A multiwavelength analysis of planetary nebulae in the Large
          Magellanic Cloud.
Popular:  21
Authors:  Reid W.A.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.438.2642R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 438, 2642-2663 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Planetary nebulae; Photometry, UBVRI; ; ;
          Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Reid 2014 (J/MNRAS/438/2642)
J/MNRAS/446/2348/ Chemical analysis of CH stars. II. (Karinkuzhi+, 2015)
yCat:     74462348
Status:   f-v
Size:     77Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-16)
Title:    Chemical analysis of CH stars - II. Atmospheric parameters and
          elemental abundances.
Authors:  Karinkuzhi D., Goswami A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.2348K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 2348-2362 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table4a.dat table4b.dat table8a.dat table8b.dat table9a.dat
Keyword:  Stars, carbon; Stars, late-type; Abundances; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Karinkuzhi & Goswami 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/2348)
J/MNRAS/446/2428/ WASP-31b:HST/Spitzer transmission spectral survey (Sing+,
yCat:     74462428
Status:   f-v
Size:     11Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    HST hot-Jupiter transmission spectral survey: detection of potassium
          in WASP-31b along with a cloud deck and Rayleigh scattering.
Authors:  Sing D.K., Wakeford H.R., Showman A.P., Nikolov N., Fortney J.J.,
          Burrows A.S., Ballester G.E., Deming D., Aigrain S., Desert J.-M.,
          Gibson N.P., Henry G.W., Knutson H., Lecavelier des Etangs A., Pont
          F., Vidal-Madjar A., Williamson M.W., Wilson P.A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.2428S
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 2428-2443 (2015)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Models, atmosphere; Stars, double and multiple; Planets; ; ;
Cite:     Sing et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/2428)
J/MNRAS/446/2959/ Mode frequencies for solar analogues 16 Cyg A/B (Davies+,
yCat:     74462959
Status:   f-v
Size:     8Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    Asteroseismic inference on rotation, gyrochronology and planetary
          system dynamics of 16 Cygni.
Authors:  Davies G.R., Chaplin W.J., Farr W.M., Garcia R.A., Lund M.N., Mathis
          S., Metcalfe T.S., Appourchaux T., Basu S., Benomar O., Campante T.L.,
          Ceillier T., Elsworth Y., Handberg R., Salabert D., Stello D.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.2959D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 2959-2966 (2015)
Files:    tables1.dat tables2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, G-type; Stars, double and multiple
Cite:     Davies et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/2959)
J/MNRAS/446/3319/ Line list for the NGC 1851 stars (Yong+, 2015)
yCat:     74463319
Status:   f-v
Size:     16Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-15)
Title:    CNO abundances in the globular clusters NGC 1851 and NGC 6752.
Authors:  Yong D., Grundahl F., Norris J.E.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.3319Y
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 3319-3329 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Magnitudes; Effective temperatures; ; ;
          Abundances; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Yong et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/3319)
J/MNRAS/446/369/ Colour and spectral index from the SLUGGS survey (Usher+, 2015)
yCat:     74460369
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    The SLUGGS survey: globular cluster stellar population trends from
          weak absorption lines in stacked spectra.
Authors:  Usher C., Forbes D.A., Brodie J.P., Romanowsky A.J., Strader J.,
          Conroy C., Foster C., Pastorello N., Pota V., Arnold J.A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446..369U
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 369-390 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Clusters, globular; Populations, stellar; ; ;
          Colors; Magnitudes, absolute; Spectroscopy; Surveys
Cite:     Usher et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/369)
J/MNRAS/446/3842/ Spectral line survey of two LOSs (Armijos-Abendano+, 2015)
yCat:     74463842
Status:   f-v
Size:     71Kb;
Date:     Added: 03-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    3-mm spectral line survey of two lines of sight towards two typical
          cloud complexes in the Galactic Centre.
