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Source BWE_0100+4943: points from spectra and waste tables

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The 2 columns in color are computed by VizieR, and are not part of the original data.
The column SED is a link to a plot of the radio spectrum, and the column Radio+Opt is a link to an Aladin preview. The SED plot contains points from the cross-identification (spectra; red), from the waste basket (waste; yellow), and the fitted radio spectra as lines. The Aladin preview contains a DSS image together with NVSS contours (blue) and the points and associated beams of the radio spectrum (red); points and beams of the sources from the waste basket are hidden but can be made visible by clicking on the corresponding plane (yellow).
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SPECFIND V2.0 Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2009) [ReadMe+ftp]
The parameters of the radio spectra[image][spectrum] (631736 rows)
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nu Name S(nu) e beam Seq n a b RAJ2000 DEJ2000 MHz mJy mJy arcsec [mJy] deg deg
325 WN B0100.3+4943 1.59e+02 3.2e+01 12.00 2271 0 -0.45 3.33 015.8148 +49.9917 1400 NVSS J010315+495929 6.81e+01 1.4e+01 45.00 2271 0 -0.45 3.33 015.8153 +49.9914 4850 87GB 010019.2+494332 4.70e+01 9.4e+00 138.00 2271 0 -0.45 3.33 015.8087 +49.9939 4850 BWE 0100+4943 4.50e+01 9.0e+00 138.00 2271 0 -0.47 3.37 015.8100 +49.9933 4850 GB6 B0100+4943 4.70e+01 9.4e+00 108.00 2271 0 -0.45 3.33 015.8104 +49.9878 8400 CLASS J010315.6913+495928.455 3.71e+01 7.4e+00 0.33 2271 0 -0.45 3.33 015.8154 +49.9912
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SPECFIND V2.0 Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2009) [ReadMe+ftp]
Source parameters based on positional cross-id[spectrum] (1497216 rows)
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Note: For the spectrum finding algorithm, the errors have been increased by 50%

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