Complement to V/127A

PN G299.2+01.0
short red
Color image of PN G299.2+01.0
Short red image from SuperCosmos (FITS)
Hα image from SuperCosmos (FITS)

Usual Name  PHR1220-6134
J2000  12 20 08.8-61 34 16
B1950  184.3541-61.2936
Galactic  299.21601.0747

Status  Likely PN Size  10.0×9.5'' Morphology  Es Compact, approximately round, faint PN with central bar; [NII] H-alpha, nothing in blue
Field  HA178 Exposure  HA17946
Spectrum of PN G299.2+01.0 PN G299.2+01.0 Simbad  ⋅   Aladin          Telescope: SA      Date: 2000-06-22