Authors:  Armijos-Abendano J., Martin-Pintado J., Requena-Torres M.A., Martin
          S., Rodriguez-Franco A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.3842A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 3842-3862 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Interstellar medium; Molecular clouds; Line Profiles
Cite:     Armijos-Abendano et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/3842)
J/MNRAS/446/3895/ The rising light curves of Type Ia supernovae (Firth+, 2015)
yCat:     74463895
Status:   f-v
Size:     85Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    The rising light curves of Type Ia supernovae.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Firth R.E., Sullivan M., Gal-Yam A., Howell D.A., Maguire K., Nugent
          P., Piro A.L., Baltay C., Feindt U., Hadjiyksta E., McKinnon R., Ofek
          E., Rabinowitz D., Walker E.S.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.3895F
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 3895-3910 (2015)
Files:    sn.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Photometry; Redshifts
Cite:     Firth et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/3895)
J/MNRAS/446/4039/ Stellar kinematics for NGC 2859 and NGC 4371 (Erwin+, 2015)
yCat:     74464039
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2p17-1-12)
Title:    Composite bulges: the coexistence of classical bulges and discy
          pseudo-bulges in S0 and spiral galaxies.
Authors:  Erwin P., Saglia R.P., Fabricius M., Thomas J., Nowak N., Rusli S.,
          Bender R., Vega Beltran J.C., Beckman J.E.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.4039E
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 4039-4077 (2015)
Files:    galaxy.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Radial velocities; Velocity dispersion
Cite:     Erwin et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/4039)
J/MNRAS/446/411/ V lightcurves of J1407 from PROMPT-4 and ROAD (Kenworthy+,
yCat:     74460411
Status:   f-v
Size:     45Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-09)
Title:    Mass and period limits on the ringed companion transiting the young
          star J1407.
Authors:  Kenworthy M.A., Lacour S., Kraus A., Triaud A.H.M.J., Mamajek E.E.,
          Scott E.L., Segransan D., Ireland M., Hambsch F.-J., Reichart D.E.,
          Haislip J.B., LaCluyze A.P., Moore J.P., Frank N.R.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446..411K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 411-427 (2015)
Files:    table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Stars, pre-main sequence; Photometry, VRI; Binaries, eclipsing
Cite:     Kenworthy et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/411)
J/MNRAS/447/817/ Spectrum of the planetary nebula NGC 6210 (Bohigas+, 2015)
yCat:     74470817
Status:   f-v
Size:     44Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-13)
Title:    Echelle spectroscopy and photoionization modelling of the entire
          planetary nebula NGC 6210.
Authors:  Bohigas J., Escalante V., Rodriguez M., Dufour R.J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.447..817B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 447, 817-835 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Nebulae, planetary; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Bohigas et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/447/817)
J/MNRAS/448/1044/ Simulation data for 50 planetary model systems (Hansen+, 2015)
yCat:     74481044
Status:   f-v
Size:     39Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-31)
Title:    Secular effects of tidal damping in compact planetary systems.
Authors:  Hansen B.M.S., Murray N.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.1044H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 1044-1059 (2015)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Models, evolutionary
Cite:     Hansen & Murray 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/1044)
J/MNRAS/448/1118/ HU Aqr planetary system mid-egress moments (Gozdziewski+,
yCat:     74481118
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    The HU Aqr planetary system hypothesis revisited.
Authors:  Gozdziewski K., Slowikowska A., Dimitrov D., Krzeszowski K., Zejmo M.,
          Kanbach G., Burwitz V., Rau A., Irawati P., Richichi A., Gawronski M.,
          Nowak G., Nasiroglu I., Kubicki D.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.1118G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 1118-1136 (2015)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Stars, variable; ; ; Ephemerides
Cite:     Gozdziewski et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/1118)
J/MNRAS/448/1137/ Radial velocity curve of the HD170582 donor (Mennickent+,
yCat:     74481137
Status:   f-v
Size:     9Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Fundamental parameters of the close interacting binary HD 170582 and
          its luminous accretion disc.
Authors:  Mennickent R.E., Djurasevic G., Cabezas M., Cseki A., Rosales J.G.,
          Niemczura E., Araya I., Cure M.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.1137M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 1137-1152 (2015)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Radial velocities
Cite:     Mennickent et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/1137)
J/MNRAS/448/1314/ Line list for seven target PAndAS clusters (Sakari+, 2015)
yCat:     74481314
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-31)
Title:    Integrated light chemical tagging analyses of seven M31 outer halo
          globular clusters from the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey.
Authors:  Sakari C.M., Venn K.A., Mackey D., Shetrone M.D., Dotter A., Ferguson
          A.M.N., Huxor A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.1314S
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 1314-1334 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Clusters, globular; Magnitudes; ; ; Abundances,
          [Fe/H]; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Sakari et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/1314)
J/MNRAS/448/1430/ A framework for empirical galaxy phenomenology (Munoz+, 2015)
yCat:     74481430
Status:   f-v
Size:     279Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    A framework for empirical galaxy phenomenology: the scatter in galaxy
          ages and stellar metallicities.
