Complement to V/127A

PN G268.9-00.4
short red
Color image of PN G268.9-00.4
Short red image from SuperCosmos (FITS)
Hα image from SuperCosmos (FITS)

Usual Name  PHR0905-4753
J2000  09 05 39.6-47 53 38
B1950  135.9868-47.6930
Galactic  268.9600-0.4842

Status  possible PN Size  88.0×67.0'' Morphology  Er Unusual, oval ring (actually circular under high contrast); [OIII]>>H-beta, weak HeII; [NII] H-alpha; possible PN/Pop I ring neb, has putative A8 star at centre also observed MS080105
Field  HA331 Exposure  HA17985
Spectrum of PN G268.9-00.4 PN G268.9-00.4 Simbad  ⋅   Aladin          Telescope: SA      Date: 1999-01-13