Complement to V/127A

PN G326.0-02.4
short red
Color image of PN G326.0-02.4
Short red image from SuperCosmos (FITS)
Hα image from SuperCosmos (FITS)

Usual Name  FP1554-5651
J2000  15 54 50.9-56 51 55
B1950  237.709824-56.718597
Galactic  326.0472-2.4646

Status  True PN Size  67.0×56.0'' Morphology  Es Peculiar, slightly oval, ring nebula with strong internal structure and possible extensions, known as GN15.50.8.01, galaxy LEDA 3077497 WK98 5482! [OIII]>>H-beta, weak HeII,[NII] 2xH-alpha
Field  HA234 Exposure  HA18877
Spectrum of PN G326.0-02.4 PN G326.0-02.4 Simbad  ⋅   Aladin          Telescope: MS      Date: 2005-01-10

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