Authors:  Munoz J.A., Peeples M.S.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.1430M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 1430-1445 (2015)
Files:    models.dat tablesd1/*
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Models, evolutionary; Redshifts
Cite:     Munoz & Peeples 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/1430)
J/MNRAS/448/2332/ Hydrogen Lyman and Balmer line profiles (Pelisoli+, 2015)
yCat:     74482332
Status:   f-v
Size:     96.93Mb;
Date:     Added: 23-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Unified line profiles for hydrogen perturbed by collisions with
          protons: satellites and asymmetries.
Authors:  Pelisoli I., Santos M.G., Kepler S.O.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2332P
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2332-2343 (2015)
Files:    tables1.dat tables2.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Line Profiles; Photometry, hydrogen-line; ; ; Balmer
Cite:     Pelisoli et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2332)
J/MNRAS/448/2608/ UV and optical photometric data for SN 2013by (Valenti+, 2015)
yCat:     74482608
Status:   f-v
Size:     25Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Supernova 2013by: a Type IIL supernova with a IIP-like light-curve
Authors:  Valenti S., Sand D., Stritzinger M., Howell D.A., Arcavi I., McCully
          C., Childress M.J., Hsiao E.Y., Contreras C., Morrell N., Phillips
          M.M., Gromadzki M., Kirshner R.P., Marion G.H.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2608V
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2608-2616 (2015)
Files:    tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Photometry, ultraviolet; Photometry, UBV; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Valenti et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2608)
J/MNRAS/448/2687/ Blue diffuse dwarf galaxies spectroscopic data (James+, 2015)
yCat:     74482687
Status:   f-v
Size:     30Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    Uncovering blue diffuse dwarf galaxies.
Authors:  James B.L., Koposov S., Stark D.P., Belokurov V., Pettini M.,
          Olszewski E.W.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2687J
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2687-2703 (2015)
Files:    galaxy.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Spectroscopy
Cite:     James et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2687)
J/MNRAS/448/2766/ Strong lines in the optical/NIR for SN 2002bo (Blondin+, 2015)
yCat:     74482766
Status:   f-v
Size:     32Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    A one-dimensional Chandrasekhar-mass delayed-detonation model for the
          broad-lined Type Ia supernova 2002bo.
Authors:  Blondin S., Dessart L., Hillier D.J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2766B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2766-2797 (2015)
Files:    tablec1.dat tablec2.dat tablec3.dat tablec4.dat tablec5.dat
          tablec6.dat tablec7.dat tablec8.dat tablec9.dat tablec10.dat
          tablec11.dat tablec12.dat tablec13.dat tablec14.dat tablec15.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Models, evolutionary; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Blondin et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2766)
J/MNRAS/448/2879/ Spectropolarimetry of active galaxy 3C 390.3 (Afanasiev+,
yCat:     74482879
Status:   f-v
Size:     10Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-05)
Title:    Spectropolarimetric monitoring of active galaxy 3C 390.3 with 6-m
          telescope SAO RAS in the period 2009-2014.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Afanasiev V.L., Shapovalova A.I., Popovic L.C., Borisov N.V.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2879A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2879-2889 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Galaxies, Seyfert; Spectroscopy; ; ; Balmer lines;
Cite:     Afanasiev et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2879)
J/MNRAS/448/2890/ Observation of six NSVS eclipsing binaries (Dimitrov+, 2015)
yCat:     74482890
Status:   f-v
Size:     136Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    Ultrashort-period main-sequence eclipsing systems: new observations
          and light-curve solutions of six NSVS binaries.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Dimitrov D.P., Kjurkchieva D.P.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2890D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2890-2899 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Binaries, eclipsing; ; ; Photometry, VRI;
          Photometry, infrared; Colors
Cite:     Dimitrov & Kjurkchieva 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2890)
J/MNRAS/448/2900/ Emission lines for SDSS Coronal-Line Forest AGNs (Rose+, 2015)
yCat:     74482900
Status:   f-v
Size:     25Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2018-01-04)
Title:    Coronal-Line Forest AGN: the best view of the inner edge of the AGN
Authors:  Rose M., Elvis M., Tadhunter C.N.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2900R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2900-2920 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Rose et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2900)
J/MNRAS/448/42/ Equivalent widths and atomic data for GCs (Lamb+, 2015)
yCat:     74480042
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-16)
Title:    Chemical abundances in the globular clusters NGC 5024 and NGC 5466
          from optical and infrared spectroscopy.
