Complement to V/127A

PN G007.2+00.0
short red
Color image of PN G007.2+00.0
Short red image from SuperCosmos (FITS)
Hα image from SuperCosmos (FITS)

Usual Name  PPA1801-2238
J2000  18 01 37.0-22 38 34
B1950  269.6473-22.6429
Galactic  7.24850.0922

Status  possible PN Size  4.5×4.5'' Morphology  S Faint, point-source emitter in obscured region. H-alpha only in red H-beta, H-gamma only in blue ([OIII] oversubtracted from skies) 2mass ⟶ J-K 1.8 but K is U
Field  HA795 Exposure  HA19267
Spectrum of PN G007.2+00.0 PN G007.2+00.0 Simbad  ⋅   Aladin          Telescope: 6D      Date: 2004-08-11