Authors:  Lamb M.P., Venn K.A., Shetrone M.D., Sakari C.M., Pritzl B.J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448...42L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 42-58 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Lamb et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/42)
J/MNRAS/448/464/ JHK lightcurves of red giants in the SMC (Takayama+, 2015)
yCat:     74480464
Status:   f-v
Size:     562Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-16)
Title:    Using broad-band photometry to examine the nature of long secondary
          periods in red giants.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Takayama M., Wood P.R., Ita Y.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448..464T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 464-483 (2015)
Files:    phot/* table1.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Stars, giant; Photometry, VRI; ; ; Photometry,
          infrared; Effective temperatures; Spectral types
Cite:     Takayama et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/464)
J/MNRAS/448/946/ Kepler eclipse timing variation analyses (Borkovits+, 2015)
yCat:     74480946
Status:   f-v
Size:     158Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Eclipse timing variation analyses of eccentric binaries with close
          tertiaries in the Kepler field.
Authors:  Borkovits T., Rappaport S., Hajdu T., Sztakovics J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448..946B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 946-993 (2015)
Files:    stars.dat tablef1.dat tablef2.dat tablef3.dat tablef4.dat tablef5.dat
          tablef6.dat tablef7.dat tablef8.dat tablef9.dat tablef10.dat
          tablef11.dat tablef12.dat tablef13.dat tablef14.dat tablef15.dat
          tablef16.dat tablef17.dat tablef18.dat tablef19.dat tablef20.dat
          tablef21.dat tablef22.dat tablef23.dat tablef24.dat tablef25.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Binaries, eclipsing; Models
Cite:     Borkovits et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/946)
J/MNRAS/458/3341/ 42 millisecond pulsars high-precision timing (Desvignes+,
yCat:     74583341
Status:   f-v
Size:     82Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Feb-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-10)
Title:    High-precision timing of 42 millisecond pulsars with the European
          Pulsar Timing Array.
Authors:  Desvignes G., Caballero R.N., Lentati L., Verbiest J.P.W., Champion
          D.J., Stappers B.W., Janssen G.H., Lazarus P., Oslowski S., Babak S.,
          Bassa C.G., Brem P., Burgay M., Cognard I., Gair J.R., Graikou E.,
          Guillemot L., Hessels J.W.T., Jessner A., Jordan C., Karuppusamy R.,
          Kramer M., Lassus A., Lazaridis K., Lee K.J., Liu K., Lyne A.G., Mckee
          J., Mingarelli C.M.F., Perrodin D., Petiteau A., Possenti A., Purver
          M.B., Rosado P.A., Sanidas S., Sesana A., Shaifullah G., Smits R.,
          Taylor S.R., Theureau G., Tiburzi C., Van Haasteren R., Vecchio A.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.458.3341D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 458, 3341-3380 (2016)
Files:    refs.dat tab2-12.dat table1.dat table13.dat table14.dat table15.dat
          table17.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Pulsars; Proper motions; Stars, distances
Cite:     Desvignes et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/458/3341)
J/MNRAS/460/1131/ Selection function of Milky Way field stars (Stonkute+, 2016)
yCat:     74601131
Status:   f-v
Size:     808Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    The Gaia-ESO Survey: the selection function of the Milky Way field
Authors:  Stonkute E., Koposov S.E., Howes L.M., Feltzing S., Worley C.C.,
          Gilmore G., Ruchti G.R., Kordopatis G., Randich S., Zwitter T., Bensby
          T., Bragaglia A., Smiljanic R., Costado M.T., Tautvaisiene G., Casey
          A.R., Korn A.J., Lanzafame A.C., Pancino E., Franciosini E., Hourihane
          A., Jofre P., Lardo C., Lewis J., Magrini L., Monaco L., Morbidelli
          L., Sacco G.G., Sbordone L.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.1131S
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 1131-1146 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Surveys; Populations, stellar
Cite:     Stonkute et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/1131)
J/MNRAS/460/1356/ Hercules stream K giants analysis (Ramya+, 2016)
yCat:     74601356
Status:   f-v
Size:     51Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    Chemical compositions and kinematics of the Hercules stream.
Authors:  Ramya P., Reddy B.E., Lambert D.L., Musthafa M.M.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.1356R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 1356-1370 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
          table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Stars, K-type; Stars, giant; Abundances
Cite:     Ramya et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/1356)
J/MNRAS/460/1739/ Giant HII regions BOND abundances (Vale Asari+, 2016)
yCat:     74601739
Status:   f-v
Size:     190Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-21)
Title:    BOND: Bayesian Oxygen and Nitrogen abundance Determinations in giant H
          II regions using strong and semistrong lines.
Authors:  Vale Asari N., Stasinska G., Morisset C., Cid Fernandes R.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.1739V
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 1739-1757 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; H II regions; Abundances
Cite:     Vale Asari et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/1739)
J/MNRAS/460/1758/ Halpha emitted galaxy clusters and groups sample (Hamer+,
yCat:     74601758
Status:   f-v
Size:     60Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-10)
Title:    Optical emission line nebulae in galaxy cluster cores 1: the
          morphological, kinematic and spectral properties of the sample.
Authors:  Hamer S.L., Edge A.C., Swinbank A.M., Wilman R.J., Combes F., Salome
          P., Fabian A.C., Crawford C.S., Russell H.R., Hlavacek-Larrondo J.,
          McNamara B.R., Bremer M.N.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.1758H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 1758-1789 (2016)
Files:    appena.dat appenf.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts
Cite:     Hamer et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/1758)
J/MNRAS/460/2143/ HI size-mass relation of galaxies (Wang+, 2016)
yCat:     74602143
Status:   f-v
Size:     43Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    New lessons from the HI size-mass relation of galaxies.
Authors:  Wang J., Koribalski B.S., Serra P., van der Hulst T., Roychowdhury S.,
          Kamphuis P., Chengalur J.N.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.2143W
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 2143-2151 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; H I data; Morphology
Cite:     Wang et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/2143)
J/MNRAS/460/2193/ A3407 + A3408 radial velocities (Nascimento+, 2016)
yCat:     74602193
Status:   f-v
Size:     11Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-27)
Title:    Dynamical analysis of the cluster pair: A3407 + A3408.
Authors:  Nascimento R.S., Ribeiro A.L.B., Trevisan M., Carrasco E.R., Plana H.,
          Dupke R.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460.2193N
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 2193-2206 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Radial velocities
Cite:     Nascimento et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/2193)
J/MNRAS/460/650/ Apsidal motions of 90 SMC eccentric binaries (Hong+, 2016)
yCat:     74600650
Status:   f-v
Size:     202Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Sep-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-10)
Title:    Apsidal motions of 90 eccentric binary systems in the Small Magellanic
Authors:  Hong K., Lee J.W., Kim S.-L., Koo J.-R., Lee C.-U.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460..650H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 650-663 (2016)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat tablec1.dat
          tabled1.dat tablee1.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, VRI
Cite:     Hong et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/650)
J/MNRAS/460/884/ EMBLA survey. Galactic bulge metal-poor stars (Howes+, 2016)
yCat:     74600884
Status:   f-v
Size:     51Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-10)
Title:    The EMBLA survey - metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulge.
Authors:  Howes L.M., Asplund M., Keller S.C., Casey A.R., Yong D., Lind K.,
          Frebel A., Hays A., Alves-Brito A., Bessell M.S., Casagrande L.,
          Marino A.F., Nataf D.M., Owen C.I., Da Costa G.S., Schmidt B.P.,
          Tisserand P.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460..884H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 884-901 (2016)
Files:    refs.dat stars.dat table2.dat table3.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Stars, population II; Abundances
Cite:     Howes et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/884)
J/MNRAS/460/923/ WSRT ZoA Perseus-Pisces. HI catalogue (Ramatsoku+, 2016)
yCat:     74600923
Status:   f-v
Size:     130.35Mb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-10)
Title:    The WSRT ZoA Perseus-Pisces filament wide-field HI imaging survey. I.
          HI catalogue and atlas.
Authors:  Ramatsoku M., Verheijen M.A.W., Kraan-Korteweg R.C., Jozsa G.I.G.,
          Schroder A.C., Jarrett T.H., Elson E.C., Van Driel W., De Blok W.J.G.,
          Henning P.A.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.460..923R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 460, 923-941 (2016)
Files:    img/* table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Clusters, galaxy; H I data; Radio lines
Cite:     Ramatsoku et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/460/923)
J/MNRAS/472/3648/ ExoMol line lists. PO and PS spectra (Prajapat+, 2017)
yCat:     74723648
Status:   f-v
Size:     1833.28Mb;
Date:     Added: 16-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-16)
Title:    ExoMol molecular line lists. XXIII: spectra of PO and PS.
Authors:  Prajapat L., Jagoda P., Lodi L., Gorman M.N., Yurchenko S.N., Tennyson
BibCode:  2017MNRAS.472.3648P
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 472, 3648-3658 (2017)
Files:    s_po.dat s_ps.dat t_po.dat t_ps.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics
Cite:     Prajapat et al. 2017 (J/MNRAS/472/3648)
J/MNRAS/472/4173/ Bright white dwarfs for high-speed photometry (Raddi+, 2017)
yCat:     74724173
Status:   f-v
Size:     983Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-12-04)
Title:    Multiband photometry and spectroscopy of an all-sky sample of bright
          white dwarfs.
Authors:  Raddi R., Gentile Fusillo N. P., Pala A. F., Hermes J. J., Gnsicke B.
          T., Chote P., Hollands M. A., Henden A., Catalan S., Geier S., Koester
          D., Munari U., Napiwotzki R., Tremblay P.-E.
BibCode:  2017MNRAS.472.4173R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 472, 4173 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, white dwarf; Stars, subdwarf; Binaries, spectroscopic; ; ;
          Stars, double and multiple; Photometry, ultraviolet; ; Photometry,
          five-color; Photometry, infrared; Proper motions
Cite:     Raddi et al. 2017 (J/MNRAS/472/4173)
J/MNRAS/472/4259/ IRAC Dark Field, ELAIS-N1 and ADF-S galaxies (Davidge+, 2017)
yCat:     74724259
Status:   f-v
Size:     660Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-20)
Title:    AKARI/IRC source catalogues and source counts for the IRAC Dark Field,
          ELAIS North and the AKARI Deep Field South.
Authors:  Davidge H., Serjeant S., Pearson C., Matsuhara H., Wada T., Dryer B.,
          Barrufet L.
BibCode:  2017MNRAS.472.4259D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 472, 4259-4286 (2017)
Files:    adfsga.dat en1gal.dat idfgal.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, RI
Cite:     Davidge et al. 2017 (J/MNRAS/472/4259)
J/MNRAS/472/675/ Wide binaries in Tycho-Gaia: search method (Andrews+, 2017)
yCat:     74720675
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.38Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-21)
Title:    Wide binaries in Tycho-Gaia: Search method and the distribution of
          orbital separations.
Authors:  Andrews J.J., Chaname J., Agueros M.A.
BibCode:  2017MNRAS.472..675A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 472, 675-699 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data; ; ; Parallaxes,
Cite:     Andrews et al. 2017 (J/MNRAS/472/675)
J/MNRAS/473/4130/ M31 center emission-line point-like sources (Martin+, 2018)
yCat:     74734130
Status:   f-v
Size:     133Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-22)
Title:    A SITELLE view of M31's central region. I: Calibrations and radial
          velocity catalogue of nearly 800 emission-line point-like sources.
Authors:  Martin T.B., Drissen L., Melchior A.-L.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.473.4130M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 473, 4130-4149 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, optical; Spectrophotometry; H II regions; ; ; Planetary
          nebulae; Radial velocities; Stars, emission; ; ; Line Profiles
Cite:     Martin et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/473/4130)
J/other/JHA/47.294/ Ilkhanid star table (1232) (Mozaffari, 2016)
yCat:     1060004701
Status:   f-v
Size:     9Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-10)
Title:    A medieval bright star table: the non-Ptolemaic star table in the
          Ilkhani Zij.
Authors:  Mozaffari S.M.
BibCode:  2016JHA....47..294M
Ref:      Journal for the History of Astronomy, 47, 294-316 (2016)
Files:    margha01.dat
Keyword:  Historical catalog; Positional data
Cite:     Mozaffari 2016 (J/other/JHA/47.294)
J/other/RMxAA/53.439/ Gaia stars with GALEX NUV excess (Makarov, 2017)
yCat:     1008005301
Status:   f-v
Size:     13Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Nov-2017 (VizieR: 2017-11-10)
Title:    Absolute NUV magnitudes of Gaia DR1 astrometric stars and a search for
          hot companions in nearby systems.
Authors:  Makarov V.V.
BibCode:  2017RMxAA..53..439M
Ref:      Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrofis., 53, 439-448 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Stars, double and multiple; Stars, white dwarf; ; ;
Cite:     Makarov 2017 (J/other/RMxAA/53.439)